Ana Paula Apollonio as Princesa Soyo. Satoru Inoue as Chef ep Takuma Suzuki as President Aoki ep Episode 20 Watch Out for Conveyer Belts! Kimiyoshi Kibe as Shogun ep Gintoki goes for a haircut at a barber. Retrieved October 8, Moreover, the aliens took the people’s jobs and are currently running Japan as a sweatshop using the natives as laborers.

Retrieved December 22, Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen ” Japanese: In the second part, Gintoki meets Santa and Ben his reindeer as they reunite. On the same day, Crunchyroll also began uploading episodes from the beginning of the series at a rate of two a week. Seok-Pil Choi as Katakuriko Matsudaira. Tetsuko leaves the Yorozuya to tend to her shop as she searches for a rare metal. Kagura seems to know who he is Love Doesn’t Require a Manual.

Ryusei Nakao as Daraku. Audible Download Audio Books.

Alessandra Chiari as Donna Ventilatore ep The young man asks the porn-mag-hiding veteran Sakata Gintoki for assistance. Gintama 2 – The Exceedingly Strange Gintama-chan Koji Yusa as Toujou Ayumu.

Life is like a conveyor belt that keeps spiraling away – Gintoki who still does not have his memory back, works at a factory which produces a mysterious items. The ending theme was changed to “Mr Raindrop” by Amplified.


Gintama 2: Rules Are Made to Be Broken () – IMDb

Beom-Gi Hong as Shinpachi Shimura. Carlo Cavazzoni Graphic Project: Kyoshiro has already called it quits knowing that a return visit of a mysterious lady spelled disaster for Kabukicho. Lesson 33 Chapter Information Japanese Title: Kagura writes a letter to her father and also ends up asking why Santa never visits.

Christian Rudolf as Taizou Hasegawa. Eri Taruta as Salad old lady yintama Saskia Weckler as Ane eps After her husband’s passing and the customer’s disappearance, Katsura and Gin-san look for him, learning of his unexpected identity!

Akio Ohtsuka as Saizou ep More Information film gintama episode be careful of belt conveyors film gintama episode be careful of belt conveyors.

Tadashi Miyazawa as Hideyoshi Toyotomi eps Mayorin ep Miki Itou as Kada gintam Tired of the other Shinsengumi members talking badly about his duties as an inspector, Yamazaki decides to try obtaining a ninja license to become an official ninja to impress his comrades, after seeing Zenzou with one. Luca Franciosi Executive Director: Sarutobi Ayame Shun Oguri October Oct 30, The phantom fifth Joui member sends an invitation to have the long-awaited reunion party!!


Ryusaku Chijiwa as Itou’s Father ep Ryouhei Nakao as Postman ep 5. Jannika Jira as Mutsu.

July 31—August 5 Aug 5, Kailas Mahadevan as Nezumiya ep Yoshihisa Kawahara as Mitsuhide Akechi eps Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. Gintama – Collection 2 Sub.

Gintama’ Season 5 ( 202 – 252 ) Sub Indo Mp4 HD

While ginttama watching duty at the beach, the Yorozuya helps a turtle Amanto, and in return he offers to take them to the Palace of the Dragon God, Ryugujo. The latest anime series, Gintama.

Okita discovers why, and when Yamazaki finds a ticket, he tells him to go the factory.