Stephan Guyenet’s group has found inflammation in the hypothalamus of obese people and high fat fed rodents. I’m amazed at the people who think this somehow justifies his conclusions without even reading the studies and putting them in proper context. Meanwhile I have been doing a little research on the subject. I have a similar question to Erins. Effects of slimming and composition of diets on V02 and thyroid hormones in healthy subjects. Kamal on Twitter Tweets by zenkamal. Slower but similar changes in the concentrations of T3 and rT3 to those of fasting occurred with administration of a protein-supplemented modified fast for 1 wk.

See here for a discussion: So there is an alternative explantion besides low-grade infection for their benefit. Body composition and hormonal responses to a carbohydrate-restricted diet. It’s all in good fun, the serious stuff is in his influencing some gullible people into an extreme diet, not his attire. From all the diet surveys that I have read from Japan in that era, Okinawan was indeed the land of the pork. One could argue that he sought to become a pariah for whatever reason.

While some studies have shown honey to have a laxative effect on healthy individuals, blamed on the incomplete fructose absorption, these studies used amounts of honey that would not normally be consumed at one time. I find it ironic that Jaminet is now using this graph: They’re almost completely unregulated.

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September 4, carboyydrates 2: Lauren December 6, at 1: Click the image below to visit our “Buy the Book” page:. Diagnostic Value of rT3: Mirroring these changes, rT3 rose significantly only on the low-carb diet. Come to the Perfect Health Retreat Come join us for a week at the beach learning how to achieve a lifetime of great health! Paul Jaminet said a few years ago that he would stop eating white rice if evidence against it turned up.

Until a well-designed study provides contrary evidence, I stand by my assertion that a diet with sufficient but not excess protein, moderate carbohydrate comprising a minority of calories, and high intake of saturated and monounsaturated fat but low intake of polyunsaturated fat is optimal for thyroid function.


T3 ratio at normal levels. It takes medical researchers years — often decades thryoid to track down the causes of simple phenomena, such as high LDL on low carb.

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Paul Jaminet December 6, at 5: Hi Gordon, I just searched on aflatoxin and the only mention was not related to peanuts. Under or above can increase mortality. I can deal with an unhappy tummy, I cannot deal with headaches with a visual aura while I’m driving.

I would just eat and live well and I doet expect it to gradually improve. Have to make dinners and lunches and help with home work and house work when I get home. Higher is Good, But is Highest Best? One researcher postulated this mechanism for hemolytic uremic syndrome.

If an experiment persuaded him that eating something would improve his health, he ate it. So actually the lowest-stress diet is to eat some glucose and rice is a very convenient source for that and it can be made into a lot of foods that people enjoy and it does make the diet easier to prepare and to eat, and more enjoyable, more convenient, and it can make it more nourishing by providing the glucose that people need.

My age is 67, have been organic gardener, active, until last year. Jimmy’s dietary choices and his version of the science behind those choices are constantly put before his followers in a very public serie. Christina Graves Rainer Klement, Ph. In contrast to Heath, serum concentrations of T4 were unchanged by overeating or changes in dietary composition. Very little in the urine.

Bisschop and his team also measured urinary nitrogen excretion in the male subjects? Yes, it is possible to develop a glucose deficiency on low-carb diets.


I would think that our ancient ancestors did not have uniform calorie and macro nutrient intake.

Rosedale, addressing people he considers to be universally metabolically damaged, and focusing on the effect of glucose on insulin, considers glucose intake a dangerous stressor; Jaminet, writing for an audience of people he considers metabolically healthy and focusing on the effects of glucose on blood sugar, views these it as a tolerable, and even beneficial stress.

Posted by Evelyn aka CarbSane at 3: Would you say that attention to detail of this kind is important for people who are using strict diets to recover from illness? You need to restore it by taking a probiotic capsule, eating plenty of fruit and taking soluble fibre such as Benefiber or Metameucil. Anthony Colpo is a cyclist and athlete who routinely engages in intense endurance exercise.

Low Carb High Fat Diets and the Thyroid – Perfect Health Diet | Perfect Health Diet

How much carbohydrate intake is needed to avert a glucose deficiency as indicated by decreased T3 and increased rT3? The two diets that caused the serjes changes ahd T3 and rT3 were the first two: Sometimes people do make that transition very quickly and then they are going to have problems. I somehow doubt “ROS” is on the death certificate.

Yeah—the other major factor required for half-decent glucose tolerance is your “glucose-using” enzyme— hexokinase—which is an inducible enzyme, meaning that it requires a regular supply of exogenous glucose in order to be fully up-and-running.

What they failed to mention was that Japan averaged about 20 grams of daily pork whilst the Okwinawans averaged around 60 grams of pork daily.

Yes it’s interesting, isn’t it.