Its primary attack is Double Shock Buster , whereby each of Ryuto’s dragon heads fire powerful bolts of golden lightning from their mouths. Debuted in Episode 16 where Ken-Riser cannot beat Giant Zora that uses teleportation power and after changed its form to Juu-Riser, it still cannot beat Giant Zora due to the limitations that cause Juu-Riser move slower than Ken-Riser. She values Mio as much as she can in protecting her and the duty that she is going to partake. Jinno later loses the full capability of Riser Power to Daruga. Super Battle Memory As the Justirisers grow as warriors, Demon Knight starts to harbor a rivalry against Glen after being defeated by him when the Justiriser achieved his full potential and causing him to lose his ability to change.

This powerful weapon has three modes that is reflective of the three Justirisers’ Specialties: But when his plan is foiled during his fight against Shirogane, Hades enlarges into his true form. Upon learning of his son as one of the Justirisers, he offers his aid to the team. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He again tricks Adorocs later by shooting an unloaded pistol at Shirakawa’s body, forcing Adorocs to escape to no avail. However, she later act as groups’ mentor, much to the crush of Kenta in one particular episode and her inexperience to domestic chores like cooking or baking cookies. He later picks up a more powerful finisher, “Flash Blazer” which is a backhand slash that releases a single wave of extremely powerful blazing slash to counter more powerful enemies. They were first used by Dr.

But once exposed, Jinno battles the Justirisers in both human form and as Demon Knight. As a mobile fortress type of GenSeiShin, it possesses a pair of Riser Cannons for artillery firing, the main weapon “ChiGenHou Riser Buster” derived from Riseross’s tail cannon for heavier blasts, and a powerful pair of claws derived from Riseross’s legs called Magna Grasper which can be used to jutsiriser powerful slashes or perform a spinning slash.

Having the justriser to recreate anyone if he has a genetic sample of them, Adorocs revives Bachuss and Zora after testing the limits of the Justirisers and Demon Knight. The Riseross that was used by the Justirisers was the prototype unit that episore destroyed near the end of the series, and Demon Knight went straight into the Shadestar to assist Nolan in rebuilding and activating the other 2 slightly weaker mass-production units in storage, allowing each of the Justirisers to pilot their own GenSeiShin modes by combining with the mass-produced Riserosses to repel the final enemies.

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Unlike Shouta, who is set in his path of protecting humanity, Yuka is much more conflicted. However, prior to his death, Hades sends his power to Daruga. But after the three Justirisers appeared, Zora personally attempts to kill the Justirisers, but was shattered by the team. Riser Kageri’s main weapon is the cross-bow style weapon “Kageri Striker”, which can be used justirissr as a storage for her Kageri Daggers to throw against enemies, or activate its close-combat form “Claw Attacker” for close-quarters combat.


However, she later act as groups’ mentor, much to the crush of Kenta in one particular hustiriser and her inexperience to domestic chores like cooking or baking cookies.

But they fail to invoke him, Bachuss decides to mercilessly attack the Justirisers in hope that Shirogane manifests using Gentarou as a hostage before Mio arrives and the JustiPower knocks him back justiirser Hades.

By present day, Dr.

She almost kills them when Mio invoked her JustiPower in her crystal to drive Zora back. However, as Jkstiriser ship emerges from Kamishiro Mountain, Zora enlarges into a giant monster to keep Riseross from intercepting it.

Super Battle Memory Though normally in Earth’s orbit, the Shadestar enters Earth when Ryuto is invoked, during Daruga’s attack on Riseross and the SeiShinJuu, and finally fighting Kurogane before it is destroyed.

Eventually, he develops feelings for Reika, who later becomes associated with Riser Power. Reika, her assistant and personal bodyguard, accompanies her, Mio leaves Hoshiyama Island to find the Justirisers and stays close to them at all times.

Its artillery finisher Thunder Burst delivers savage blows of destruction to enemies through firing of all its ranged weapons simultaneously. In this form, Riser Glen becomes the main pilot within Riseross’s cockpit. Riser Glen’s main weapon is the Katana Blade “Glen Sword”, which can be unsheathed for better offensive capability and can be re-sheathed to charge up his Justipower of Fire for his signature finisher, “Raging Flame”, which releases a destructive wave of blazing slashes from his sword.

Her marine-coloured suit’s design is based on the Japanese Kuno-ichi Female Ninja with her helmet bearing the Tiger Motif.

Adorocs, not knowing that Shirakawa had a child, fell for the trick and failed to correct Kujo. Her awakening as a Justiriser came after a monster attack in which she tries to save a young girl from collapsing rubble in which the Justipower of Wind created a barrier to protect both of them, and she was given her Kageri’s InLoader in the process which she only used it after she saw Shouta becoming Riser Glen and decides to save him while he was attacked the second time.

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After becoming a Justiriser, he takes up the job of protecting humanity instantly, and begins to take his kendo practice more seriously‚Ķ although not his schoolwork. He worries a lot for her safety, sacrificing his Justi-power to save Yuka’s life when Zora fatally wounded her.


When the Justirisers flee the hidden base after encountering Hades, Zora attacks the Justirisers as she destroys the Stellar Plate. Justriser one is equipped with an In-Loader that allows them justjriser generate a high-powered suit of armor that transforms them into a Justiriser. Justirieer of Hades’ death, he spearheads the Earth destruction back up plan while having his Rejandar forces hold the Justirises off until he arrives to Earth.

In battle, she can hold her own, as she is an excellent archer.

Later in the series, Shouta also becomes the vessel for the power of Shirogane with the use of Mio’s JustiSpark. Shinya is e;isode more serious than either Shouta or Yuka, and although he epixode his powers as to fight, the fighting troubles him. When Shouta becomes Riser Shirogane, not only does the crystal drain him, but it also drains her life force to the point of exhaustion.

Diglos firing beams, Diglos overpowers Ryuto.

Attack on Earth begins!

He does not take most things as seriously as he should, and it does not really change throughout the series. Allies in Justirisers are their support and struggle to defence the earth from enemy invasion and mission to defeated all enemy in the story episodes. He again tricks Adorocs later by shooting an unloaded pistol at Shirakawa’s body, forcing Adorocs to escape to no avail.

When on Earth, Daruga overpowers Shirogane in their first battle before taking his leave. Built by Noulan, Riseross is a giant dragon dinosaur type robot that can be summoned by any of the three Justirisers, though it requires all three Justirisers to be in its cockpit to harness its full power. Ryuto is represented by Seiryuu. As Riser Shirogane, Shouta seems to be in control but does not act up like he does, even as Riser Glen. Shouta, as is the first Justiriser to awaken on-screen upon facing the attack from the CyberKnights, and the first to summon GenSeiJuu Riseross.

He later appears on Hoshikami Island to eliminate Mio and Yuka to ensure Shirogane would never be summoned. Though revived, the injury he received from Glen forces Hades to leave in his battleship into subspace, summoning Bachuss and his Death Commandos to kill the Justirisers while sending Demon Knight to Earth.

Juu-Riser is designed to be less mobile in movement, but is advantageous when defense and firepower is needed to take out giant enemies, in which this GenSeiShin has plenty of.