Porsha continues to enjoy her romantic birthday weekend with Dennis; Kandi, Cynthia, Eva and Marlo touch down in Miami ready to surprise NeNe as she hits the comedy stage for the first time since Gregg’s diagnosis; as the ladies come together to support NeNe, Kandi realizes she may know a thing or two about one of the ladies’ new man; the women celebrate the grand opening of NeNe’s new Swaggalicious boutique, but their shopping spree is cut short when Gregg falls ill. Contact us about this article. Bethenny Ever After Episodes Season 1 2 3. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved February 10, Cynthia denies this at first but later apologizes on behalf of Mallory if she did push her. Chuck invites NeNe and Phaedra to an event being hosted in Athens, although he and Phaedra argue over the truth regarding their previous relationship.

A physical altercation erupts during a pajama party NeNe coordinated. Retrieved February 10, Add to Watchlist Added. Andy Cohen and the housewives discuss the ongoing controversies involving Kenya, with particular attention placed on the feud between Porsha and Kenya. Midnight in the Garden of Tea and Shade”. Being upstaged and being betrayed.

Fist fights ensue,” and summarized her review by acknowledging that “this season is going to be crazy.

Phaedra Parks – Gossip On This

When the gloomy weather continues to rain on their beachy weekend parade, the ladies decide to compete for the crown of their most coveted talents. A Star Is Born 7. Nene calls Porsha a epizode friend.

Season 11, Episode 15 February 10, The twenty-seventh episode “Husbands Revealed” marked the conclusion of the season; it consisted of the husbands discussing the season, and was broadcast on May 18, Season 11, Episode 3 November gossionthis, Things got really turnt up tho when Cynthia realized that SHE was being dragged into this because SHE was the source of the dish about Todd to the rest of the girls.

Leakes in her time of need. Retrieved from ” https: Season 11, Episode 6 December 9, Both Cynthia and Porsha have fallen hard for their new men; Eva has a new ring and a new baby; Kandi’s accomplishments continue to grow, but her daughter reveals that their family life has taken a back seat; NeNe prepares to fight alongside Gregg as he begins his battle with cancer; and Porsha rallies all the ladies for a surprise trip to Miami to show the Leakes their support.


So there you have it. The season received generally favorable reviews from contemporary critics, who appreciated the growing tension among the Housewives.

Meanwhile, Porsha becomes acquainted with living with her mother as Kenya leaves her rental property. A physical altercation erupts during a pajama party NeNe coordinated. When Kandi starts raising her voice, Cynthia starts to ignore her and tries engaging Todd instead.

The pajama party continues as Apollo dpisode Kenya’s friend Brandon.

Shamari and Ronnie open up to Kandi and Todd about their relationship. Cynthia Bailey apologizes for brutal Apollo Nida fight on reaal of entire cast”. Before leaving for a group vacation to Savannah, Cynthia and Mama Joyce unexpectedly visit Kandi and Phaedra, respectively.

The Most Shocking Reunion Moments | The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6

Cynthia continues planning a surprise birthday party for Peter, although she is concerned that her friendship with NeNe will be damaged after she and Peter had an argument at the masquerade ball. After Brandon and Kenya finally leave the building, the people left behind start trying to piece together the events that led up to the blowout.

Kenya Moore has been on edge about having a baby but little did she know she would lose her doggy baby, Velvet. Porsha gives Dennis the surprise of a lifetime for his birthday. Back in Atlanta, Kenya prepares for motherhood and also meets with Marlo to dish the dirt post-Mexico. Browsing All Articles Articles. episoce

She opts for a foot massage rather than a full-body massage so she can avoid Kandi a little while longer. Leakes and Moore found themselves in the midst of a heated verbal argument, while Parks’ husband Apollo Nida and Moore’s assistant Brandon Deshazer engaged in a physical fight.

Gkssiponthis begins planning her wedding with the understanding that Mama Joyce and Todd are working towards a reconciliation; however, she is plagued by speculation that he is having an affair with her friend Carmon, and her wedding dress appointment ends with an argument between her family. Porsha tries to launch an acting career by auditioning for a position in A Mother’s Love.

With only a few months before her wedding, Eva’s mom comes to Atlanta for support and winds up pushing some budgetary buttons. Meanwhile, Cynthia deals with the prospect of Lake Bailey becoming an empty nest.


Episodes Season 1 2. Porsha and Dennis are ecstatic about their first sonogram, while Shamari and her mom foster a new bond watching over Shamari’s twins. Kenya chatting it atlabta. When Mallory shoves Todd, she then shoves Kandi and then when Kandi snaps and transforms into a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

Ghost of Girlfriends Past”.

The 13th and 14th episodes “Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight” and “Peaches Divided”, respectively garnered significant media attention for broadcasting physical altercations among several of the cast members. Kandi catches up her assistant and best friend Carmon on how she totally showed her ass the night before.

The housewives gather for a jewelry trunk show being hosted by Cynthia’s houzewives Malorie. Available to Stream Watch on. Retrieved May 13, Still devastated about her grandfather’s illness, Eva tries to stay in good spirits but an interaction with Marlo takes her over the edge.

As Gregg goes into surgery, Nene tries to not let their marriage woes stop her from being a supportive wife, and Cynthia and Marlo are there for Mrs.

‘Atlanta’ Season 2, Episode 4 – Respeck My Gossip

Kenya Moore tries to soothe the bad blood between her and NeNe Leakes by throwing the Big Mama a charity event in her honor. Being upstaged and being betrayed.

NeNe Leakes returns to Atlanta after living in Hollywood the previous year, and readjusts to married life after remarrying her ex-husband Gregg.

You should definitely check out the trailer! Despite not being released to DVDthe season was made available for purchase through the iTunes Store. Season 11, Episode 2 November 11, Porsha seeks guidance when she begins to have second thoughts about trusting Dennis.

If Porsha gets fired, we vote Mama Joyce as the one to fill her spot.