The newspaper said at least one skeletal-looking man was found in the throes of death, groaning in pain as flies hovered around his face. The school parades different buildings on the spacious land. He then told the people to observe a minute silence for all the victims. When the place was discovered, those that were rescued were up to 30 malnourished people. The experience of entering the place immediately conjures the impression of a horror film. At least 20 people were injured and 12 vehicles damaged when about 50 people, brandishing sticks and machetes, were prevented from accessing the property. Plucking vegetables from a small farm behind his house, Akinloye recounted with joy the amazing things that had happened to the area four years after the shocking discovery.

Where they kept us was where I used to be. Titi Adeniyi, nee Dokpesi and Wale Atoyebi, indications emerged that they were victims of hoodlums who capitalised on the urban renewal initiative of the government by arresting some hawkers under the pretext that they violated the environmental law even though they did not have the authority of the government to do it. This site uses cookies: I encouraged him to go to the school because we wanted to appreciate the efforts of the government. Pupils of the new school, such as Richard, Ridwan and Fatima, have to pass through the expressway to navigate the roads to their homes even though the school is at the back of their homes. He tried to calm the crowd of angry individuals who laid siege on the place, pleading for patience and attention. Sola Ogunmokun relocated to the community a few years after the den was demolished. We whom, you have entrusted the governance of this state through your votes, God will use us to punish the culprits.

My flatthead brother why re u opening our nyash Later, I found myself in that forest. They discovered an uncompleted compound where two women and five men were found chained and looking unkempt.


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I have the belief that there is no evil there bouse. We brown roofers r coming. Walking a Tight Rope. Pupils of the new school, such as Richard, Ridwan and Fatima, have to pass through the expressway to navigate the roads to their homes even though the school is at the back of their homes.

We were very happy when the government established a school there.

Try to give information if you have any to get all the culprits. Mosquito larvae were also breeding freely in stagnant portions of the stream.

Another victim who is a woman claimed she was related to the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo family. Some people came and rushed at me while I was hkrror in front of our house.

Many questions she was asked by Punch correspondent hose unanswered. The water level of the channel has gone up owing to the rains which have made it impossible for pupils and residents to pass through. Known for harbouring a lot of relics of old buildings, a reminiscence of its old age, Ibadan was jolted out of its slumber and quietude on Saturday, March 22, when the gory tales of ritual murder seeped out of the bowls of the thick Soka forest.

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The model school insisted on starting with JSS1 pupils. Speaking on the demand of the community for a police post, bridge and good road network, the commissioner said the government would attend to them in phases, promising that their desire would be met soon.

An Ivorian firm of architects wins World Architecture Awards He said the kidnappers always visited the den to see them and bring other newly-kidnapped ubadan. Ibadan House of Horror: Before I could protest, I was put in a bus and driven away. He said he was employed by one Gbadamosi, now at large, to take care of the destitute found there.


But what happened in the area four years ago still haunts the school. At the median close to Soka, a mob set a man on fire when he was seen with a gun.

Things started to change following the visit of Governor Abiola Ajimobi obadan the place. Titi Adeniyi nee Dokpesi, said she was picked up and forced into a vehicle only to find herself in the evil forest.

More suspects were also arrested by the policemen. As you say amen, God will use us to reform the state. Welcome to the now aptly named Soka Evil Forest in Ibadan, Oluyole Local Government where hundreds of kidnapped victims either met their untimely end or were languishing in agony before they were recently rescued.

Felix Ademola, a photo-journalist was maltreated by policemen despite showing his identity card on demand. A woman, who claimed she was related to late Chief Obafemi Awolowo family, Mrs.

Ibadan House of Horror: Kidnapped Woman Speaks [Graphic Images!]

The State Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the discovery. Other students of the school, Mubarak 13; Fatima 11 and nine-year-old Ridwan also expressed similar feelings. Those who doka lucky to be rescued at the den, though distressed and traumatised, recounted how they were abducted at different locations.

I also surveyed the environment and ibaadan at the beautiful buildings in the school compound. I was too tired to struggle and as the days passed, I became frail because I was not given anything to eat.

Just yesterday, VM gathered that about five more fresh bodies were evacuated to the mortuary.

In the process, some sustained gunshot injuries.