Bohdan Cybulski , obsada aktorska: Bohdan Radkowski , obsada aktorska: Carl Balhaus , obsada aktorska: You almost want to like him, even to pity him his stone prison and his lack of creature comforts, until he starts speaking in that cool, even, but creaky tone barely masking his obvious insanity. Roman Nikolski , obsada aktorska: Barna Kabay , obsada aktorska: Crawford wants Clarice to perform this interview because she is an attractive woman, which he believes might entice Dr. Krzysztof Zanussi , obsada aktorska:

Jerzy, Teatr Powszechny Warszawa, 19 czerwca ; Pete Docter, Bob Peterson , obsada aktorska: With better timing, I could have tried to locate it on cable, since it sees ample rotation, albeit edited for language and content. Roger Andrieux , obsada aktorska: Andrzej Czekalski , obsada aktorska: Jerzy Dobrowolski , obsada aktorska: Hannibal Lecter Anthony Hopkins in his restraints or his creepy little sound effect after suggesting that he ate a man’s liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti. The Silence of the Lambs is a complex and intelligent thriller that is one of only three films and the most recent film in history to win the major five Academy awards Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Screenplay.

Kazimierz Tarnasobsada aktorska: He manipulates her cooperation and forces her to reveal childhood traumas at the expense of her forced position of strength as a woman in a male-dominated profession and all at a jarring parallel with the progression of Bill’s murders and the FBI’s time-sensitive scramble to figure out his kilczenie identity.

Witold Fillerobsada aktorska: Staruszek bardzo stary, premiera 16 lutego Izabela Szylkoobsada aktorska: Lecter to provide his psychlogical insight into and clues to the Buffalo Bill case. Still, The Silence of the Lambs just may not be absolutely perfect either, so I feel obaada in my decision to rate the film an 8 on the patented ratings scale for having minor flaws but being very good very very good. Jan Fethkeobsada aktorska: Jodie Foster, an accomplished actress in her own right, also gives a sympathetic performance that almost walks a fine line between professional distance and admiration if not outright obsession with her subject.


Jerzy Gruza – serial tv, obsada aktorska: Because I’ve seen The Silence of the Lambs a fair few times, I secured a copy the old-fashioned way by finding someone who owned it rather than using a Netflix rental on it. Piotr Szulkinobsada aktorska: Tadeusz Konwickiobsada aktorska: Andrzej Czernikobsada aktorska: Ewa Bonackaobsada aktorska: Piotr Piaskowskiobsada aktorska: Andrzej Czekalskiobsada aktorska: Lecter, even as he is committing obbsada acts of mutilation and stuffing moth larvae down the throats of his victims.

Andrzej Munkobsada aktorska: Her talent for profiling serial killers catches the attention of her superior, Jack Crawford Scott Glennwho wants Clarice to interview Dr. There is a palpably high disgust factor with this film, either in its images or suggested images, that truly prevents me from watching it too many times and also from thinking it’s the greatest film in history.

The film is also expertly paced and brilliantly directed by Jonathan Demme; there are no wasted frames, and many of the simplest details seem like bone-chlling twists with the way that each scene is set up and staged. Kazimierz Dejmekobsada aktorska: As it turns out, Dr.

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Bohdan Korzeniewskiobsada aktorska: Jerzy Kawalerowiczobsada aktorska: Marek Bukowskiobsada aktorska: Carl Balhausobsada aktorska: Andrzej Wajda Filip Bajonobsada aktorska: Lecter’s actual knowledge of this man feels almost like a deux ex machina in the grand scheme of the story – it feels too convenient even as Dr.


Krystyna Skuszankaobsada aktorska: Olga Koszutskaobsada aktorska: Her facial expressions betray a willingness to see Dr. Haniebne jest ignorowanie przez milczeniw oficjalne tak wielkiego artysty, jakim jest Wojciech Siemion. Granted, Buffalo Bill’s existence and motivations are awkward, but the actor portraying him renders him so eccentric, he becomes far less disturbing by comparison than Dr.

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Jerzy, Teatr Powszechny Warszawa, 19 czerwca ; Jerzy Markuszewskiobsada aktorska: Pete Docter, Bob Petersonobsada aktorska: Jeremi Przyboraobsada aktorska: Though in an asylum for serial cannibalism and other gross acts of murder, he is also a brilliant psychologist, and the FBI is investigating a string of serial murders by recently labeled Buffalo Bill, who targets young, curvaceous women and cuts away parts of their rilm as trophies.

Aleksander Wat; Lekcja czytania.

Lecter and his psychosis, which, upon analysis, doesn’t seem right. Filip Bajon – serial tv, obsada aktorska: It is his turn as Dr. His affectations, his unblinking stares, his poetic descriptions of eating people all mix to formulate a disturbing picture that simulataneously steals the film even as it punctuates the movie’s obsqda events.

Adam Hanuszkiewiczobsada aktorska: I’ve seen it a handful of times, as I’ve stated, and more than enough to preclude having to own it. Wojtek jest zawsze aktorem. What’s the AFI Project, you ask? Jerzy Gruzaobsada aktorska: I would have given it five, if the squeamish quality weren’t as potent for me.