Bo-woon offers to play for him everyday, and he perks up when she offers to buy him food. Dramafever has 3 episode in english sub: Now I have another drama on my list to watch, or maybe I should just start watching it. He is just mean with the girls who keep following him around xD YongHwa has improved so much in acting compared to his YAB days, I hope he will keep improving and that we will be able to see it as the story develops. Some showed up magically at the right time and made everything make work: While in the band, he dolls up as a slick idol boy, but at school he adopts a shaggy, dorky, bumbling appearance. On his way out, he tosses out one of his trademark random questions: I love that he instinctively always pets her like a dog or something.

But Bike can move. It’s okay, it’s okay. Thanks for the recaps. But another one if this turns out to be very good, maybe I will watch it later. Episodes by odilettante. I’m also waiting for CH ep. What we’re watching by DB Staff. Truer words were never spoke!

Skip to primary content. Shin plays a song that he wrote, and then Dad picks up his guitar and plays along. Her character is boring and doesn’t do anything for the drama.

Please click the link in that email to heartstrimgs the email change process. Not expecting too much so as not to be disappointedbut I also love me a youth drama.

In the hospital, Jung Hyun has come out of surgery and is with her mom and Lee Shin.

Back in class, Kyu Won has finished her demonstration. We will be able to see a lot of good interaction with them. Kyu Won visits a professor and shows her the poster she made. Jun Hee reminds me of Hamtaro, the hamster for some reason.

You would think that while he forced his slave to change into various hwartstrings, we would at least get a devilish smirk, or a modicum of a victorious sneer. And I can see him bringing some wanted debth to the drama, though all in all I’m liking it so far.


Heartstrings Episode 1 – 넌 내게 반했어 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

Almost everything in this drama was somewhat disconnected and you guys seem fine with it. I like dramas that entertains and do not add to my stress at work. But Heartstrkngs am a little scared that if it is the case of bending to popular opinion, they are a little too prone to altering the original concept to fit an audience, and that worries me because too much flexibility from the production crew never served a drama well, far as I can remember anyway.

She checks her wallet since she is hungry and find only won approx. I’m crossing my fingers for this one – we’ve seen that youth-driven dramas CAN succeed Dream High so I hope wpisode will also make it.

Then he did Coffee House with my Kang Ji Hwanwhich was less of a mess directing-wise because I damn well hated the script. He reminded me of a 5 year that could talk properly. episoce

Best episode so far. Watching this is like travelling back to the past – high school and college.

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Those with the invisible ink glasses can read them, and episofe his thoughts and feelings. Ki-young immediately shoots down the offer, having shut down his dream of being a musical actor. Well, our unflinching hero did manage a very fine Easter Island Stonehead moment when he climbed onto that tower in the first ep and gazed into the Great Beyond.

I did feel like Park Shin-hye acting cute is really not superb sometimes. But his stamp was still all over it, mostly in the episodr of making Eunjung act like she was slow in the brain and had Play Doh for drzmabeans face. Then we see Yoon Soo teaching her class. The half brother says a few words that make Shao Tian’s jaw clench and unclench.


Material Queen looks good with Van Hewrtstrings. I think they’re called The Stupid minus the ‘s’ I love the last 9 minutes of the episode, the build up to the club scene was well done and made Yong Hwa’s rendition that much more emotional, and to have the song continue into the credits Your comment, “Then again, he could pretty much be singing about monkey poop and his adoring audience would find a way to see the romance in it. Some are fitting dramaabeans. I don’t find that it feels old at all, but rather that it’s quite purposeful and enhances the scenes it seems like it’s always deliberate, and never lazy or unskilled.

I’m also waiting for CH ep. But i kinda afraid about melodrama-thing. I can’t help thinking that if they fell for each other it would be totally inappropriate yet fascinating. JYH’s acting is definitely a lot better too. Kim Seul Gi Heartstringgs Cast.

Just a funny thought…I noticed that some asian dramas like to use trend or what not from Western cultures. He apologizes easily, and even says K might have won the contest without her string breaking which I don’t agree with, based on his fan-base. I was only reading the recaps, but I will start to watch because I love him in Family Honor, great kisser!!!!

Daddy Shin’s all “I wanna tap that, but she’s my BF’sG” He tries to forget her, but ultimately can’t keep it in his pants and makes a baby Shin.