She convinces Vehbi by saying that in this way she will be able to get clearer information about the incident from Belgin and that she will be able to help. Feride, who found out that her father has been shot, goes to Mehmet Saim’s side. He wants to be a brave guy just like his Uncle Mahir. For Feride’s own good, he has no intention to allow dreaming of a future with her. He arranges for a big meeting where all the knots will be unraveled so invites everyone on all sides to meet at a certain destination. Will Mahir accept this offer? Will Mahir be able to convince the other leaders and stay around the same table with them?

How is this situation going to effect the relationship between Ilknur and Seyis? He wants to get his father, Nazif Kara, out of jail. Turgut tells Necdet that he must pay for his betrayal. Judge at Court house, also the judge of Nazif Kara case. For a last time she appears in front of him and talk but Mahir has no intention in giving up. He will give him the prints he wants and save Feride, but his fingerprints are already handed to the police. Belgin, by putting together what she has found out from Ilknur and Vehbi, figures out solves what is Mahir’s real purpose. Feride tries to stand strong in front of Belgin’s provocative behavior throughout the dinner because she is sure that Mahir will keep the promise he gave to her and will stay away from Belgin.

Karadayi also got nomination in International Emmy Awards, She makes her move to murder Nedime.

When Mehmet Saim regains consciousness, he wants Feride’s baby to be aborted. Feride, who found out that her father has been shot, goes to Mehmet Saim’s side. Mahir is determined to prove that Korkut Olmez and Turgut saeson one in the same and that he is lying.


They go to Mehmet Saim and explain to him what Mahir’s ultimate goal is. Meanwhile Mahir takes care of the people’s troubles in his territory. Nazif, who left ssason office, goes straight home. Feride, who does not know what just happened, hides with fear under the bed.

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Will Belgin be able to murder Nedim. Savci Adnan and Mehmet Saim have no intention at all to get off Mahir’s trail. Turgut kidnaps feridewho ties her up and gags her. Feride as always is going to help the one that she loves. They start with finger printing but while Turgut was away he studied his lessons, and made his preparations for this meeting meticulously.

Even if she is saved from the bullets, the danger is still ongoing. Vehbi, kabadya cannot say no to Feride, tells Belgin that they will have dinner together and that they need to be careful.

Mahir makes the decision to play a game, even if unwillingly reluctantlyto push Feride away The way that Seyit was kabafay and Mahir’s actions causes Feride to become suspicious. Mahir, who realized that the Beyefendi is Mehmet Saim, is very upset.

He finds Aliye, held captive by Seyit for kabadxy.

مشاهدة،مسلسل،القبضاى،الجزء،2،الحلقة،31 |

While all of this is happening, Mehmet Saim swason the decision to marry Feride off, who was unable to break off from Mahir at all. Golden Butterfly Awards [5]. After meeting with Necdet, She thinks that Mahir has built himself a new life, and that she has no place in it. They ask Orhan to murder Mahir. Epixode comes before Mahir, and tells him that she understood that he is after the killer.


The other leaders are about to break up their partnership epusode him. Vehbi realized that Belgin had someone take dossier from his house. As for Mahir, who is unaware of Feride’s request to be transferred to another Courthouse, he attained his desire and has succeeded in sitting at the same table with the kabadayis.

He goes after a young girl who went missing from the neighborhood. He goes with Feride to meet with Tarik. She reminds him of their agreement and tells Mahir that he has until tomorrow night to bring her the file that she wants. To him, to bring into this world a criminal kabadayi’s out-of-wedlock baby is impossible.

Nazif’s son from Nihal Altun, who always valiantly struggles against injustice. Suddenly, she is taken into examination.

ASI Season2 (Episode 31)

Sosyete was unsuccessful in having Mahir murdered, and he goes to Mehmet Saim and threatens him. He wants to be the prime minister of Turkey.

Mahir, who is in no way satisfied with the answer he got and is not giving up from investigating, understands that he actually was the person targeted from that explosion – From now on, there are two paths in front of Mahir.

Belgin, who is done with Vehbi, has no intention to control him any longer. Necdet wants him to make a university graduate.