Enter Your Email Address. The Conch Shell [Valampuri] is symbolic of victory in all assignments. The cross swords in the four corners of the Colour depicts all round protection the unit offers in service to the country and the Conch-shell Valampuri is symbolic of victory in all its ranks. It has been deployed in many major operations against the LTTE. Halangode invited the existing unit to be its volunteer which was gleefully accepted by all. Beginning with the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century, artillery has become a dominant force on the battlefield. The modern city of Wariyapola is described as Ravanas airport, early inhabitants of Sri Lanka were probably ancestors of the Vedda people, an indigenous people numbering approximately 2, living in modern-day Sri Lanka.

The term general is used in two ways, as the title for all grades of general officer and as a specific rank. The main task of this unit was to hold and dominate the liberated areas during the Humanitarian Operations. They are paraded at ceremonials and trooped on occasions before their Officers and Men. King Dutugemunu, his predecessors as well as his family bore the Royal Lion Banner displayed with emblems of the Sun and Moon which signify the eternity of the royal lineage. The Conch Shell [Valampuri] is symbolic of victory in all assignments. It consisted of around 40 Tamil youth, including Ponnuthurai Sivakumaran, K. Gunasena was appointed its first Commanding Officer. Nevertheless, each successor of a set of new Colours, like the heir to a great family, inherits the traditions, the glory, honour and veneration acquired by its predecessors.


The Gemunu Watch is one of the old infantry colors battalion. Enter Your Email Address.

By the s, initial non violent political struggle for an independent mono-ethnic Tamil state was used as justification for a violent secessionist insurgency led by the LTTE and it was involved in four unsuccessful rounds of peace talks with the Sri Lankan government over the course of the conflict.

Two Officers have commanded this Unit to date. The total number of casualties exceeds that of all other Battalions that engaged in battle with the Tamil Terrorists. The Gemunu Watch is dedicated to live up to these ideals.

Troops were without food. The Unit was commanded by Lieut. On 16th Octoberthe gemuun Battalion of the Gemunu Watch was inaugurated. By the late 19th century, colonel was a military rank though still held typically by an officer in command of a regiment or equivalent unit.

Kuruwita Army CampRatnapura. A Scimitar as used by armoured reconnaissance regiments of the British Army. Lt Gen Parami Kulatunga Brig.


Ganepola was the appointed the first Commanding Officer. Lt Gen Parami Kulatunga Brig. To denote unis security for the Country, Religion and Race, the Sun and the Moon have been depicted to signify the eternal watch. White symbolizes purity and innocence. Since its inception, 06 Officers have commanded this Unit. The Peacock, the most beautiful bird in the world, is also proud and regal in the centre of the Colour is of great significance due to many reasons.

The second day commemorative ceremonies largely focused on welfare of affected War Hero families, disable War Heroes and other serving soldiers. They would later create an organisation named Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization to campaign for the establishment of an independent Tamil Eelam 5. The gilt ornamental metal head of the Pike that holds the President’s Colour based on the gemknu of the ancient moon stone that depicts the Sinhalese Art and Culture influenced by Buddhist Philosophy is decorated with four waych Conch Shells Valampuri surmounted by the Armorial Crest of Republic of Sri Lanka.

During the Humanitarian Operation there was a need to consolidate wacth liberated in holding operations so as to relieve fighting troops for front line duty. The first Commanding Officer was Major. Later, in order to encourage the concept of Volunteering, the Volunteer Force was expanded to include Units at District level.

During the campaign Volunteer Battalions of the Gemunu Watch were mainly engaged in holding operations and dominating areas liberated. GW Seva Vanitha chairperson along gemunuu other senior officers gave a patient hearing to those family members of fallen War Heroes during a yemunu forum on the occasion and found solutions then and there for some of their burning issues that were presented to the forum.

The word colonel is therefore linked to the column in a similar way that brigadier is linked to brigade.

The Gemunu Watch

Inwith the restructuring of the Army the concept of Brigades and Divisions emerged. Emerald Green signifies strength and combat efficiency. The colours of red, white, gold, emerald green and blue have a deeper significance and meaning. Some partially or permanently disabled.

The system used either a general or a colonel general rank. They have exhibited unmatched prowess in combat, national sports events, combat unitd and parade ceremonials. The British system of the award of Colours which had developed into the grant of two Colours to a Regiment in the 18th Century manifested itself in the British Colony of Ceylon in the 20th Century.

The Pike Head that bears the Regimental Colours at its base depicts the Unit by way of the four peacocks facing the four directions. Regiments and corps of the Sri Lanka Army. The Battalion also recognizes the dedicated and loyal service of all other Officers and Men, serving or retired. The Peacock is the most beautiful Bird in the World. On the visor of the cap are two rows of gold oak leaves.


Amarasuriya were brought watcu to form a new Volunteer Unit called the Gemunu Regiment, which was raised in Galle on 23rd November Wedaarachchi was appointed its first Commanding Officer. Today, the title of General is known in countries as a four-star rank. However, it was not adopted.

Sign In Sign Out. Inwith the change in the national political leadership to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the Ruhuna Regiment did not find favour with the political hierarchy and was disbanded. The equivalent award for other ranks was the Efficiency Medal, fromthe required period of qualifying service was reduced to a minimum twelve years of commissioned service in the Territorial Force and the Auxiliary forces of the Commonwealth.

The 14th [Volunteer] Battalion of the Gemunu Watch is the 4th.

As European military influence expanded throughout the world, the rank of colonel became adopted by every nation. Now that Colours are no longer carried in action, it will not be possible for them to become battle – scared as formally but, nevertheless, each successor of a Set of new Colours, like the heir to a great family, inherits the traditions, glory, honour and veneration acquired by its predecessors.

In chapter 22 he is described as being descended from the ancient royal family of Rajarata through Devanampiyatissas brother Mahanaga, Kavantissa is portrayed in the Mahamvamsa as devoutly believing in the three gems, he provided the brotherhood continually with. On 17 Novemberthese warrants were annulled and, along with some new amendments.

History records that many Generals have steadied their men in the confusion of battle and spurred them to victory by displaying the Regimental Colours. Perera was formed in The first commanding officer was the late Colonel C.

When a mobilization occurred, mainly for general strikes in the country or for essential service such as to unload essential food cargo when the harbour labourer went on strike, the unit was called up and sent to Colombo. A total of 14 Officers have commanded this Unit.