Retrieved October 29, Retrieved November 18, Ordinary and wimpy high school student Brian Doheny rushes home to play his favorite online game, Field of Fire. He is unimpressed by her boyfriend, but admits she is growing up and lets her stay. In order to solve their problems, Ki’s parents decide to have them play Couple’s Council, a board game designed to repair relationships. Season 3 Episode 3 Map to Sex Town. After Ted is near the finish line, he stops and gives D. The Law is accused and found guilty of aimbotting , despite claiming he was framed, banning the varsity team from the championships, effectively ending the VGHS’s FPS season before it has begun.

Ki searches for a clever solution that will gain voters in the 11th hour, while Ted desperately tries fix a past mistake that could cost Ki the election. Zachary Levi, FPS class, and mashed potatoes. Season Two of the critically-acclaimed webseries about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect headshot. After being asked a series of publicly humiliating questions, Jenny manages to wow the crowd with her opera singing skills. Retrieved November 14, Seems a lot of creators are having issues with longer videos. Jenny and Brian make up over a game of DXM. When a girl comes to battle her meek friend Wendell, Ki takes his place.

She is still emotionally conflicted over the breakup, and her skill suffers as a result. Episoxe and Jenny seek adult advice for their teen woes, while Ki has no one but Wendell to help her through her existential crisis. Vogue’s 73 Questions They find him at a laundromat arcade playing Axe Legend just to hear Freddie’s voice again.

Jenny and Brian are having a secret relationship. Brian gets pumped up by Jenny’s pre-game speech, learning the game will not be affected by her relationship with The Law, but then hears from The Law that he put her up to putting him in the scrimmage. Brian eventually comes to consider the FPS team better friends than Ted before they are picked up by the police. Streamy Awards winners — Channel, Series, or Show.

The Law has moved in with Ted and Brian, and is being miserable to everyone in residence. Edit Details Release Date: However, eventually, only Brian, Ted, Ki, and Jenny are left. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He asks Calhoun for advice, and Calhoun bluntly tells him to talk to Jenny directly. Audible Download Audio Books. Later, the first season of the show was edited into a two-hour movie and released on DVD, blu-rayand online.


Dean Ernie Calhoun John Ennis She finds out Brian has a cat in the residence, who becomes her responsibility before she can tell Brian animals are against the rules.

The show’s protagonistBrianD, gains entry to the school after unwittingly defeating “The Law”, an international first-person shooter star, on live television. Retrieved January 24, Disappointed in her sons’ failure, the mother of the Barnstormer brothers cancels the buyout and severely scolds them.

She convinces them that the best way to promote their next Napalm product is to hold a Napalm Bowl, pitting Napalm’s own players against the VGHS team.

Ki switches IDs, and signs Ted up for drift racing. He is unimpressed by her boyfriend, but admits she seeason growing up and lets her stay. Season 3 Episode 3 Map to Sex Town.

VGHS is celebrating L33tmas, a combination of all holidays. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Posted Aug 5, Ted steals soda from the faculty lounge for the drifting team, there the Duchess of Kart kisses him and steals the key.

Meanwhile, Brian tries to figure out a way to mend his relationship with Jenny.

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May I fetch you a Pizza Dunks? In addition to acting as showrunnerArnold is also a writer, as are Campos and Firenzi founder of 5secondfilms. The series is set in the near future where video gaming elevates its best players to stardom by its position as the world’s most popular competitive sport. He covers up its death and lies to the MMO Club to get their votes. Season 2 Episode 4 Thirty Foot Range.

Brian also recruits the Law, who is happy to join to get a chance at revenge. Finally, Jenny decides to talk to Brian about their relationship, and Brian tells her how since his mother is game addict and his father was never there for him, he lashed out at Jenny because he was afraid of being alone again. Jenny and Brian kiss in the locker room, and Brian meets vgjs with Ted and Ki, who also got onto their teams. Subtle Sexuality The Walking Dead: While fleeing from the arcade owners, Ted appears to have an epiphany and wanders off into the night, all while Ki eposode to call him to find out where he is.


That night, Ted arrives at Brian’s door and tells him that Ki has left the school.

With no team, Brian and Jenny attempt to forfeit when Calhoun returns to the school and joins their team, revealing he never graduated from VGHS and is still technically a student. Season Two of the critically-acclaimed webseries about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect headshot.

Scott Slanders Judy Seasonn Over brunch with the head of the national FPS league, Jenny gets mad at her mother for reinserting herself into her life, but Brian helps to change her mind. We are working with youtube to figure out the problem. Ki loses the debate when she announces that she wants to set aside part of the school budget to modernize the unpopular Social Game Club’s computers. Season 2 was confirmed during the latter half of by several of the people who worked on the first season.

Meanwhile Ted is sleep deprived, and misses the due date for his drifting assignment.

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So lots of exporting different versions of the sfason. Brian and Ted then arrive, having temporarily called off their feud to convince her to return to school. The games depicted are inventions of the show, with the most prominent being a first-person shooter named Field of Fire. At first he loses, but recalling how people have been treating him the past semester, he decides to not be a pushover anymore, and wins a race against the Drift King.

The two are unable to intercept the evidence of Shane’s plan, and Saeson Law finds out ShotBot was using him before being tied up by Shane’s goons. Drift King Harley Morenstein Retrieved August 11,