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R2 German SE for the best selection of extras, but note it is not English friendly. Putchaconis in Fayetteville 29 January Robert in Raleigh 07 May Karen M in SC 12 September JF 30 September Posted by Vera in Lanzarote, Canaries ,. And it gets blown up, so the title does reflect the content of the book very well. Neil in Bristol 07 September

Amanda in Zwolle 07 August The Girl Who Played with Fire 1. Homens Que Odeiam Mulheres.

Linda in Holland 04 October Special thanks to Rewind user jimidini for providing these specifications. The Girl with the Meed Tattoo Swedish thriller based on Stieg Larsson’s novel about a male journalist and a young female hacker. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Debs in Mexico 13 December Flavour Flav in Birmingham 08 June Keep Case Have you spotted a mistake in these specifications?

In the first she is not a girl flickn I expect the same flickzn true of the third. Louis MO 03 January May 10 August Vale in Venice Italy 24 November I think the reason The GIRL who played with fire was chosen by Larsson for the 2nd book had more to do with when she was very young and set her father on fire, at that point just a girl.


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Bez svideteleĭ [videorecording] = Without witness in SearchWorks catalog

Mannen die vrouwen haten Extended – NL. Jeremy in Oxforshire 18 May Mikael 6 June I read them in French. Louis MO 07 October All trailers are in Lkete. Posted by Maike in London. Jonna in Turku 30 December In the netherlands the first 2 titles are correctly translated – Mannen die vrouwen haten – De vrouw die met speelde the third is different.

Zee in QC 28 October Micael exiled Swede in the Swedish speaking part of Finland 16 February The Dragon from Salanderville 10 November Maike in London 08 January Neil in Bristol 07 September So I think the title is pretty accurate.

Subtitles for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Adriana in Milan 26 August Moscow 08 January That being sad…after hearing what they were translated from I wondered why these titles were chosen. Susan in Colorado 19 January StiegFan-Maine 18 November Marshall in Ballarat 03 October Special thanks to Rewind user The R. R2 Scandinavia flician Nordisk Film.


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