I will levy so many charges that Chaturvedi family will be finished. Ganga wont go anywhere. These people kidnapped you, right? You broke my trust completely. My upbringing lacked something. Bhaiya did not know anything. I want to see you all helpless.

I did not expect this stupidity from you! Madhvi asks him what he is saying. Madhvi and Amma ji look at each other. No one kidnapped me. It will hurt me forever. MLA calls it her arrogance. She ended your political career!

I made this mistake. You will argue with me for this girl? The father, whose kids made such a big mistake, wont be able to look at himself only for life.

You tried for me only. You all made me stoop down for forever today.

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I rpisode want him to be happy. I dint want your relation with Pulkit to get more bitter. She tells her father to stop.

It can never become present 21 future! Sagar calls it her honesty. She accepts her mistake before Sagar. You saved your kids but sadly, your respect, arrogance, all broke down right before my eyes today!

Sagar tells Ganga he said the right thing. Wizards of GH Telenovelas Movie. Bhaiya did not know anything.


I made this mistake. She mutters to herself about the two samples that Sagar brought home with him! MLA tells Niru that his one apology can keep the careers of all 3 kids intact. Janvi tells Sahil to talk to Ganga.


Ganga tells her to let it be. I will go to jail. They kept me in dark.

Ggangaa something to her that will cool her down. Ganga says I am at fault. I wanted to meet him once before my marriage. Saloni comes there just then. She asks them if Pulkit will agree.

I will go to jail. Learn something from my mistake. I went to meet Pulkit on my own. Why chase someone who does not love you! But I wont forgive you today. It is wrong for him to go towards Ganga. MLA asks the inspector to arrest Ganga or Pulkit. I am happy to see how much you love your family.

Gangaa Serial Episode 627 (5th August 2017)

Posted by TheUpdatersoftelenovelasgh at 5: That MLA dint punish me, but my own family did! She cannot understand how Saloni could do this. He opens the door finally but stays mum. He is hurt with Ganga most of all. We have to help Sagar.


If Saloni can move on then why can you not? Ganga decides to spy at any cost now. Madhvi tries to take her from there but Sagar stops her.

Ganga says sorry to him. Ganga and Pulkit did not force me at all. Saloni comes there just then.

Chaturvedi family is shocked. No one kidnapped me. Their careers and lives will be ruined if they are put in jail.

She apologizes to Niru. I made a mistake, so only I should be sent to jail. The city will otherwise taunt you for life. My kids took a wrong path. We both are equally at fault. Madhvi asks her if she ggangaa still not happy. She says sorry to him again.