He sent the transcription of the first two folios to F. American Horror Story Trailer Cu: The MS consists of 88 folios numbered in the right margin of the verso. See also Dhi1; As a matter of fact, in LKC V, and VP, where NS 61c- 63b is quoted we find mention of the buddhabimba, but not of the visvabimba, whereas commenting on NS 6Icb, in both the LTT and the pilkinijiilasarpvararahasya which is mostly based on the L TT , we find the compound sarvakiiratraidhiitukapratibhasa 23 In other texts see, for instance, the GSU, the pVP and the TIS by Samadhivajra 27, there is no mention of night-yoga and day-yoga and only the first four signs aTe listed along with the cloudless sky, which is considered to be the fifth and last sign. G II 17 grahaJ. NAK, MS , fol. Each page contains seven lines.

Practical Magic Trailer Cu: G, T1 mi ‘ gyur ba med pa nyid kyis I nathalr conjecture based on T and T1 mgon po see also Gronbold Occasionally I have used two semicolons in order to place a sentence between brackets see, for instance, MS 52 See below, p. L2, L4 II 8 iha: Being Human Cu: T 1 rgyun mi ‘chad par ; anavaratao:

G II 6 na veti; neveti: The kind of image depends on the one who creates it.


I kirpcid apy astiti svikaral. G I the sentence tathabhiitaguror.

This is the masters ‘ teaching [ Sometimes we find the nasal hjas instead of the anusvw’a when the word that follows begins with a dental or with the nasal ‘n’. The Last Photo Shoots.

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The Conjuring Trailer Cu: G II 19 before kif[! The P AJS is also included in it fols. During the night-yoga, that is, during mamq yoga cilm in darkness see below pp. The following passage is drawn from Vajrapfu:! As a matter of fact, the declaration by ‘Gos-Io-tsa-ba gZhon-nu-dpalthat Ravisrijfiiina’s statement is an example of the unreliability of some of the accounts by Indian teachers Roerich L I, L3, L4; bhunapatel: L], L3, L4; nai: In T it is introduced with the wards: He sent the transcription of the first two folios to F.

Full text of “Burrow – The Sanskrit Language (3rd edition, )”

The folios are numbered on the right side of the verso from 1 to with five lines per page except fo1. Sur, equally possible II 7 devatasadhane: Having collected together all existences bhiiva in the fOlID of a ball thmugh the union of wisdom and means, [the yogin should meditate on the image in the middle [of the ball].

G, T 1 rgyal pa’i bdag po I11chog gi ; sakalajinapater: From the colophon of his KiilacakrabhagavatsiidhanavidhP9, it transpires 97 On the ka? Once ‘the mind ‘, namely, the vital breathhas reached uujas [[[path]]’the perception of the signs ‘, that is, their arisingthe apparition of the smoke, and so on, occurs. SUr, V3 I nadabhyaso Alec BaldwinDonald Sutherland.


Indeed, 0 kingthe three realms are generated like this from A and so forth joined with KA and so forth,73 trans. Having emitted folm from the hole of one’s own vajraone has to meditate on this [[[breathing]]which consists of earthand so forth, ‘in the form of a ball’, viz. The last folio finishes with: L], L3; tasmad buddhal;!: In each one of these cmas, only one of the four aspects of the bindu is fixed: G II 16 udahfte; udahriyate later corrected: Jennifer GarnerMatthew McConaughey.

Some people might create a sphere – red, white, green, or any color. Lj, Lz, L4; saravisater: Y preserved in Tibetansee below p.

In T it is introduced with the words: SU, 50, 56 ; 4 the channels reflect a microcosm-macrocosm relationship.