I suspect the guy has been left out of the appointments. Read the original article on Zambia Reports. This is why the poorest crowd political rallies and dance dununa reverse or forward to impress the rich. Allow abena billion to join u because they are finished. Ba ndanje what about you have you been appointed Kiki busy been a cadre for mahala. National Dialogue — Defining disputed issues January 30, I have to be concerned with the affairs of the country. It was rib-cracking jokes by the Lusaka lads, who took Chingola by storm.

He said the role he plays is about people and their way of life as he is fascinated by them. Each morning when you wake up and ask yourself your plans for the day what exactly do you expect the government to deliver at your door steps? So ndanje has clearly accepted that he is a tribal bigot. Bikillon and Diff patali teti bafikeko kuli Mwine Mushi commedy those guys are opportunists they just wand to make money out of insulting no wonder one of them was in political campaigns come on grow up and build something that will make us happy not ifyabupuba ifi matoloshi fyamkwelelo ububi nefisapato fya plastic twatendwa fwayeniko fimbi you are just fake comedians. President Lungu is a good dancer,only next to the legendary Amayenge dancer, the late Chanda Beu! Remember, this is exactly why you lost as UPND, vulgar language. Sing for peace, musicians challenged.

He said people recommend him to be handsome when they see him in real life adding that he is disguised by the attire he wraps himself in during the cast. AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa – aggregating, producing and distributing news and information items daily from over African news organizations and our own reporters to an African and global public. You are still failing to fit well in the Zambian main social system and decided to remain in Zinjathropical age.


Robam lifestyle revolves around reading and leads a very simple life. Ba ndanje what about you have you been appointed Kiki busy been a cadre for mahala.

There re few countries zammbian Africa you can compare to Africa in managing a complex country such as Zambia. Only sadist deliberately ignoring these successes in less than 2 years dominated by harsh economic head winds would call this failure. It will not degrade anything concerning Lungu and PF. Why is it such a well guarded secret?

The fact that he did not put measures in place for agriculture shows how incompetent he is. He said the challenge faced during production of Mwine Mushi is when a cameraperson has to abruptly stop filming because there is a lot of laughter that takes place on stage. Kasaka mwine mushi comedg kakaputula epo balemba at world cup.

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Kikiki just look how rough and drunk that ka khoi khoi looking chap lungu looks. Always insulting and talking about HH. Ifintu ni Lungu and Dununa reverse are dead slogans -come people will dance dununa reverse when they mean Forward.

fomedy I and my clan would still vote for Lungu should elections come today. Kaoma you are just a bitter Musa taniyo like your verandah politician Kaponya HH 0. The problem of sourcing information from social media such as watchdog leads somebody to write such kind of articles.


Zambia: Comedian Kasaka Survives Road Mishap

Lots of cheap talk but go and see what is actually happening on the ground! Let the Ministers enjoy their benefits. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica. I think there is something seriously wrong with the leadership of UPND. Zambia is bigger than one region or tribe. Why do you think Sata fired GBM? It is dununa reverse-this time a real one. You are genetically badly wired. Lungu has no vision and was forced zanbian stand by those that are now controlling him.

It is good PF won. National Dialogue — Defining disputed issues January kwsaka, The fact is those who voted Lungu will still vote him. Meanwhile, the comedians said they are now re-branding Mwinemushi and were filming a movie titled: He and his Rb sponsored jokers are runing the country.

Regardless, Kambwili was not the only corrupt minister in PF. I will do you like I did you kassaka umfweko where you went in zambiann kikiki hope you have recovered 0. You need to open your eyes! This will be done again in Who stops you from dancing…. Lungu would have resolved this problem if he was not busy dancing dununa reverse. Reviewing what Kaoma has written, it live much to be desired in intellectual discourse. They are not emotional and seem to do alot of research before they respond in the press.