Favorite Television Comedy Series. This page was last edited on 25 February , at Ross and Chandler attend their college reunion and remember the girl they made a pact not to date. You can also jump ahead to the Things and Stuff segment at Okay, so when you hear James say “episode 57” in this one, what he actually meant to say was “episode 56”. Find out what all of us thought about Doctor Who season 10, episode 1, “The Pilot”. In other projects Wikiquote.

Joined from across the country by guest-host Winston, we gave our opinions and reactions about the adaptation of Steven King’s masterpiece that is now the highest-grossing rated R movie ever. But Ross dated Julie in season 2, and Cheryl in season 4, both of whom were beautiful paleontologists. Interview with the cast of Stranger Things: Phoebe gives it to her but Monica and Rachel fight over who should have it since Phoebe thinks they both want it. It becomes clear very quickly their files have been mixed up since Erica thinks Chandler is a doctor and Monica is a minister. Kevin Bright as Kevin S.

Or do one of the writers just really like the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Ross Geller Paul Rudd Beth will be back next week, though! Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Don’t worry, we have a co-hosts that fit each of these categories! They are eventually selected by a woman named Erica.

We give our admittedly late take on Rogue One! In the season’s and series’ final episode, Erica delivers Monica’s and Chandler’s baby, although, to their surprise, she had twins, a boy and a girl. James, Damaris and Omega are “The Familiars”, reviewing the episode for those of you who are very familiar with the series.

Feiends has an interview in a restaurant for Gucci however her boss from Ralph Lauren catches her when he ends up at the next table and she ends up fired, with her erratic behaviour in front of the Gucci representative Brent Spiner causing her to not get that job either.


Or cheat and go right to the “Things and Stuff” segment at the She gets fired from Ralph Lauren and also doesn’t get the job with Gucci, which leaves her unemployed. Before I say anything else: Phoebe waits for Mike rfiends return from his break-up but finds herself breaking up for him when Precious shows up at Mike’s apartment.

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Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Back in the city, Rachel again thanks Ross for coming with her and the two comment about their history of sleeping together. At least better fortune than Daenerys is experiencing right now!

And a shout-out to our friends over at the Srsly Casual podcast! Monica pretends to like it friejds secretly hates it.

Ross applies for a paleontology grant — and finds out Charlie’s ex-boyfriend — Benjamin Hobart Greg Kinnear reviews the applications.

Rachel is head-hunted for a job with Gucci, but in the restaurant where she is being interviewed, her boss Mr.

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If you just don’t want to listen to us talking about Walking Dead, skip to Links mentioned in the episode: Robert Carlock Teleplay by: Trailer for Voldemort, Origins of the Heir: Okay, this episode is super late. Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 5. When Rachel asks if they want to go for one last coffee, Chandler replies with the last sarcastic word of the show, “Where?

Mark Kunerth Teleplay by: Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. If you didn’t come here to listen to us talk about Game of Thrones But Ross dated Julie in season 2, and Cheryl in season 4, both of whom were beautiful paleontologists.

You can cazt jump right to our Griends and Stuff segment at Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. And you can always skip right to the “Things and Stuff” segment at the It’s unlike us to harshly criticize one of the shows we cover, but this week we frisnds to make an exception. It soon comes out they are fdiends to buy a house in the suburbs to raise their family the woman having been their realtor. We all thought we knew Beth.


Maria Pitillo: Laura

We rriends don’t know what to do with ourselves. Ross and Rachel throw a birthday party for Emma and desperately want everyone to be there for it. Again, it’s so much quicker without Omega.

Favorite Female Television Performer. And you can skip right to the Things and Stuff segment at 1: Back in Monica’s apartment, the friends turn in their keys and go out for their last cup of coffee together as a group. Erica decides they are the right couple and decides they can adopt her baby. Rachel and Joey think Ross might have problems with their new relationship but he assures them he’s fine.

A freak blizzard hits New York and it becomes obvious the wedding will have to be postponed, but Phoebe and Mike decide to get married outside with a still-ordained Joey acting as minister and Phoebe rehires Monica knowing she can pull it all off in time. Joey pretends he was heartbroken since the interviewer never called him and successfully convinces her of that idea. Chandler Bing David Schwimmer Get our collective take on Doctor Who, season 10, episode 2, “Smile”.

Ross realizes that he has been apart from Rachel for so long that he shouldn’t stop Joey and Rachel’s relationship.