Gatenmaru’s Older Brother — Bwahaha! Kagome — Tunnel…light… Souta — Stay away from the light Kagome! End of Commentaries for episodes 89 — Kagome — Raw what? I’m such a horrible person! Young Girl — I love you too.

Your review has been posted. Kikyou — We’re all gonna die. Kagome — What’s Naraku doing in my time? Miroku — I made Sango cry. Sango — Go away you evil snow-white slut! Mommy used to make this for me.

Shippou — You should go back to your time and rest.

InuYasha — Man, what’s with people and using the word “love” so much? Souta — You’re not helping. Hot Chick in the Mountains — What, you mean you don’t remember those many exhausting nights we spent together?

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He’s probably trying to settle down now. InuYasha — Prove it. Kikyou — Me too. Kagome — Well I’m glad we made it. Kagome — Jeez, any more revelations and Sango just might commit suicide. Episodes condensed into a short but hilarious and crazy commentary through the eyes osuwaru the audience and the author.


Kagome gets pissed and storms off. Kagome — So this cave eats mikos. Kikyou — Like I care? Producers — As many times as we deem necessary. Osywari — Ah the wonders of medieval Prozac.

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Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. How many times do I have to re-live being nearly killed by my younger brother?

Tell me to sit! Miroku — I don’t think it works that way InuYasha.

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Kagome — What’s Naraku doing in my time? That’s right, they defeat a miko-eating rock together.

Young Girl — I love you too. Oh well, at least he could get rid of Hojo for me while he’s at iinuyasha. Kikyou — D00d, this c4ve h4s l33t 34ting sk1llz. Sango — You’re not helping. This was probably the easiest to write besides the first chapter because of osiwari fact that literally every single episode in this set is a filler not even presented in the manga. If you have any love and mercy in your soul, you’ll review.


Shippou — Damn straight you horrible, horrible girl.

Then another episode involving mostly Inuyassha happens. InuYasha — Well he’s about that age. Kikyou — Sounds good to me. I’m such a horrible person! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Apparently Hot Chick in the Mountains was actually a youkai trying to kill Miroku. Author’s notes — Tomorrow is my last day of school.

Miroku — My Kazaana’s gone out of control again. Episodes 73 through 81 7. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Kagome — Isn’t he a little young to be saying that?