Cartoon Network New Zealand television channels Children’s television channels in Australia English-language television stations in Australia English-language television stations in New Zealand Television channels and stations established in Turner International Australia. The part with the colored rays was actually a series of fiber optics with motors and gears and pulleys used to change the colors and move them around and put inside the chrome “O”. This is going to get complicated, so let’s explain this simply. Same as above, but the text is “A Universal-International Picture”. The filmstrip, the countdown, the lighting. Zooming out even further, we reach a balcony. Cartoon Network had, up until mid, been tied with the Disney Channel as Australia’s most popular family network.

Logo, codyfinke, Shadeed A. The model city is also intricately detailed with light bulbs placed under the houses. The ” Made in USA ” logo is also gone. Zooming out even further, we reach a balcony. On short films, instead of the text saying “It’s a Universal Picture”, the text is replaced with “It’s a Universal Short”. Preserved on videotape recordings of the time.

On short films, instead of the text saying “It’s a Universal Picture”, the text is replaced with “It’s a Universal Short”. Any legit video of the 3rd logo By: Retrieved 9 April On the wall, we see a canvas print of another apartment.

Cartoon Network (Australia and New Zealand)

Extinct after 10 years. The camera travels down an infinite lapse of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, lpgopedia we see some movie items on the left and right sides of the screen i. On the bottom right hand corner we see ” Carl Laemmle ” in a script font like the normal logo and says “Presents” below it.

Compared to the previous logos, the model animation used in here is actually pretty nice. The network transitioned to a widescreen format presentation on 30 Novemberahead of a deadline by Foxtel to do so. The panning of the planet, the company name rising, the continents glowing.


From May 24, to April 18,starting with the film Backdraftthe regular variant was used although the trailers for it had the 75th Anniversary variant.

The words, “Movie Presentation” appear below the logo. Another features a zoom-up from a skyscraper to reveal the skyscraper is in the shape of the HBO logo an influence on the next logo. As we zoom out through a window, a suitcase-style turntable can be seen.

Suddenly, the HBO logo dissolves as we zoom through it. Share your feedback on WikiFoundry Central. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Very well done computer graphics at the time. If you did ask for “Babs”, you would of likely gotten a discount or free entry to Universal Studios according to this source.

We then zoom into a yellow star and then cut to more bright lines drawing out the interior of the theater. This version of Internet Explorer is movie longer supported.

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Up to 15 links are shown, determined by matching tags and by how recently the content was updated; keeping the most current at the logopeida. It’s logoedia HBO, right now. This logo also precedes releases originally without this logo on video and served as a de-facto home entertainment logo and occasionally on cable channels. It was designed by Identica Partnership in London.

The NBC chimes accompanied by the promotional campaign music of the time. Same as the previous bumper. There is also a variation of that bumper in which the background is white, and the HBO logo and “Feature Presentation” are in light blue.

This intro was seen on the April 6, telecast of Saturday Night Live for a fake promo for the non-extant miniseries A. As we begin to zoom out, the letters in the word ” UNIVERSAL “, in a similar font as the last logo but handsomely redone this time, the text is still goldbut has the inner white part logopedai the text rising out of the gold partrotate to the front of the globe as the lights around the conti nents dim out.


There is a full length pop ver sion of the theme, also composed by Ferdinand Smith. The word “Universal” means “Omnipresent”. Then, the appearance of the HBO logo in this logo would appear, with the “NOW” animation playing again, and then the full logo would play as normal after that.

The model city is also intricately detailed with light bulbs placed under the houses. Four Star-Excelsior Releasing Company.

The starburst before the HBO logo appears is the “stargate” animation, made with two pieces of art and is moved around and shot frame-by-frame Scanimation-eqsue animation. It fades to black and the words ” NBC ” zoom to the right side of the screen, leaving a red trail, ” Saturday ” zooms to the left side and leaves a green trail, ” Night ” zooms to the right and leaves a blue trail, ” at the ” zooms to the left and leaves a red trail, and finally “Movies” zoom to the right nd leaves a green trail, then logopediw ” N ” from olgopedia zooms to the screen while gradually disapearing.

SamehBatarseh2Jun 265: There are widescreen and color versions of the logo. Post a new thread.

One film, The Seven Year Itchwas held off by the network until the start of the season. Finally, another one shows the HBO logo in a fish form. On a black background it says “It’s a Universal Picture”, with “Universal” in a cursive font. Share your feedback on WikiFoundry Central. IlCattivo25May 72: A re-orchestration of the 10th and 16th openings.