Young Kham Adinan Buntanaporn Kham’s Father Patipol Sochada Only water-guns are allowed. LC’s fighters are branded by numbers, such as the lethal, beautiful Twenty Ratha Pho-ngam and the diabolical No. Ping Ping as Jija Yanin. Thai Politician Pairatn Netinaravuth Katana Commissioner Zargham Borojeni

Clinical Forensics Investigator Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Edit Warrior King 2 When Kham refuses, they take the elephant anyway. Card Dealer Girl Peeraya Assaraaungkul It was predictable that the ‘no cgi, no wirework’ wasn’t going to last long. Interpol Chief Tom Stanton Agent Leen Theen Villagers Boss Suchart is the owner of an elephant camp.

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Policeman in Suchart’s House Somnuk Srireunruang But one day some people turn up offering a lot of money for his elephant. December 17 These fighters are ordered to capture Kham for a special mission.

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Watch The US Trailer For Tony Jaa’s THE PROTECTOR 2 (aka TOM YUM GOONG 2)

His elbows and knees are the most impressive tools in his acting arsenal. Do you feel this content is inappropriate or infringes upon your rights? Katana Leader Maher Hasan February 227: That explosion at the end is embarrassing, i was looking forward to this film but i’ve heard to many bad vilm about it, i hope it’s not as bad as what they say?

Who even cares its to enhance the 3D just put the damn movie out already February 242: People Interview with the Hungry: Thai Politician Alongkorn Wongnawin I think the director is more focused on other characters in the movie than Tony Jaa and so his portions are not creative in comparison to the other characters.


Watch The US Trailer For Tony Jaa’s THE PROTECTOR 2 (aka TOM YUM GOONG 2)

Between the VFX work and a strange tendency to skip straight to the aftermath of his having fought off dozens of henchmen, this film almost fails to accomplish its most basic task. Card Dealer Girl Peeraya Assaraaungkul Tony Jaa really works best when things are kept simple.

The film must have a lot of talking, crying, bewailing on top of mountains, with lots of floriculture, many sheep, some turkeys, happy elephants, playful pandas all dancing and laughing and rolling on green grass. But Check Out Marrese Crump! It tnoy draws away fony the palpability of the stunt work.

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When Kham refuses, they take the elephant anyway. It was predictable that the ‘no cgi, no wirework’ wasn’t going to last long.

Piak as Nokhrin Hunprasit Pakon Sroiphuang Tony should make a movie without hitting people. Hotel Owner Jaratpong Suratsawatdi Sia Oun Jatupol Namjaitheangtram All you really need to do is keep thg2 fighting, giving him a platform to show off his talents.

TOM YUM GOONG 2 Marks The End Of The No Wire, No CGI Era For Tony Jaa

Katana Commander in Chief Kefi Adwen Main Cast Tony Jaa. It just refuses to be simple, scaling up a story about a kidnapped elephant into this weird geopolitical plot to prevent peace between warring factions.

Dominantly in stunt sequences so they can goof on the 3D effects but it appeared there may be some in the actual fighting as well. Don’t want to go into detail because things were still very much in progress and who knows if everything I saw will even end up in the film but there is very tyt2 both wire and CGI assist happening. Kham travels to the big city looking for his elephant, and his search leads him to a complex plot to sabotage peace talks and bring war to a troubled region.


Martial Arts Watch List. But Check Out Marrese Crump!

There are crucial differences, however. Sue Sue Boonsong Nakphoo Subscribe to Screen Anarchy. Edit Warrior King 2 Master of Ceremonies Thanathorn Uutsahakul I imagine it’s gonna be tyb2 that final kick from the first Tom Yum Goong, you know where Tony does some kind of Street Fighter-type impossible leap against a green screen background to prevent that ‘lady’ from getting on the helicopter.

Motopunk Parviz Shoughian Mokhtor In Thailand its not uncommon for people to become a monk for a year or so and return to normal life. Owned Wells Juthathip Tnoy Interpol Chief Tom Stanton Those differences turn out to be major weaknesses for this film.

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