Then she says that who called those girls and why did they do this. The next episode also brings the handsome and talented Rahul Khanna as businessman Tarun Khosla …so till next week … Happy viewing! When they fail to home there and Jai has to return to fetch them. From him comes the chilling news that a top Sri lankan assassin has already left the country and has probably already reached India. Aami wants to tell all these to Shruti but Khushboo stops her from doing so. Will she come to stop Sanjay from marrying Bhavna? Naina too accuses Prithvi while Aditya is confused. Mehta family is going through a major crisis as their son-in-law Yogesh, gets arrested in a passport fraud case, with little proof of his innocence.

However in spite of his efforts, Mihir at the ATU headquarters is not able to pinpoint the location before the call is cut. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged , redirected , or deleted. So when the terrorist reaches the pub he does not find Veer. Parul jealousy gives Prabhadevi satisfaction and boosts up her so called ego. Everybody laughs on seeing her screaming with disappointment. Then dadi calls shruti and shruti comes there. Shruti returns the keys to Prabhadevi and tries to convince her the all she wants is acceptance and blessings not anything else. Now sanjay is told to wear the ring to bhavna.

Everyone is welcoming the guests. For a while…Sanjay loses his patience and forces Shruti to speak out, but relents, realizes his mistake and repents for his episose. Sanjay deals the issue with love n care and asks Amy to accept him as her friend only if not as her father.


Bhavna is looking at sanjay and is blushing. We are on FB. This breaks Shruti …unable to handle this blow she leaves house. Then shruti calms him down and he tells her sorry. Jai who is mistakenly arrested for the assassination of Aditya Singhania at the end of last week manages to escape from epiode.

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 2nd January Zee TV – India Tv Serials Episode

Prabha shouts ami a lot and tells servant that why he brought before the engagement. She realizes how much she loves Sanjay and wants him in her life.

Aahkh tells her that she will do something and ami tries to take pout 1 cherry from it. If his mother is not ready to understand his emotions, his love for Shruti, then why should he stay back.! Happy Viewing — Vinita Gill —. Is Jai justified in using force and threats when his wife and daughter are faced with similar threats to their lives.

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 11th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

The weeks 16th December until 3rd January By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jai along with his family epizode evacutated. However during the scuffle he dies due to an asthama attack and while dying mutters something in Tamil.

Raja in the meantime is getting suspicious as Bala does not respond to his calls and sends someone to check.

Jai wants to use this relationship to place a tracking device on Bala. Sign in Recover your password. For periodic updates visit our Blog…Happenstance.


Aami n Khushboo try to adjust themselves with their cousin Trisha. But Mehak thinks she is bluffing. Being the elder daughter-in-law zinsagi thinks she has the right to enjoy the supreme power of the house.

At the Academy he is informed that Veer has gone to town with friends and will be back before curfew i. Riddhi is shocked to get the divorce notice.


Shruti feels fortunate to have Sanjay in her life…Sanjay says that when he decided to marry Shruti, he accepted her with all her responsibilities. This works well and Parul feels extremely envious of Shruti. Shruti tells that he came and went. They are standing and looking at everything there and the decoration. Aditya and his entourage leave the rally ground.

A stickler for rules she is unpopular and there is some past animosity between her and Nikita as well. Prabha then sees them and goes there.

Who is the killer? So when the terrorist reaches the pub he does not find Veer. He informs Nikita about this and tells her to look into the tamil links. Prabha is in search of a big issue that will permanently force Shruti to leave Mehta house along with nogember two daughters.