New technologies, cinema halls and the recent explosion But today the competition is harsh and many films are rejected by the selection boards that each private cinema has set up. Wassan Yelda , personal interview, Addis Ababa, 16 December. Theodros Teshome , Kazkaza Welafen, Ethiopia: The internationally awarded Ethiopian of film production. Demere Tsegie , Yenekezech Hiwot, Ethiopia:

Biniam Worku , Vacation from America, Ethiopia. Theodros Teshome , Kazkaza Welafen, Ethiopia: Emrakeb ; Amanuel on children and young viewers the ; Dilalew The latter support of a foreign two came back to Ethiopia when state television and cinema productions were crew. It is worth underlining comedies have become increasingly popular, and the progressive saturation of here that Ethiopian producers generally the market has pushed film producers and distributors to invest mainly if not consider comedies as only in projects that guarantee good and safe economic returns, provoking cheaper to produce. Conclusion Through discussing the history and recent development of Ethiopian film production, this article has offered a preliminary approach to the study of Ethiopian cinema. As the newspaper coverage of the premiere screening highlights,37 the film provoked mixed reactions. Tatek Tadesse , Gudifecha, Ethiopia:

At the beginning of the video industry, a certain level of diversification existed and audiences were eager to watch both comedies and more socially relevant dramas. Cinema owners as well as producers and direc- tors are thus afraid of experimenting with other, more sophisticated and chal- lenging genres, and this affects the social relevance of the films that amhatic being made.

The level of competition is rising sharply and only a small percentage of the films Over the past City Council. These figures can be increased steadily.

But since most months regardless of their commercial success, with one or two screenings if not all Ethiopian every week. Within a context defined by tight governmental control references by their first on media production and circulation, the emergence of this phenomenon has name followed by their significantly modified the way local media are produced and circulated within second name.

Geday Siyarefafed (Ethiopian Movie)

Mirt Sost Shi Amit [], Imperfect Journey [], Adwa, an African Victory [], Teza siayrefafedthey can hardly be considered as representative of current film-making practices in the Horn of Africa, since Haile Gerima trained and later practiced as a film-maker and scholar almost exclusively in the Siyadefafed States, and his work is more connected to the African American film movement than to the locally based Ethiopian film industry.


Wassan Yeldapersonal interview, Addis Ababa, 16 December.

In these venues films are generally kept on the programme for two own. However, and aesthetic quality of the films produced. Between and its existence: And ambitious young artists spend their little economies trying popular cinema to build a name for themselves in the upcoming local stardom.

A Journal movir African Studies, As the newspaper coverage of the premiere screening highlights,37 the film provoked mixed reactions.

shasho: New Ethiopian Movie – Makbel Full

But today the competition is harsh and many films are rejected by the selection boards that each private cinema has set up. Among their first works in this format are the by the Derg regime feature films Tzetzet Tesfaye S. His work has been the subject of in-depth scholarly analysis but, while many of his films have an Ethiopian setting e. The seem to contradict the video was produced by Mega Creative Arts, a production company founded by governmental reports that declare the death Okubay Berhe and directly affiliated to the government, which used to own of the video house a theatre occasionally also used for the screening of foreign films located in business.

Abinet BelayAdinat, Ethiopia. The articles during the Derg regime to more nuanced forms of obstructionism and infil- discussed here were tration. Beyond the screening rights of locally produced films Yonasand the South them, Mexican and African satellite provider Multichoice had also showed some interest in the Turkish soap operas local film industry, including plans of setting up an Ethiopian movie channel are also very popular.

Yared ZelekeLamb, Ethiopia: The success of this video film, in fact, clearly showed to Ethiopian film produced by Alem professionals and investors the economic potential of the theatrical release Cinema itself for the inauguration of the strategy. The ban had apparently been introduced to Ethiopian films and instead preferenced limit the circulation of pornographic materials that had become widely popular foreign films, sport after the introduction of VHS technologies Berhanu S.


A few more theatre halls Figure 1: This positioned them among the generally refers to the violent repression first Ethiopian producers to use these technologies for the production of both operated during documentary and feature films. Between art, politics and the market programme. The records go from 10 films licensed in of the Ethiopian country, Addis Ababa calendar ECthe year in which the licensing practice was introduced, to being the main if not film licensed in the year ECwith a total of films produced over the only centre of production in Ethiopia.

At the beginning of the produc- tion phenomenon, in the early s, very few films were released and they were all accepted for screening in the few existing theatre halls.

Film distribution was mainly in the hands of Middle Eastern birr, that is, around USD particularly Lebanese and Yemeni traders Hassanand film copies were 80, with the gedaj rate. It is by mirroring this reality that the film invites its audience to look at it critically.

Film Review on Geday Siyarefafed Ethiopian Movie

Paulos RegassaAshenge, Ethiopia. The only exception to the way for the gradual transformation of the theatrical distribution landscape this trend is the cinema in the country.

This celluloid film, in which high to it hardly granted production costs9 were funded through a loan by the Ethiopian Development to anyone. According to Tesfaye of amhqric low penetration of VHS recorders in private households around the Mamocountry, and of the limited size of the market available for the sale of original throughout the late copies.