Internet marketing has become a complicated discipline that involves a great deal of theoretical knowledge in combination with applied techniques. Lol my bad, but if it was d second letter, den who did he want to protect? I just wish it ended with him being with one of the girls….. The English translations was badly done. I Really liked it n oop 4 a better one. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

You know what, I played the theme song of this drama and I cried throughout it Lol, he gets chased off. I think if make season 2, it would be hard but if a special episode which talk about what did happen during the gap of 4 years would be great. Now for the cute Imperial Guard Shi Hoo am i finally get his name rt? Retrieved March 29, It sounds corny, but is much better delivered onscreen.

Keol-chi offers to keep waiting, and fpisode Wol-hee and Young home first. The Return of Iljimae Hangul: Though she sets strict limits on what she will tolerate in a relationship or friendship, she has a warm heart but keeps that side of her under wraps most of the time. Hit Counter 1, visits.

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Eppisode for the recap cos we were confused about the final episode but thanks to you we can finally quench our curious mind,kamsahamnida…but i would have loved it more if yong marries bong soo ah,i love the drama. Wol-hee reading the Chronicle of Iljimae to her son.

Boong Soon or Eun Chae in the End? I bookmarked it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back soon. To make matter worse, the ending episode 20 has no English subtitles at all, only in Chinese characters. PiZza on Upcoming dramas Iljimae choosed bong soon when he refused to show his face dramabeanns eun,he only went to save her bcus he dont want anybody epiwode die 4 him again.


Episodes by LollyPip. Well there are a lot of inconsistencies in this drama, like how did he get his sword back after he rescued Eun Chae? Kunghe leaps out of nowhere, on his other side, and tells him to finish what he began. I really admire you for sense of humor.

Iljimae episode 5 recap

Bong Soon paid the guard 20 coins. He is simply breathtaking. He actually has another reason for being here: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. No one dares to hurt him, as he is holding the king.

Father and son arrive holding hands to greet her there. Meanwhile, Daeshi is urging his fellow captives on, deep in the tunnel. How gorgeous is that promo shot or what? I just find it too coincidental that they both returned drajabeans after 4 years?! Please visit my website as well and let me know how you feel. With a heavy heart, he returns to his native land and unleashes his anger upon the ruling class to fight injustice and tyranny spisode the sake of the commoners.

Keep up your good work and sorry for my bad Lash. Bong Soon sacrified too much, but her only happy memory is the night before Yongee go to rescue Eun Chae, when Yongee said that he want to take her with him. Thank you so much! When looking to jump into the internet marketing realm, first thing is first; set up shop. They know that their warning message reached the Joseon army, and deduce that Kim Ja-jeom kept the information quiet.

To admit that he has made those mistakes, that would make me, who served him all my life, be only a killing demon. Well, I most say thanks JB, I enjoy your recaps all the time but this one was awesome!

Episode 4 by Regals. What dramabeanz to iljimae brother is he become king…so iljlmae in my mind. They will have to find a new raft man, but he assures So-hyun that he epjsode keep working to free the people. The process is labor-intensive and requires a lot of workers, but Wol-hee immerses herself in it.


The unarmed Kunghe has only one request — and that is for them to spare Iljimae, but instead the assassin brings the king into the conversation, and mentions betrayal etc.

And once he finishes his work, she knows he will come back, and only then can he sleep. Swe Dol looked at the charm that his father gave him. Shoemaker has gone back to his trade amongst the commoners, and is delivering shoes to a far distant shore, where Kunghe is living.

One of my first sageuk that dont end with the dead of the lead. Swe Dol brought Gyeom to school. There is a joyful reunion. Eun Chae is back at the tree, looking at the blossoms. I kept trying to think he died… I told myself a thousand times.

I think an appropriate song for this episode iljomae be Homecoming, by Vienna Teng. Shi Hoo stares at the men to be shipped off and knows that Iljimae will come here for sure, however, he is called away.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. U rarely get to come across a well depicted story nowadays,moreover with so much complexity and depth such as this one. eplsode

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