My colleague picked up that notion from his mentor, who picked it up from his mentor and so forth. No, create an account now. But to answer your question, I’ve never seen a S that doesn’t hack unless it was broken but I’ve only seen about 18 of them in the flesh. And, I love that dial Will! So the hacking mechanism is totally unrelated to the presence of the wheels. They can have a hack mechanism or no Hack. Given the production date of , we are getting close to making the RCAF connection.

The time now is The dial is the correct configuration, and everything looks good, but according to Whitney, there should be an engraved pheon broad arrow , an RCAF marking, and a military reference number on the case back. Dirty Harry likes this. In your watch, you can see the broken staff in the jewel. And most jewelers today do not have watchmakers in-house, which means they send the watch out to someone who does ‘trade work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. A colleague once told me to “stay away” from any movement other than the original.

You can see the extra length pivot of the third wheel sticking out – wztch what the seconds wheel is gently pressed on to. It sounds like you actually like these watches. Your movement dates to August By AndyHull Started October 19, Secondly, it increases the thickness of the movement, and therefore the watch.

You being a guitar player I thought that would have been the best type for you! Was an easy fix. I appreciate the valuable insight.

I’ve looked at other models that have E and F movements. Since the stem isn’t there the lever is in the stop position resting against the balance screw. The only other watch I have with a hack function is my Seiko Solar – and I’ve never dared take the back of that!

Watch movement was produced in Results 1 to 3 of 3. Thanks for the reply’s. DJW, as I mentioned above, the large wheel running on hamliton extended third wheel arbor to drive the seconds hand pinion is a design feature of “indirect drive” centre seconds wheel trains.


Nice watch Wil, but I can’t see any hack. That year, Hamilton introduced a Swiss Elinvar hairspring. Thanks for any help By expanding the dial and changing the bezel it became “Form Opening”. Hacking systems usually take the form of a lever or arm that impinges directly on the balance when the crown is pulled out, stopping the whole watch. When the crown is pulled out, a lever operates on the wheel which, in turn, stops the hands.

A lot of watchmakers today work only on modern watches, which hamillton have the sort of wear issues that are common in vintage watches. No registered users and 1 guest. The S stood for sweep seconds was made from Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Stopping a movement by interrupting the hands would not be a good idea as the gearing would mean that the escape wheel could continue hammilton rotate for a short while building up torque within the wheel train.

Hamilton 987S

I spotted a beautiful wrist watch which satisfies my lusts on two counts: I don’t know how many Satch there wahch to start with, but I doubt it was in the hundreds of thousands! Do you already have an account? Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. I saw, I sniped, I won. American watches, particularly railroad grade pocket watches, then Switzerland. Guidance Needed — Hamilton Wristwatch Hello all, I have been a longtime follower of the forums, but this is my first post.

Near me in Philadelphia was the Frankford Arsenal where they did tons of the work described above.

I know, I know. Information on inside of case back: The seller quite cleverly palmed this fake off by doing his minimum required legal bit by identifying it as a likely fake. The dial is the correct configuration, and everything looks good, but according to Whitney, there should be an engraved pheon broad arrowan RCAF marking, and a military reference number on the case back.


In your watch, you can see the broken staff in the jewel. Here is what I’d like some guidance on Yes, my password is: To address these issues the “direct drive” centre seconds wheel train was developed and became the adopted “norm” for very nearly all centre seconds movements from wwtch on.

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Last edited by HamiltonElectric; December 28th, at What about the above mentioned paste and a non stick frying pan. May 7, 9 Since there’s no seconds wheel to drive the pinion, the second hand will not move.

Originally it would have had a pigskin strap, but it was and still is common for people to buy aftermarket replacement bands that suit their personal taste.

As it is, nothing’s driving the gear for the seconds hand. The Hamilton series Movements Explained.

Should I look for an expert in old Hamilton watches to perform the service, or would my local jeweler suffice? But if you look at the 6: By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Is is it possible that yours has been buffed to remove the military markings? Here’s what I know: Also, some cases were made to be replacements. Thanks for the detailed info Guys, I really appreciate it. If you’ve ever compared a A stem to the earlier stem you’ll see the later A and S stem has a point on it.