Ibalogun, Balogun 9bba-ni-ogun , s. Also ; a locust. I have the protec- tion of powerful friends; you cannot involve me in ruinous law expenses. Used in cases of difficulty or distress, to denote the length of time they occupy. Igbonse gbon-esse , s. Alailere ai-ni-ere , adj.

Irummo, Iru-ommo iru-ommo , s. Ekerin — erin , adj. And this principle seems to per- vade the language ; so that, in order to speak it correctly, it is necessary to know not only the verb or adjective wliich expresses what we wish to say, but also the pe- culiar and appropriate adverb which denotes the degree or quality attaching to it. Akaso-ewu, a kind of short garment, from the neck to the waist, which may either be drawn tight, or w orn loose ; generally worn singly. Ituno tu-ino , s. Ron dip , V. I must add, however, that it affords us no clue to the position which this language holds amongst them, except it be negatively, by pointing out to what classes it does not belong.

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Ejidilogun eji-di-ni-ogunadj. IwoYE wo-oyes.

Ifennukonu fi-ennu-kd-ennus. If a child grows thin, his companion spirits are affirmed to be taking away his food from him ; hence, to appease these spirits, sacrifices are resorted to ; and to frighten the spirits away, charms moviee hung about the child, and iron rings are put on his feet, the jingling of which is supposed to drive the spirit far away.


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Ojo Meta 2 – Latest Yoruba Movie 3 years ago. This conjugation does not appear in the Wololf, which, however, is re- markably prolific in its modifications of the verb, count- ing no less than eleven, and many of these peculiar to itself, having no place in other languages ; as, for in- stance, the Preparatory, the Iterative, the Diminutive, and the Intensive Negative conjugations ; thus serving to keep up that character for singularity which distinguishes this unique specimen of human speech.

Alupayida — pa-eyi-das. Itara ta-aras. Igboju — ojus. Fun givev.

Blood does not willingly leave the body. Ajenia je-enias. Danilara li-arav. Ifasse fa-esses. Ipori ipo-oris. Atillende nti-ille-ndes. See the previous word. The full forms of the three personal pronouns are, emi, iwo, on.

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Yorubz, Bawo, bi-ewo adv. Fetisi, for Fi- ETisi, to listen to, incline the ear. Gbija gbe-ijav. Iladon la-odons. Ibino ni iyo offa li apo, Ohun rere ni iyo obi li apo. The above remarks have throughout had reference to grammatical peculiarities.


Iladi la-idis.

NiJA — omvie, wrestleto throw down in wrestling. Irobinoje r9-ba-ino-jes. Many Negroes, and, amongst them, Mr. Adanilara — laras. Alafiyesi fi-iye-sis. Gbo to hearv. Adu, one who is very black, jet black. Iggimo iggi-imos. Eleri, Olori enni-oris. DisTsiYi da-isisiyiadv. Crowther, now a Clergyman of the Church of England, the compiler of the following work, were re-captured from Brazilian slavers by the cruisers of the British squadron, and landed at Sierra Leone, yorhba they received a Christian education in the schools of the Church Missionary Society.

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Igbekkele gbe-ekke-les. Idaro — aros. Igbeyawo — iyawos. Dahun da-ohunv. Alabalase — ba-ni-ases. Fire is prover- bially personified as ” Abanigbele ma mo oju enni,” “An inmate which cannot be tamed.