Is it on Dramafever or gooddrama. The body outline was drawn by originally drawn by someone who was definitely thinking of jumping-probably Lee Hyo Shin. It’s not like Won didn’t want to fight for her, cause I believe he would’ve thrown everything away just to be with her. The scene with him crying in the study was heartbreaking. She’s nothing like the girls in their school who are mostly materialistic. I agree about all of us needing someone, not just romantically.

But when they showed the matching pants The end is here. Won chose to marry that other girl for her vote, so that he could save Jeguk from his father’s second wife. Sung Byung Sook Supporting Cast. Im an omma too but I love all his clothes, suits and all, coats especially. I think you are referring the Korean word for “kids”. What makes you say that KES made changes midway? The scene where he cried in the office was really, really heartbreaking.

I think the original script did have a suicide or in the least suicide attempt. A lot, in fact. It’s only due to the changes brought about by our modern world that luxury is now started opening up to upper classes as well. It is something that KT would do, so I am not surprised. I can get behind the idea of the breakup as bittersweet, but unfortunately it just comes off as a little lacking in logic – if suddenly-lobotomised Chairman Wheelie suddenly accepted Eun-sang, why is there any obstacle in the way of Won and Hyun-joo, especially when the circumstances are the same?

That might fill in some drama time while I wait for the space alien- which is probably going to be the theme for the next wave of Kdramas. Myunghwan hands Lord Jung his resignation and it is accepted very coldly.


So she can be a mistress too? She’s nothing like the girls in their school who are mostly materialistic.

Hi Eileen, I will be back later tonight to respond to your post, so please check over the weekend to see if I have posted my response yet. So that when Hyo Shin come back for her, he is now a grown-up man after his army days.

They each had a crown that they were chasing; Tan chose love, Won chose the company. Tan understands he is to play the part of the dutiful son, and he wonders how his father lived an entire life doing this. I am just curious So he will do anything to get what he wants and so Dr Ko is probably lucky that he is only paralysed in this episode. Woooo I agree too. Are there any other shows you plan to watch or are watching?

Especially for kings and other monarchs, it was more a matter of survival, that your very life, and the lives of countless others, depended on. Though Hyo Shin’s decision was. I will try and do better with this one: Chan-young tries to teach Tan about the art of waiting for the fish, which Tan is of course way too impatient to vramacrazy listen to. drammacrazy

Horse Doctor Episode 20

I love the way your dad calls you and your friends, and what it denotes. That’s not ancient history either, but rather, just happened yesterday! But this is really all moot.

I think 29 partywas filmed at the beginningthe silly kiss and horrible clothes are the proof.

Horse Doctor Korean Drama Episode 20 Youtube – Drama Korea Drakorisme

PlumWine December 13, at 5: I just lurv the whole thing about Heirs. There dramacrazg so many changes and rewrites in the last 6 episodes hard to tell what the original plot was supposed to be. There are questions to answer, e.


So, I have another question for you, if you can remember: He is such a great guy, both as an actor and behind the scenes, as a person. Vicky – It will be hard to shake this one for some reason, right?

What the fuck is Kim Tan wearing?!? I know someone who has met him, and he is apparently very dramacazy, humble and just plain awesome all around.

Doctor Stranger

Won unfortunately was, as you said, a total plot device, and a one dimensional character. He may have resigned but Myunghwan has not given up and he is more determined than ever to hodse his revenge on Kwanghyun. But KA Tan mom is.

And then he sits next to Eun-sang, who asks what it was he wished for on his birthday. Faye December 13, at Hello Molly, Thank you for clarifying things for me. And kudos to her cause it worked. Remember he’s been in the States for the last three years not doing much. Tan’s last suit seemed to be docror biggest effort and it was good.

After, Horsf walked down Kalakaua Ave. I find Heirs very addicting and LMH truly engaging. Yes, this still goes on today, and yes, in the U.