She calls Mitsuki, Takuto, Meroko, and Dr. A Promise with Eichi-kun Episode 2. Sadly there is not a sequel to Full Moon Wo Sagashite. Mitsuki’s A Master Of Love? I highly reccomend it. So, Izumi offers to retrieve Mitsuki’s soul in Meroko’s place.

Ouran High School Host Club: Like Cardcaptor Sakura is my 1. I really like that anime. Takuto’s powers should have returned, but he is still unable to transform Mitsuki into Full Moon. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Also, Takuto is feeling rather melancholy.

Abuse of the TV. Mitsuki’s A Master Of Love?

The theme is Moon and Stars. Her name is Madoka Wakamatsu, and she’s willing to do anything to keep Mitsuki from winning the audition. I looked like a nut when I was watching it from laughing out loud at random. Takuto transforms into a human to protect Mitsuki from some muscle-bound fanboys. Meroko turns to Izumi to have Mitsuki die so that she doesn’t have to feel anymore pain.

Things haven’t been going well for Madoka after she lost to Full Moon; she got a new manager, she has bad jobs like cheap commercials, and people are talking bad about her behind her back. However, Komaki doesn’t seem to like Mitsuki very much. In the end, Takuto and Meroko get there and she transforms into Full Moon. But, she gets some unexpected visitors: Mitsuki wakes up late and has to run to recording and just makes it. Takuto finds Mitsuki, transforms her, and goes with her to the commercial audition.

She knows that this is her last day of her life. In Meroko’s Shinigami handbook, the word, “Audition,” appeared backwards on a page, meaning that the upcoming audition will cause an early death. Two Different People Episode So I kinda forget the names. A Tiny Concert Episode What’s worse is that a pair of Shinigami, Takuto and Meroko, appear and tell Mitsuki that she has only one year left to live.


When Oshige and Meroko try to persuade Wakaoji, he declines. FMWS ends on episode 52 so no there is no episode Sadly there is not a sequel to Full Moon Wo Sagashite.

The Stolen Pendant Sgashite Wakaoji to produce her song, but she doesn’t have the courage to ask her.

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Since telling the truth isn’t an option, Meroko takes it upon herself to help solve this predicament! A Present from Full Moon Episode Mitsuki’s illness grows worse, and she is taken straight to Wakaoji’s hospital. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. But, after hearing Takuto’s words, Wakaoji thinks heavily about this.

Also, Takuto is feeling rather melancholy.

When is the end of Full Moon Wo Sagashite? So, Meroko tries to stop Mitsuki and Takuto from making it to the audition.

loveyuh2much & hateyuh2much: Shion No Ou – Every Episode!

Unfortunately, Meroko gets her lost when finding the site for the audition. She’s visiting from her home in America. Mitsuki has arrived at the Mermaid Tear Image Character Audition, only to find out that she is late and that Madoka has won by default. Izumi tells Mitsuki and Meroko about a way to prevent Takuto from becoming a ghost.


They find out in episode It is due to the fact that Sanada will soon die. Takuto tells Mitsuki how important it is for Mitsuki to live as he tells his past to her. Meroko doesn’t want to see Mitsuki so sad anymore. I really prefer comedy and action. To make matters worse, Meroko is left to stop fate from taking Mitsuki’s life!

But a music-hating grandmother adn a tumor in sagaehite throat prevents her from doing so. Ai Yori Aoshi is also good.

Mitsuki gets an audition at Seed Records Studio. Takuto’s power is weakening, which means that he can’t use szgashite powers to transform Mitsuki into Full Moon!

But when a girl from the past questions Mitsuki’s abilities as a singer, she begins episoxe doubt herself.

Full Moon o Sagashite

She loves him, but she can’t tell him, so she promises herself she will find him. However, they didn’t know where to place him because he is too good for the Neather World and too bad for Heaven. I want it to be new it can be old, but not too old.

Meroko, Left Alone Episode It’s not only the day of Full Moon’s live concert, but it is the fated day in which Mitsuki will sagashote. I really like that anime.