Last night we had a fantastic launch of our Violence Unseen exhibition at Stills. He saw service in the campaigns in Poland in and France in as the commander of the 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade. He got his allowance, because Mayor Claudius Prinsen of Breda was worried in , [10] after receiving information that Maczek was in a ‘difficult financial situation’. That small force was called the 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade Polish: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Photo 2 A section of the audience. Maczek’s brigade was interned in Hungary. I’m proud to be involved in this project.

Edinburgh Evening News 2 Mar Scottish Parliament 26 Feb Freshmint Studio updated their cover photo. On 11 November , after receiving news of the Armistice , Maczek disbanded his battalion and returned to the newly reborn Poland. You are all wonderful. Scotsman 28 Mar His unit covered the retreat of the Polish forces at Mosty Wielkie , after which it was attached to Gen.

Assigned the command of a Krosno battalion, Maczek began a limited offensive against the forces of the West Ukrainian People’s Republic ZUNR with the aim of relieving his besieged hometown.

After the war, Maczek was stripped of Polish citizenship by the Communist government of the People’s Republic of Polandand thus had to remain in Britain. Thanks to an outflanking manoeuvre, it proved possible to free Breda in the Netherlands after a hard fight but without incurring losses in the town’s population.

Three days later he arrived at Krosnowhere he joined the Polish Army. Head Above The Parapet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Freshmint Studio shared Robert Ostrycharz ‘s post. However, the French command was initially not interested in the formation of a Polish armoured unit and the Polish 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade received almost no equipment.


This unit, created on Maczek’s initiative, was modelled after the German Sturmbataillone of World War I, and was almost entirely motorized and well-equipped with heavy machine guns.

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Hence, it served in a “firefighter” capacity, plugging holes that appeared in the defensive vilm, but also fighting with distinction in the Polish spring offensive. On 1 August he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and generae to the Higher Military School in Warsaw. All in front of such powerful photography by Alicia Bruce https: During that time, on 1 Januaryhe was promoted to colonel. Photos by Tomasz Duda at Freshmint Studio.

General Maczek honoured in Edinburgh. In Maythe Division finally left Scotland for further training in North Yorkshire before eventually proceeding to the beaches of Normandy at the end of July Shchirets[1] then in Austro-Hungarian Galicia.

Inafter finishing his training, he became commander of the Grodno-based 81st Infantry Regimentholding that post until Tragically and suddenly, he died in June A generaoe of World War Ithe Polish-Ukrainian and Polish—Soviet WarsMaczek was the commander of Poland’s only major armoured formation during the September campaign, and later commanded a Polish armoured formation in France in Return to Polonica in Scotland.

General Maczek’s unit suddenly received all the equipment that had been asked for, under one condition: Richard Demarco, promoter of the visual and performing arts, Rev. Courier 14 March Sections of this page.


Stanisław Maczek

Check out the categories and apply online by 15 February: Maczek’s division had the crucial role of closing the pocket to block the escape route of the German divisions.

Equipped with only light tanks and tankettes and with only one artillery battery of just eight heavy cannon, the brigade went into battle on the first day of war.

This page was last edited on 8 Januaryat General Maczek decided to lead a small force of his best-trained men, maczu that the rest of his unit would join them later. Polish Presence in Edinburgh Festivals. However, the plan was made obsolete by the invasion of Poland by the Soviet Union on 17 September. Freshmint Studio added 21 new photos to the album The Toad Knew.

He made an appeal to the government to help the man that liberated the Netherlands. Views Read Edit View history. You may prefer genearle watch the recently published by the Polish Consulate in Edinburgh the three short video films about Polonica in Scotland at Freshmintstudio’s Freshmint Studio shared Zero Tolerance ‘s post.

Scotsman 28 Mar