Team Baron, led by Kaito, challenges a leaderless Team Gaim to an Inves competition – if Gaim loses, they forfeit their Player’s Card and disband as a team. Before Kouta can explain himself, the White Armored Rider attacks him, and beats him pretty easily. Andre This writing is really forced. I like the different riders and the rivalry between them. He also provides Kouta with a number of upgrades – including the new vehicles, the Kachidoki Lockseed, and the Kiwami Key that unlocks his ultimate form, Kiwami Arms. He is unable to find him, but at the juice bar, he appears and tries to eat a fruit, only to be disgusted as the taste, transforming back in to an Inves and severely injuring a member of Team Gaim.

Afraid of being by herself, her and Kaito reluctantly agree to go together and discover that they both hate Yggdrasill with a passion, which allows them to bond. Takatora and Sid meet, and word comes out that the Inves has been found. Episode 09 – “The Monster Inves Capture Battle” Mai, Micchy, and Kouta are afraid that if rifts are opening to Helheim Forest and anyone can enter, what if the Inves are coming through and wrecking havoc on this side? I kind of would like that to continue, though I imagine it could get old. The meeting ends with no deal. She informs Kouta that the choice he makes now will change fate, and that he will have to battle to the very end till the world is dyed in his image.

Revealing the Forest’s Mystery! They withdraw, and prepare their plans to get to the bottom of what is going on.

SanoBaronMar 13, He believes that you should never rely on anyone but yourself, and that you have to have true ridrr and power in order to succeed. Gen Urobuchi Producer s: At the end of the episode, Micchy and Kouta drop off the Lock Seeds promised to Sid and Kouta angrily states that they are not his guinea pigs. Originally Posted by Suzu. Reminds me a lot of Ryuki in that regard.

Gaim Episode 1: “Transform! The Orange From the Sky!?” Discussion

The time now is Kouta grabs the belt and puts it by his waist, causing it to latch on to him and a strange crest to appear on the belt, and the fruit he holds in his hands become Lock Seeds. Kouta tries but is unable to finish him off, knowing that it was his friend.


But when Team Baron causes Kouta to lose control of his Lock Seed, the Inves frees itself and begins attacking the people.

Page 1 of 3. FrozenHell umm no it isnt dont relate Kamen Rider to anime the only anime that it should be related to is Madoka cuz the Writer wrote Puella Magia Magica Madoka all Gaim is doing is staying Neo Heisei while going back to the Showa era of the riders dont compare a series that isnt even have staff for gaim again its anime nerds like that that kill series like this.

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Kamen Rider Gaim Director s: Their suspicions are confirmed when reports of a monster attacking innocent people surface. He gooddraja that most of the regular Inves, especially ones used in the Inves games, are actually Earth animals, like rats, that have eaten the fruits. You have already reported this video. Originally Posted by Electric Turahk. All the other Kamen riders sound like they would be good but should I watch the first kamen rider or just go with some of the suggestions you offered first?

Minato kick some serious butt against them.

The Rival’s Banana Transformation!? He wins and Team Gaim celebrates as Kaito looks on with jealousy.

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The first scene of this series discusses fate and the decisions you make. I like Kamen Rider. Park Inn Kamen http: I’d rather watch subs. Micchy finally henshins to Ryugen, and Takatora finally realizes his little brother is wrapped up in this whole mess.

This show surprised me with how good it is. Micchy falls to the wall, tears in his eyes, realizing that Kouta unknowingly killed the Team Gaim captain Yuuya. Free Download Kamen Rider: Legacy Titanus Mint in Box.

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Takatora is unable to strike his younger brother, and Micchy delivers a finishing blow to Takatora, sending his unconscious body in to the bay. The “What anime are you watching” thread. SanoBaronMar 11, He continues to see Mai attach herself more and more to Kouta, which deeply angers him. I have no doubt I will enter bankruptcy trying to collect all the toys for this show. As he prepares to go rejoin Micchy, the camp is attacked by Inves and Gaim overcomes his anger at the workers and decides to save them, using a Suika Arms to battle the Inves and return to the Earth world, only to realize he’s atop Yggdrasill tower.


Download and watch kamen rider Decade movie and episode. Kouta and Mai are both text messaged by Yuuya to come meet at a location so he can show them what he has – however when they arrive he is nowhere to be found, but a passageway to some other dimension exists. He is secretly a member of Team Gaim and is attracted to team captain Mai. Kouta narrates the end of the episode, stating that they had no idea back then what they were getting in to, and that they were forced to grow up way too soon, as they would soon learn.

Driven to find his father missing, KIT. Together, they defeat the Inves and have Baron on the ropes when the unthinkable happens – Hase and Jonouchi appear, and henshin in to Kamen Riders Kurokage and Gridon, stating they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Kouta is job hunting and strikes out at the premiere baking shop owned by the renowned Oren Pierre Alfonzo. With no more distractions, Micchy is ready to defeat Kouta once and for all. And since I watch the lines anyways to see when something interesting pops up, I see lots of Kamen Rider characters too.