So a Robin Hood wnnabe has teamed up with a Native American tomahawk man? Mushashi made the scene choppy. Episode 8 Part 1: Hashiba was a far more solid character than Mari with his company making a good analogue to Nobunaga’s ambition and economic reforms. W-Well, that’s nice and all but I’m not sure that really counts. Still hiding from adversity, I see. Any time Hina uses her Super Strength to punish Ankh for being a dick.

Uh, Specter’s kind of right. Kamen Rider Coolguy Comedian. That Ganma looks absolutely hideous. Pretty Boy knows something and takes solace that phase one is complete. If Necrom is not rejuvenated in time, the user is forced out of the transformation. Episode 49 Finale Part 1: It seems like Takeru’s dad was trying to create Eyecon’s back when he was alive.

It’s taken only three episodes for Hermit to dress more hideously than Amadam. Well, actually, Nobunaga was one of the first Japanese nobles to promote people based off of competence and merit, earning him the ire of the nobility.

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Okay, let’s cut the crap, Mari is Little John. You’ve been faffing about on your ass for twenty days because some dick got the drop on you? Some people got shot, why aren’t the cops getting involved? Mushashi made the scene choppy.


I need a real answer! Still isn’t desensitized to Hermit’s bullshit, though. So too contrast Takeru’s methods, a Ganma corrupts their contractor and uses them as a sacrifice to get the Eyecon.

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Movie Ool DC Part 1: He suffers again in a few seconds after Hina dropped the machine on him again, but apparently doesn’t have the energy to scream a second time. Episode 33 Part 1: Unlike past Riders, Takeru crumbles under the pressure. I very much like this scene.

Episode 47 Part 1: Smiley must be loaded. Episode 31 Part 1: No, create an account now. That was pretty stupid, Fevver. I hope they can pull it off.

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Episode 7 Olo 1: And finally, Mari being freed from Ono’s thrall with a hug was a blatant Dues ex Machina, it would have worked better if they used Takeru overshadowing her and destroying the corruption from within because of his ghost powers, further cever him to the Ganma. Episode 16 Part 1: No matter, I really liked this episode, while everyone’s been calling Specter a dick I actually like the adversity he brings and think that he has a point Hashiba was a far more solid character than Mari with his company making a good analogue to Nobunaga’s ambition and economic reforms.


SalbazierNov 18, As far as heroes gets their groove back plots it nenshin strictly average and it was also marred by choppy fight scenes. Episode 22 Part 1: So, since I’m not following the news. The ‘believe in yourself’ moral works much better here then in the last episode thanks to Takeru and Beethoven Junior doubting their own self worth as living beings being built up through this episode and the previous one.

After only one episode you’re outdated. Also, Akari possibly getting psychic powers Episode 9 Part 1: You totally did it for Akari, Specter.

She beats up Shoutarou and presumably Philip as well as Ryuu for not taking the wedding day seriously. So a lot of theory’s confirmed, Specter is using his sister as his Eyecon, is trying to save her This type of stuff is usually saved for the finale as well.