Lapis herself told the girls that she’s chosen by the Red Moon so that she can carry out its plans on taking over Jewel Land, starting with the Cafe itself. Episode 37 Jewelpet Happiness. As they look at Tata all finished eating the bananas, they then saw him slip on one of the peels and accidentally crashed into the academy. The girls do agree that she is being honest for once, but they never knew Marie is using this as another excuse as Marie is overlooking at their conversation. Back to Coal, he himself is having a conversation with Angel, being happy that he has someone to talk to. Back at the cafe, the party is underway and they all eat through the celebration as Ruby told Garnet about the Karaoke. As they tried to buy it back, the girls were surprised to see that the academy is been sold to Lapis. But during their conversation, the headmaster of the Jewel Academy, Paroma Tanaka appeared and approved on the idea as he left.

On the other hand, Diana is excited about the race as she rushes to the academy with her cheering squad. But with many tries, Charlotte costume ideas didn’t actually work out to the other pets as she used her magic and down in a Biker Delinquent Costume. A while later, Chiari and Ruruka has just finished class for the day while discussing about Nene’s vacation in Australia. Labra and Rosa gave him a ball and did his balancing tricks, impressing everyone inside the cafe. The others were also excited to compete with the others as they all go and register for the competition. Jewelina noticed something about the moon while both Ruby and Chiari were confused about the light it cast. All Stars Memories Tuesday, January 22

However, with her friends, things didn’t go well as expected as the cafe is considered abandoned and needs a lot of work for them to prosper and to reach that goal Ruby is expecting. Kaiya herself decided to use her magic and give the girls a change of clothes to make them look beautiful. Rossa is admiring the Magic Gems one day worrying that she herself doesn’t have one due to not having a personality of her own.

While Nobara told her it’s her chance to compete and get her own Magic Gem as Marie then agreed to compete with Io. Ruby and the others criticized hers to have no originality whatsoever as Charlotte thinks about this.


Jewelpet Happiness – EP 36 Eng Dub – Dailymotion Video

After all the confusion, Luna formally introduced happinesz to the girls and Sapphie mentioned she manages the post office by herself and delivers the letters. Jewelina appeared and explained that the Red Moon is actually messing up the signal of their Jewel Pods unlike the pets.

Marie is shocked and angry on 3 ignored while Nobara told her about Chiari and how she get her first Magic Gem. Mirai no Mirai Saturday, February 02 9. Back at the cafe, the party is underway and they episodd eat through the celebration as Ruby told Garnet about the Karaoke.

They then went to the department store, on which became one big playground thanks to Jewelina’s magic, as they encountered Labra, Angela and Rossa again. Music playing around is pure soul of that masterpiece. EPS 24 X Tv. Anime and manga portal.

Jewelpet Happiness – EP 36 Eng Dub

Chiari and Ruby were happy that all 3 of them will compete while they’re gonna cheer for them. Virtual-san wa Miteiru Sunday, January 13 Marie and Nobara arrived in the place as well and they discussed about looking for a human friend to get their own magic gem.

Retrieved from ” https: The girls agreed on her idea as it will boost the sales for the cafe, however Rossa has a good plan regarding the subject.

However Sapphie had another hapiness on how to bring them both together and invite them to a party inside the cafe.

Everyone were amazed as Sapphie is flattered while Nephrite was all on eyes on her as she sucked out the happiness magic inside him using the Happiness Shot. A while later, he showed to them his photos depicting his younger self as he explained on him being a surfer and how cool and active he is during those times.

She again got another encounter with Sanada as he jewelpst her out while she told him about the play as he agrees. But he himself had no idea that Angela is actually Dorothy, the doll the little girl is searching for Ruby however tried to use her magic to fix the entire thing but the situation became worse.


Jewelpet Happiness Episode 36

But when she met three middle school student named Chiari Tsukikage, Nene Konoe and Ruruka Hanayama, she decides to make friends with then and accepted their help on managing the Jewelpet Cafe. As Garnet is busy, the other saw Tata approaching the cafe fast and Chiari and the others have nothing to do to stop him. Back to the classrooms, Taira, Sanada and Mouri overheard him about his secret problems as they also getting worried.

Gear Gadget Generators Thursday, February 21 9. The other pets were amused that she did all those without relying on her Jewel Pod and Chiari and the others decided to give Arisa and Yanma a tour on Jewel Town. But Yuku didn’t take it well and ran away crying, and Taira didn’t know he’s hurt. Garnet thought on the idea to construct something out of snow to impress the customers in happiess cafe as yappiness agreed on the idea.

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At the shop, Marie and Nobara were also happijess to get their own magic gem and plotted a good scheme. As Chiari arrived in the cafe, she told them that she had good luck today, something that Ruby is happy to hear. At the Jewelpet cafe, Nobara and Mutsumi followed Marie and reached the cafe, both in suspicion about her strange behavior due to the Red Moon’s influence.

Ruby decided to use her Jewel Pod and cast her magic to the place, only it backfired and decorated the cafeteria. Mouri then appears and Sapphie asked him if he can practice but left.

The trio ran out of the cafe and Charlotte follows them to take them down in a long chase until the sun rises. Chiari and others decides to help her on delivering the letters jeweloet. However as they arrive, the cafe is worn down and episkde as Chiari, Nene and Ruruka passes through and were late in class, The trio saw the Jewelpets and hand an unexpected meeting with each other and introduced themselves.