I also plan to purchase the bama rig rod, and the 6ft9 cranking rod. I own the xl swim and it swim. I just mounted my C on a jdm shimano metanium and one word comes to mind “amazing” all I need now is for the ice to melt so I can go give it a workout! I have boat flipped 5lbers and never broke a rod! Great rods, better people. The butt section is plenty strong and provides needed moving power if you really lean into it.

Very light very balanced very strong! I will let you know how does tomorrow. I wanted to review some swimbait rods initially, but my interest quickly turned to a flipping stick designed by Morgan, then a vibrating jig rod designed by Marty Stone and a crankbait launching stick designed by Boom Boom. Walnut Creek, CA Comments: It has just the right amount of tip for ease of casting and also good backbone for hooksets. Both my rigs balance perfectly and fit like a glove.

It’s rare to find a rod in my opinion that does so many things so well. Best feeling rods I have handled in a while. Add To Wish List. Flips big bass into the boat with ease. If you’re a mat fisherman bubs punch rod is a must have. I had the same on all mine and called Matt and spoke at length with him about it, he took care of me and thensome. Love jrod new gen II rods!!

Since talking to the owner Matt I’m a huge irod fan. The stone cold square bill is my favorite. I was never left wishing for more feel, especially when taking into consideration the modest price point. If you have a question as to cassting one would fit your purpose, just call the company.

Picked up the bama rig model after previously using a flipping stick. This rod is accurate at all distances for me, and I really have a lot of fun casting it.

sseries I use it more for spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, it does work well for larger square bills imo. For tall rods like the ones I have, you would be surprised by how light they are.


Mine came in perfect condition and Ill update with a usage review soon as this dang ice melts.

Fishing rod review – iRod Genesis II

My first bass caught on it was a 7. For the length, it is a very light rod. Great for the price and a very good recognizable look as well. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. Lake Fork, TX Comments: Fast tipped but loads up nice. Even chunking big crankbaits with arthritis in my hands, I found the rods comfortable to fish with all day. The rod feels like a smaller normal rod used for texas rigs but when you set the hook on a fish, you can really feel the backbone.

I called iRod because I had a couple questions about setting up a frog rig and Matt Newman went above and beyond what I call good customer service.

I have the Magic stick paired with a lesser impressive Zillion sv tws. They look cool, they are light and crisp, well balanced, in particular the bama you can throw all day bama rig without fatigue.

iROD Genesis II Rod Review

PacBay made an error on this guide. The rod has a soft tip and loads nicely with a ton of power. Big improvement from the Gen 1 but they still aren’t zeries good as good as other rods at this price point. First thing I noticed was that it was much stiffer than I expected, so I stepped down from braid to fluoro.

Irod Genesis II – Casting

I kept the hook keeper in the up position geneiss of the time and found it to never be in the way. GREAT,well balanced and light weight rods. Just make sure you have plenty of line on your reel because you will empty it on a cast.

I believe these eyes made the braided line handed the A rig better. One i have spooled with shimano curado with 25lb pline cxx and the 2nd with Lews 65lb braid. Ended up catching 16 bass between lbs all swung into the boat with the rod, amazing!!! Very light and handle the A rig with easy. Needless to say the rod does not have one problem now.


The more parabolic nature of this fenesis makes it great for big stripers. The beauty of simplicity. Started off ripping some 3 and under from the heavy mats. Featuring a special blank construction and premium components, they deliver the perfect blend of lightweight sensitivity, power and durability.

Very impressed with this rod. Don’t use braid you need the exta stretch in mono to set the hook. Tip broke off about 16 inches down and the next 2 sections look like it was slammed in a car door.

Super light and pulls like a horse. Moral of the story, if you order it, use it right away and return right away if something goes out on it if you want to even have a chance at getting it replaced without the warranty fee.

Fished the Gen2 rod, probably the most out of all my rods, frog fishing is my favorite. These rods are the bomb! It’s perfectly in line with it’s ratings, and possesses ample power throughout the blank.

So rod makers have been seeking to strike that perfect balance in a hundred different ways to find the best blanks for the job for decades. I have the Bama rig one. Click on the logo to read their review.