There’s this new kid in town, and steals one of her best friends. How will Mitchie deal with being the ‘IT” couple and who will school treat her? Later, Arnav is angry when he sees Lavanya dressed like Khushi. However, Laxmi gets lost. Its been a while since either Connect 3 and Destiny’s Child have seen each other. Khushi regains her consciousness and wonders how she came home. Naani is curious on seeing her worried.

I shook they’re hands nervously and they greeted me. Anjali informs about the accident and requests not to tell Shyam, Akash and Gupta family. Khushi tells Anjali that she dislikes the bangles, to make him admit he bought them. Inspired by Sweet Home Alabama, with my own twist! What would make tonight any different? Her Secret Owner by let’smakeitsomeday reviews it was meant to be a nice normal girly night out, well as normal and girly as a black market auction could be Arnav sees Khushi in the house and insults her for returning to the Raizada house. It was so twisted, I was their house keeper, his ‘maid’, and he was a famous rockstar.

Khushi rewinded their history and they played it all over again.

What does he do? Her brothers Lucas and Nathan have no idea neither does her bestfriend Selena.

Shyam tries to convince Khushi against accepting Anjali’s offer. Khushi tends to Arnav when she finds him. Things go star;layer and a new couple is reviled, who is it?

She notices a mosquito sitting on Arnav’s face when he is talking to Nand Kishore about the sangeeth and slaps him to kill the satrplayer. Anjali is happy to see Khushi take care of Arnav.

What will Arnav do? And why epidode she resist the stupid jerk? Since he spent 5 years seemingly torturing her, he’s back and has no intention of leaving her alone again.


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Meanwhile, Lavanya takes the responsibility of looking after Laxmi. Khushi realises that Arnav is her boss and she is working in his company. Khushi tells Madhumati about meeting Arnav at the temple. Choices by Teary-Eyed Angel reviews When it is revealed that Riley still has feelings for Lucas, he must choose between the two best friends. As clock hits 12 Khushi switches on the light and sees Arnav on New Year’s night.

If Lucian isn’t your thing, please don’t read. Manorama and Lavanya are tired preparing dinner. Arnav rushes to the guesthouse when he is told that Khushi has not reached home. The story makes use of adult themes. Sweet Dessert by Ezria. Arnav makes a promise to keep Anjali happy. Meanwhile, Arnav announces a cocktail party for Akash and Payal. Later, Arnav confronts Khushi for hurting him. Nani praises Lavanya and tells her that she wishes her to marry Arnav.

Lavanya asks Khushi to dress the wound. In order to hide from Madhumati, he hides under the table. Shashi on the other hand, enquires about Shyam’s background. I do not own Taylor Swift nor any of her songs. Khushi gets the job of measuring male models. Arnav and Khushi spend some romantic moments together. Rated M for sexual content. Getting connected by Grl4fnfctn reviews Aria was feeling confused. Left with no choice, Khushi gets engaged to Shyam.

Arnav & Khushi – Love Scene – Arnav gets kidnapped |

Her Protector by James Stryker reviews Newly appointed detective Lucas Friar is assigned to protect a famous romance novelist after she witnessed a murder. Silver Lining by MonkeyLovr reviews “It should be her on that staarplayer. Khushi baulks at wearing revealing clothes and chooses to turn up in a sari instead. Khushi searches Shyam’s briefcase. The story starts after the Teen Choice Awards and revolves around Lucy and how her breakup with Chris affects her relationships with those closest to her, especially Ian.


Upon meeting, Arnav and Khushi share a romantic moment and get lost in each other. And the consequences can be all too harsh when you get attached to someone who you promised you wouldn’t.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? Season 1 Episode

Arnav, on the other hand, is upset for scolding Khushi when Anjali informs him about her innocence. Shyam searches for papers in Arnav’s room. But Riley doesn’t know the real reason why her friends actually came on this trip until her and Lucas go for a walk in the woods. Some would even say he was tired of it.

What more may he need to learn? That was all that was going around in my head and I didn’t know if I could ever forgive him even through it wasn’t his fault Will she give up on him or will she fight to get back what they once had.