Later on,they recruit Amu as the “Joker” to search for X Eggs and X Characters, the corrupted forms of people’s dreams, so the Guardians can purify their dreams. It produced one of my favorite lolis! I’m going to dive right in! Just not my cup of tea. I just want to give you my take on anime. Daftar Anime Winter Desember – January.

Lucia, the mermaid princess of the North Pacific Ocean , sets out to land to find the boy she saved from a tsunami wave seven years before the beginning of the story, to whom she had entrusted her pink pearl. If you like suspense and action though, you might want to try Death Note. Kamen Rider Drive Rider Edit. Other than that it was meh 7. Although I can’t remember why since I remember it to be a very good series. Each individual episode primarily focuses from the third person perspectives of:

Soni Ani this was just blatant fan service. Features the characters from the games in chibi form with a completely new story with the theme: The animation was really weird. I sira say watch a couple episodes and try to make sense of it.

I kisssanime like the Male or female lead. This show tried to hard to be funny and dramatic. She had a cat named Shii-chan that passed away in the beginning of the first series.

This is the entirely normal year-old, Naru Sekiya. Let’s discuss Goblin Slayer This anime was a good ol’ fashion goblin killing. I thought the ending was fine. The Jazz music used in every episode really set the tone for the feelings of each episode.


Subtitle hunter x hunter. Taking her into custody, the Shinsengumi debates on what to do with Chizuru, ,issanime they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor for onboru they are also looking.

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Hanayamata Dub Naru Sekiya is an average year-old girl with average intelligence, average athleticism, and average talents. Not very romantic but watch mostly for episodw funny plot and gags. While there, she witnesses a fight between an Oni hhanbun the Shinsengumi. The God of Books sympathizes with her and gives her a Magic Quill with which she can effortlessly draw any picture and write any story she wants.

Soon a ‘new’ Team Ichigo is formed by Henri-sensei for the project. They should have taken it in a different direction. Unfortunately, the reality tskui not be further from the truth and she remains a wallflower. Its a great romantic story with suspense, and really easy to understand. Could become one of my favorite series soon. Kurumi is a beautiful young woman whose beloved boyfriend, Hal, died in a sudden airplane accident.

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora ep 3 English Sub – Kissanime

While Bijou is held against her will, she is very calm and nice to them even makes some yummy food for them. Hoshimiya Kate is actually one of my more favorite characters. I liked most of the girls and the main cast. Forced to be a virtual slave by blood debt, he hates the samurai and everything they stand for. One day, however, she overhears her friends making fun of a picture book she loved and had given to one of them.


Trying to stop the virus, Kazuya ends up making a special order. Branded a heretic, he must now face the consequences of his actions. Where they race in all sorts of ways. She picks up a log and finds in it her mother’s name, together with the fact that her mother once said she wanted to shine, and there she realizes the minds of both mother and daughter work the same.

I just got bored of it after season 2. Anime Online from AnimePlus. So if you like watching something action packed this is the show to watch.

At the end of Kamichama Karin Chu, it is shown that she and Kazune get married. The animation made me niboru some nostalgia. Noeven though it has some elements of romancethe anime series primarily chronicles the journeys and adventures of a pack kissnaime wolves who can take on human form. The Embryo is believed to grant any wish to the one who possesses it.

Daftar Anime Winter Desember – January. I really liked how the show tried to bring suicide kissamime depression to the forefront.