She tells all the girls to have over their purses, and then begins handing out assignments. When Alex resurfaces in Whitney’s life he brings a whole lot of drama with him, claiming that he has heard a rumor that Jay spent the night with his ex. The first half follows her, best friend Erin, and boyfriend Jay while Port tackles her new job at global design house, Diane Von Furstenberg. And just as she thought she was done, she was asked to do one last interview with… Naomi Campbell!!! When Kelly shows up at a party hosted by Allie’s agency she again calls her too skinny and Allie is even more upset. When Rihanna arrives Diane wants to know why every one is saying that she was faking she was sick. By the time the show was done, I was left in shock and highly anticipating the next….

Webarchive template wayback links. I have no words. You may also like. I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. She interrupts her and introduces herself and Diane is not happy, she wanted to focus on the celebrities tonight, not have to meet the new DVF girls. Original content here is published under these license terms:. Initially Jay says he does not want to attend the dinner party at Olivia’s, but later shows up as a surprise to Whitney. The series will follow a new case and new characters, all entrenched in the trademark humor, murder and “Minnesota nice” that has made the film an enduring classic.

I am not sure how she will handle being a Brand Ambassador on her own. Whitney’s run-in with Jay’s ex-girlfriend Danielle causes her to second guess trusting Jay. Be first to comment Click here to cancel reply. The contestants come from all walks of life — there is even a 22 year old married Mormon. Adam denies all the rumors, but Allie is unsure if she can trust him.


I can see where Hanna Beth gets her edgy style from. No other copying or use is permitted without written agreement from the author.

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Whitney questions her life in New York City as she struggles with her break-up and competes with Olivia for new responsibilities at DVF. You have 31 New filtered episodes airing today. The next day Diane meets with her team, and learns that Rhianna had an episode last night.

Allie decides to forgive Adam and they get back together. Cat actually has great work ethic but her mouth and inability to listen always sets her back. Cat tends to perform best under pressure so she did well with her assignment. Stephanie and Jessica arrive, and are not happy that they are running around in the show room and going through all of the clothes. Archived from the original on Whitney gets upset with Jay for taking Adam’s side.

What Alli lacks in knowledge in the fashion and design industry, she makes up for with her personality and ability to fit in and be a hard worker.

So let me try to predict who I think I will be the Brand Ambassador. You may read the original content in the context in which it is published at this web address.

Season 2, Episode 4 – “The Tables Turn” The candidates face their biggest assignment yet when asked to represent DVF at an International Vision Expo; the rift between the girls widens as they attempt to work together; one candidate questions her place in the program.

View your TV Show schedule for today, tomorrow, next 7 days and the whole month. Read Only License Summary: The second half focused more on the fashion world drama, instead of relationship drama.

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Original content here is published under these license terms:. You may also like. When Alex resurfaces in Whitney’s life he brings a whole lot of drama with him, claiming that he has heard a rumor that Jay spent the night with his ex. From Wikipedia, the free eipsode.


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Notify me of new posts by email. Whitney’s old friend, Roxy, moves in with her and gets a job at People’s Revolutionwhile Olivia has met her match, Erin K.

Also starred in The Hills.

You may also like. Sukmary, Erin’s plan to juggle two guys backfires when Duncan and J. With your free At-my. Therefore, the so-called Season 2, is in fact Season 1, Part 2. The ladies are all to get into their assigned roles. On Off Show Sunday First: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Last appearance of Erin. Hanna Beth was also able to spend time with her Mom.

Diane might like her but her staff will have a difficult time epiosde with her, as she has proven on more dvd one occasion. Olivia reluctantly agrees to let Nevan crash on her couch. I have no words. Meanwhile, Whitney and Roxy go on a series of disastrous dates, ending in a blowup at a night club. After Rihanna leaves the building, Diane informs Coco that she is also eliminated and being sent home.

Next article House of DVF: A stylist working for Kelly Cutrone. Meanwhile, Rhianna video chats with her boyfriend on the phone. When you remove the glam and the glitz, what you have left epiode the hard work needed to maintain your brand.

I was excited to watch the latest episode of House of DVF last night.