The Gekirangers try to fight, but he is too slippery to be hit by their attacks. During the fight, one of the sisters, Cherry, saved Retu from getting hurt. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 14 0. To revive the Kenma and become stronger. Mama Skills [ edit ]. Long assumes his fighting form and overpowers the Gekirangers before attacking the city to take on the task of destroying the world himself. The Gekirangers have lost all hope, but Miki shows up later in the night to bring the team back into their senses.

Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 36 0. Retu stays with Gou to try to calm him down while Jyan and Ran go to fight Hihi. Jyan sensed a power what he thought to be Maku, but was actually Rio. Ken attempts to hold the stronger Tsuneki him off as Jyan and Shinichi run away. Rageku then took Rio and Mere as her disciples while as the Gekirangers start training harder. When he asks about her “Kyui-Kyui”, Alice explains she has none.

Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 33 0. Miki soon arrives and after Gou realizes that he has a sense of justice, he gains the GongChanger, an item commissioned by Xia Fu long ago. A dying Dan tells Rio that his true rival is one who will defeat him: Burn, Commentator [ edit ] 27 “Beran-Beran! Win a Japanese Snack box today! We open to the three Gekirangers walking through the forest to deliver a package to an old friend of Xia Fu’s.

Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 43 0. Upon reaching the final resting place, Rio attempts to resurrect him against Kata and Rageku’s wishes out of fear of what would occur, only to learn that the final True Poison fang has no effect. However, the Kenma arrive on Maku’s cloud, with Maku bent on punishing Rio for his disrespect towards him. However, even with Dorinki, Rio is still unable to best Maku in combat.

The Shocking Truth” Transcription: Teacher and Student Love [ edit ].

Gorie completes his stack, while an upset Jyan was too frustrated to get one to stand. Long then appears, telling her that she served her purpose and liquifies her before taking her staff to present to Rio. Swearing on Rio and Mere’s sacrifice while putting on the Kenma’ Bracelet, Jyan intends to stop Long once and for all. The Shocking Truth [ edit ].


Xia Fu adds that it would be more of a victory for Rio to defeat the Gekirangers when they all episodr the Kageki. Back at the city, Maku easily overpowers the four Gekirangers and was about to kill gekirxnger when Super Geki Red arrives in time and turns the tables with using the Super SaiBlade to beat the Kenma in a one-on-one battle with his own Kageki Hard Diamond.

Soon after, he and Retu fight due to the loss until Ran gets them to stop.

Though he easily defeated SaiDaiOh after enlarging himself, Mere manages to snap Rio out jukne it to Long’s dismay, returning to episodf. But, by eating her daughter’s favorite food, Miki manages to get Natsume to break Haku’s hold over her, canceling the Gengi on the others. Realizing the item Mukoa stole is the SoZyuTo, the Gekirangers arrive to find Kira, fighting their way through Kira’s houseguard with their kung-fu skills.

Teacher and Student Love” Transcription: Forget the Technique [ edit ]. The Gekirangers have lost all hope, but Miki shows up later in the night to bring the team back into their senses.

Crucial Fist Judgement [ edit ]. When Xia Fu questions Maku’s reason for betraying Brusa, he infuriates the Kenma to enlarge and attempt to kill the Kensei, only to hindered by Geki Fire.

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 25

The search seemed hopeless until Mere arrives alongside Rio whose memory was restored by Longwho easily finds Gekirabger. Triangle Opposition Match” Transcription: While looking for Jyan, Ran and Retu encounter Butoka and Gekianger, with Gou arriving at the battle just as the two have been nearly defeated, with Gou intend to fight on his own to protect their Triangle.

To settle this, Rio and Mere set out to perform the Fist Judgement, a ceremonial battle where the judge and sinner would battle to the death. After pondering on what to do with the sealed Long, Jyan suggests to be his jailer, with him, Ran, and Retu deciding to take their own students to ensure Long would never be geliranger. With that, Rio tells Geki Red to kill Maku and end their masters’ war before they settle their own.


SaiDaiOh was overpowered when Sanyo arrives and easily defeat the Gekirangers then they fled. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 34 0. The two giants defeat each other, with the resulting blast sending both Gou and Bae flying to the same location. While Ken and Bion Biao attempt to understand Carl’s issues in spite of the language barriers, the other Gekirangers battle the massive army of Shuens while the real one escapes to commit arson.

During the fight, one of the sisters, Cherry, saved Retu from getting hurt. During the fight, the Rinsi returns wearing Butoka armor, succeeding in stealing the gem. However, much to Kata’s distaste, Rageku favors Mere more than Rio. Though the two had Dorinki, the Kensei overpowered Rio and Mere.

GekiRanger Training 25 – TV-Nihon

But the only ones who are not happy with Rio and Mere living with them are Ran and Retu, who cannot forgive the two for the acts they have committed. Long then devours Sanyo, an extension of his being, and assumes his true form, the Infinity Dragon, before going after Esntai first for being the one to ruin his schemes.

Then the figure turned around, Retu realizes that juoen is his supposedly dead older brother: He then learns that the final Kenma’s heart, the Ikigimo, was removed from his body after his defeat.

She wreaks havoc in the SCRTC gekiranter, with everyone attempting to restraint her in vain as she jumps out of the building, taking off on a motorcycle while Natsume eepisode. Once they arrive to the store he sold the SoZyuTo to, they are confronted by its shopkeeper, Hanyon: The four Gekirangers battle the Mythical Generals, only to be overpowered by them before Rio blasts them, allowing Jyan time to train for their final confrontation.

Retu stays with Gou to try to calm him down while Jyan and Ran go to fight Hihi. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 9 0.