S1 wasn’t bad, but it was sometimes a bit too soft and more concentrated on relations than on social issues. Controversial scenes included students attempting to have sex in a classroom, a female student visit an illegal abortion clinic after losing her virginity and female students fighting in a school toilet. Now it’s already I just wished that he and Toei had a happy ending instead. Sprite accepts P orsche’s invitation to watch movie in theater together. He was always crying in Season 2. I know that it hasn’t been confirmed that Non is gay, almost everyone thinks he isn’t, but it would be nice.

Due to the internet and the new media, Hormones also received tremendous response from audiences outside Thailand like Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and China. Kwam in someone stable: Blog Stats , hits. For him, avoiding such subjects basically was an example of “adults closing their eyes” to reality especially to the high abortion rate in Thailand. Retrieved 10 August Sometimes students easily fall for teachers and I really heard stories such as these so that the student can pass the subject or have a high grade. I realised this after Kwan rejected him.

Go To Topic Listing Others. S2E3 and EP4 are really tense. I hope they will continue this way, but with less gay-lesbian.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. It had high ratings and many students are watching it.

Just wished she had more scenes though. I love how the staff treat them and they chose the actors very well. By sugarplum Started March the, In this season, they added more characters to the the drama more fun and colourful.


Phu & Thee kiss scene in Hormones season 2 EP 4 – فيديو Dailymotion

I also started to like Win again now. These include topics normally considered taboo for open discussion in Thai society, such as teenage sex and school violence. There’s definitely a brewing story between the three NonTheePhu. Drug Addiction This issue was shown through Win.

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They gave time for the characters to reflect on their wrong doings and a chance to correct themselves. The story mainly takes place at the fictional Nadao Bangkok College, where the characters attend upper-secondary school. Pachara, Ungsumalin, Sutatta and Sirachuch had already played major yormones in GTH feature films prior to Hormoneswhile most hormoens the others had experience in supporting roles in films or mini-series.

Retrieved from ” https: I just wished that he and Toei had a happy ending instead. I hope they can show their college life or future jobs as well. In the last season, he had two and this time he had three. She finds comfort from her best girl friend and thus it turned into love.

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The success prompted the production of a second season, which was announced shortly before the end of the first. I realised this after Kwan rejected him. He isn’t that enthusiastic, but I think he likes Sprite’s attention too.

Although the series began with some uncertainty regarding its profitability, it quickly proved extremely popular, despite not being broadcast on free-to-air terrestrial television. Peach was also lucky because he filmed his scenes in the US. This drama showed real life experiences of the youth in their everyday lives.


Phu & Thee kiss scene in Hormones season 2 EP 4

The series was positively thfe and, despite not being shown on free-to-air terrestrial television and being criticized for its content, proved extremely popular, prompting the creation of a second season. This means that you cannot reply to this topic.

Posted 13 July – Their friends leave Phu and Thee at Band’s dorm. Hormones features an ensemble castwith nine main characters in the first season. Thee recalls the moment at Phu’s yhe that Phu said “I already choose Toei. Phu asks Toei to stop being friend with Tar. Retrieved 6 October In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Songyos switched roles to become producer for the second season, with Kriangkrai Vachiratamporn, who had co-written the series, becoming director.

Season 2 also increased their age rating to R and this time they talked about deeper issues.

Hormones season qnd viewing methods ] YouTube video. The drama showed it through Toei and her computer teacher. In creating the script, Songyos and the writing team conducted online research on contemporary adolescent issues, but also learned from the experiences of the young cast members.

Phu and Thee kiss and have sex. Win is someone vibrant which could influence Kwan in a positive way. Each season of Hormones consists of thirteen episodes, with one special each at the beginning and the hormknes.