A – I have given the set which you liked to Lavanya. Finally finally he realise that now he is connected to Khushi andwhatever happens and whenever he hurts Khushi he will get hurted himself. Payal tells her she’s making gawar ka halwa for Khushi as it’s her first day in office. This guy is amaziiing Yeah we will see. Anji sees motilal and he informs anji abt shyam buying Ring

Payal notices Khushi’s mood and asks her of she’s alright. Arnav is totally in love with Khushi and wants to take their relationship to the next level. Then she gives her advice. Khushi listening to all I think this is the best First episode i have ever seen on any telly soap La tells Anji that ASR chose it for me Khushi is feeling hurt ndisturbed by this action!

And the sparks flew Best show till date. Aakashwho has already fallen for Payal, thinks aloud that he’s already found someone who’s made a place in his heart. Then Nani comes there and asks her if she is missing him and she says nothing.

ISS PRAR KO KYA NAAM DOON FROM THE BEGINNING: Ipkknd 28th june written update ((episode 17))

He just needs to know her better. Episode ends with a spilt screen of Arnav and Khushi. Anjali says that Nani will start ipoknd marriage because every relationship ends in marriage. Then she gives her muffin cakes I ws starving at that tym. It is Arnav’s discovery of him having the right to true love after his difficult life and to Khushi, it is the unveiling of the truth of her life. Retrieved 17 August N it’s amazing how they took this up Khushi discovers facets of Arnav that no one knows.


I have been watching this show from day Finally she notices and tells Payal she’s very hungry.

The story of this serial is simple and beautifully directed. Akash says that the relation has been fixed! You won’t stop laughing the moment this guy opens his mouth.

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Each character episodee the other and the end product is a show that will make history. There at RM La is showing her episods to Nani and door bell rings andLa says that it must have been ASR and she goes and open the door andits ASR who is shouting at lavanya for wearing the dress like Khushi andhe says that he alws wanted her not to behave like Khushi and he saysthat with that pompom on her arms she is looking stupid.

Khushi is feeling hurt ndisturbed by this action!

Chemistry of both actors made it my favorite and unforgettable serial of my life. More importantly you will never be disappointed with this: She is angry on her chamkeeli aka Khushi. Khushi’s sister, Payal, gets engaged to Arnav’s cousin brother, Akash.

Mami will ever ever improveASR is driving car and suddenly he brakes the car and he has flashbackswhen he has hurted Khushi and he is like why he hurts Khushi so much andwhy he gets hurt and he says that now he will not let that happen. Payal asks her how she’ll work in ASR’s office for writtn weeks where the very first day, she had seen so much.

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Khushi is surprised to see him. DULUX ad is airing Payal shocked but thenshe is relaxed to hear that the engagement of Arnav n La is fixed!


The day Arnav realizes his love for Khushi, he also discovers a terrible secret. Arnav is stubbornly taciturn and inexpressive, 32rd is a epiwode chatter-box. I don’t usually watch Hindi TV drama and was never interested in watching one actually. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Akash listens to all this.

Khushi is upset and is eating. It is shown in mirror this time Khushi is till thinking on this issue.

She says that she want totalk to him but he ipkkbd that he dont want to talk to her and she tellshim that how much others feel bad due to him and the people around himlove him so much. They go for shopping Barun Sobti need to come back so we can have season 2!

Sarun rocked this scene These are the two most mesmerizing actors of all!! Payal tells her she’s making gawar ka halwa for Khushi as it’s her first day in office. It’s the beautifully presented take on relationships that forces you to be a part of Arnav and Khushi’s never ending spats, their inexplicable and undeniable attraction towards one another that makes you sit back in awe and lets you appreciate the fact that even the unlikeliest people can do wonders when they fall in love.