In may I had another lab workup and levels were the same. It is funny that naturally, I never liked lamb, red meat, and some of the other foods that are high in Iron. It looks like that is my next step. What else can cause this. I am 77 years old and have life long health problems. Thanks Wed, September 22, 4: Im 21, 5 years ago I was told I had pernious anemia. I thought about it, and it came to me that I can give him blood.

My Dad had it and three out of four of his daughters have it. I have or had some 15 or symtoms. I now follow up with my hematologist. History of gerd with evidence of occult no frank blood blood loss. My doctor ran my tests checking for arthritis, that was negative but my iron was high. She had Pernicious Anemia, I think that’s when the body does not absorb B Mon, August 30, 3:

Thus far the only blood bank I have found is the Red Cross.

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Had a liver biopsy keepng everything was okay, but had to undergo weekly phlebs for months, then bi-weekly, now to every 3 months. The doctor that i see for this does not seem to be very knowlegable of HH either, which does keepingg help. Does anyone know if this is being studied in the National Geographic study or by some other group studying genetics? Because this is not the only government owned institution in Nigeria that looks like this.

Thank you for all your information you are providing. I have never felt so bad.

For Dorothy, June 24 note: First my right hand, now my left, neck, shoulder and elbows. If so were there any complications from it? Watch your diet based on the information here on the Iron Disorders website regarding food – less red meat, no keepijg with meals, more berries and tea – and you can be ok with HH.


The haematologist does not think my tireness is related. I called the Hemochromatosis foundation and told the lady what my lab results were and she said that they were way to low and I should hold off giving blood.

Wed, August 18, 5: I have never been such a emotional roller coaster as I have been the last 18 months. I have good veins.

Now I just need infusions to get my levels up. Thu, Keepimg 12, It’s like if I could hv a ph I would feel so much better.

I was diagnosed with low ferritin. You need vitamin B12 and folic acid in order to increase red blood cell count in addition to iron. I have had my gall bladder removed, doctor never thought to check iron deposits, had my appendix removed; also never checked for iron.

Last year, he was going to have his tonsils removed but he had problem with his blood work and was sent to a hemotologist at Texas Children’s.

I have been asking my dr if my symtoms have anything to do with my HH and he keeps telling no it shouldnt.

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I am lost, pissed and scared. Please help I am only 32 and out of ideas Tue, June 15, 2: A young friend of mine has been exposed to arsenic, cadmium chromium and other metals on her property in a mining town in Tasmania. The dr suggested I try mg per day, and after about a week I was admitted to the hospital for heart palpations and hr range bpm.


Tue, June 29, 4: Calcium is the only known inhibitor of heme iron Proferrin is a heme-based supplement. I am having phelobotomy treatment once a week right now.

Iron Disorders Institute:: Iron Out-of-Balance

Got a YouTube account? The tests revealed osteoporosis. I will continue without fluids.

But because we all don’t have a disease that is flashed on every television news magazine explaining it others is futile. Alot of people think they wont take our blood, but with a doctors note the United Blood Service is happy to use our blood. MRI scan revealed heart and liver damage.

Hbg has actually been normal for last year but balance issue a bit disconcerting along with fatigue and some hair loss. After 1 yr of phlebotomy every week I am finally down to a ferritin level of GL Wed, September 1, 3: But would keeeping to have more control on my side. I was doing it at my local hosp lab, and they lack education on HH.

Maybe this will help you: I stopped taking the iron. Fri, September 17, I have just completed phlebotomy 8 and my level is My Dad had it and three out rewl four of his daughters have it. The doctors always asked me if I had Pica i. For many years the Community Blood Bank rreal South Florida in Miami did my phlebotomies free as a community service and threw away the blood.

As far as the anger component