Man-ok assists Kang-hwi with the outfit changes for the shoot, and notices him rubbing his eyes. However, none of them have a high viewer rating. Instead, we were left starving for quality product. More Do you remember? Gramps says farewell to his freeloaders. Reading the above list, I feel so ancient. She runs into Tae-ik on her way out and they relocate to the rooftop to chat.

After Gaksital and Arang, my energy seemed to have zapped, and had thought to hypernate from Kdrama for a while. Mama J December 17, at 9: It just so cute like chaton I have to watch it. It is one of my favorite series that I start over from episode 1 and watch several episodes more than one time. Albit this is the first drama I’ve seen him in. She had to take time off from university because she could not pay for the tuition, and she worked at a variety of occupations in temporary positions. It really bothered me. I heard that before this series, she has only been doing drama.

Seriously, I hate misunderstandings. He is phenomenal in that. Tt was slow in the beginning, but the last episodes were so much better.

Full House Take 2: Episode 16 (Final) Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

I’m serious about the kiss and make up with the guys. He just needs someone to talk to. THis is my biggest drama pet peeve. It was still good.

Full House Take 2: Episode 16 (Final) Recap

But I like that he’s like this because he’s tale second lead and his acting this way makes me not want Man Ok to end up with him. He’s dramacrazt a revelation here in FHT2! But as I read some viewer comments on Facebook and as I thought some more myself, I realized that there were a few loose ends. She really wants to be in it but we are still mulling it over because of her scheduling.


Meta [Happily never after] Maybe She’s so bubbly and cute! Both shared good chemistry and their character are adorable.

The hit drama is the latest in the booming Korean wave hallyufollowing the hu, Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Lee Joon fumes and he immediately shifts into damage control. Se-ryung thinks Man-ok a gold digger, but Man-ok reiterates one very important fact: So, epizode revised impression – he can act. You lost when you started this show.

Ok the tops, I never had any issues with his pants: Song Hye-kyo ‘s last drama was ” Descendants of the Sun ” two years ago in and this is her first tvN drama, Tune Entertainment] Korean entertainer Rain has revealed his new single “Love Song” over night, according to his agency J. She says the same about his severe lack of manners.

He leaves Man-ok shell-shocked, but she has a responsibility first to her work. The pan-Asian pop sensation Bi Korean word for rain revealed in a television interview that he is contemplating two Hollywood roles as his next project.

The crowd erupts in cheers as they revel in their chance to see Oppa again. They have humor, likable young and older stars, good production value and they offer all the things viewers love about the pure version of these dramas. Episodes by LollyPip. What about the fact that the hapkido studio had been closed for a while and the fact that Man-ok was not teaching any students?

Seong-su never lost sight of the fact that while Rain’s character is rash, his is discerning.

The Cute must be seen in motion to be fully appreciated. Both are very nice!!! Garcia Staff Reporter Korean pop star and episodd Rain signed a one-year contract with Samsung Electronics, the official sponsor for, In the s, Mexican telenovelas became the mania, with huge hits like “Ro, Arguments are welcome, fights are not.


As she leaves his nouse, Se-ryung catches her, and once again wonders if Man-ok has an ulterior motive towards Kang-hwi. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Episode 4 by Regals. So, overall, this drama is really good and funny and is definitely worth watching!!

It’s not like anyone asked her to keep a secret. The boys kiss WAS so much better.

houuse She waves at him and he leaves. He sits in his creepy surveillance room and watches Soo Yeon’s every move, and I don’t think he is going to give her up easily. He really is my favorite character on that I’m currently watching itand he was just adorable in this.

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My only “too bad” was that the last kiss could have landed it harder, uh huh! Full House Take 2 jjang!

I wanted to stimulate the listeners through my eyebrows, vest, leather pants and hat which are impossible to match with the bling bling music. Lee and Song “met at a cafe in May to talk, I have not watched it yet I did not, at all, understand what was up with Kang-hwi’s family, other than his sisters are jerks. All in all, this was a fun, escapist watch. The story is about a contract marriage between wanna be writer and an actor.

He runs a hand across his now useless nameplate before swiping the contents of his desk in a rage, and breaks down. Manager Hwang is now President Hwang.