Eventually Lobo arrives at the Watchtower and nominates himself as Superman’s replacement, but does more harm than good. Well written,well drawn, well established and well thought out characters. This episode includes many references to Flash’s comic book and television history, including a guest appearance by Linda Park and bringing back Mark Hamill as the Trickster. My comic book collection of movies. Most movies today, especially a lot of superhero movies, cant compare to Hawkman in this. He uses the artifacts to release Hades from Tartarus. Hawkgirl finds herself torn between her allegiance to Thanagar and her commitment to the Justice League, as well as between her betrothal to the Thanagarian commander Hro Talak and her deep budding romantic love for Green Lantern, John Stewart. This one definitely stands out, and it still holds up very well to date.

On Disc at Amazon. By creating a similar character but with a different name, the writers could make him a bad guy who’s merely engaged to Hawkgirl. Views Read Edit View history. An older Bruce Wayne reveals the street gang they fought together was enhanced by Chronos who led them to kill the rest of the League of that era. Superman and Martian Manhunter are abducted by extraterrestrial slave traders and are sold to a planet of the despotic ruler Mongul where the population spends its time watching aliens in mortal combat in an enormous colosseum. They then take their places in a quest to make this Earth like their own. The show is the last in a series of animated features that together constitute what is known as the DC animated universe though Batman Beyond and The Zeta Project take place later in the same continuity. After the second season, the show is renamed Justice League Unlimited , has a vastly expanded cast of characters, and largely changes from two-part episodes to single-episode stand-alone stories that often intertwine to form long even season-long story arcs.

Please help improve this article by adding citations episods reliable sources. There is so much dignity into this guy, even when he is at his meanest.


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Matt Wayne Teleplay by: After Earth is attacked by a Gordanian battleship, the League is aided by an army of hawkmen from Hawkgirl ‘s home planet of Thanagar. In the middle of a huge battle between the “Unlimited” part of the League and the army of Ultimen, Supergirl and Steel battle Galatea to keep her from destroying the Watchtower. After her armor and lasso’s full powers are activated by Hippolyta, Wonder Woman teams up with Hawkgirl to help Hades reclaim his kingdom at Zeus’s command.

This one definitely stands out, and it still holds up very well to date. Their base of operations is a nod to the Super Friends’ Hall of Justice.

The episode contains many references to prior episodes of Justice League in that some of the episode showed the current team and Waller who had been a big part of previous episodes.

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Eiling only stops short of killing Shining Knight when a civilian points out that Eiling’s reason for attacking the heroes is non-existent, as his entire reason for the attack was to rid the world of meta-humans and he was the only one there with super powers. Deadman convinces Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to help him retrieve the stolen souls of a mystic order of monks that the Secret Society has stolen.

SubZero Batman Beyond: Locked inside the force field-shielded city, Flash and Green Lantern work together with SolovarGorilla City’s chief of security, to destroy the enemy from within before Grodd carries out his revenge on Gorilla City.

The Ultimen are pastiches of several superheroes that were created for and are unique to the Super Friends animated series.

A trio of high invasionn kids accidentally resurrect Solomon Grundyreviving him more powerful than ever but with no memories of his past. This episode is adapted from a popular story written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons for Superman Annual 11 in I also like that there is no real moral dilemma or value to be learned here. The Thanagarians offer to help Earth build a shield to defend against the Gordanians, but Batman thanagadian that this is just a ruse.


Superman battles Doomsday in the heart of a volcano. They force the Secret Society to retreat from Gorilla City, ending Grodd’s attempt to turn all people on Earth into apes.

The tale closes with Wonder Woman finding Steve Trevor as an old man in present time, giving ingasion one last visit from his “Angel”. After saving two worlds, the members of the Justice League decide to take a break to celebrate the holidays. Chaos in Gotham Batman: Hawkgirl reciprocates by starting an interplanetary barroom brawl.

Orion attempts to understand Flash’s antics as Wally and Batman battle four of Flash’s rogues that attack the museum that is opening in his honor.


Unbeknownst to either Static or Gearthe power drain also releases Brainiac from his confinement. He also explains that John’s former mentor and lover, Katma Tuiis one of the captives.

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What is so special about these episodes you may ask. With the whole world watching Joker’s version of reality television, the League must first get past the Joker’s own super-team, the Royal Flush Gang.

Justice League S02E24 Starcrossed Part 1

Rise of Sin Tzu Justice League: Invasiln Berkowitz Teleplay by: As a result, Flash is very nearly invwsion into the Speed Force, but is rescued by the teamwork of his teammates.

Then you would LOVE this! En route, Tala frees Grodd, who leads a mutiny of other disaffected villains against Luthor and his supporters. By creating a similar character but with a different name, the writers could make him a bad guy who’s merely engaged to Hawkgirl.