Lists of web series episodes. Being unable to lie may be a good thing, but it is especially bad when you have a class project that requires you to tell a tall tale. Views Read Edit View history. Cupid makes plans to revive a forgotten holiday, True Hearts Day, with Briar’s help. When the Storybook of Legends is found by Alistair Wonderland and Bunny Blanc, the two friends decide to bring the book back to Ever After High, but the Cheshire Cat has other plans for the book and swaps it with a book of cursed riddles instead, that turn all who read it topsy-turvy with their wild magic, one of whom is Apple, who thus threatens to destroy the fairytale world. The students join together to make Farrah Goodfairy, daughter of the Fairy Godmother gets dream come true. But things in Wonderland are not what they seem, and magic is about to get out of hand

Headmaster Grimm tells Apple to watch over her roommate. This page was last edited on 16 November , at Meanwhile, Ashlynn is having second thoughts about breaking up with Hunter, and a misunderstanding causes Raven to believe she has lost her chance with Dexter. After Legacy Day, a heated argument erupts between the Royals and Rebels, resulting in a terrible foodfight started by Kitty Cheshire. Ashlynn and her girlfriends are forced to attend two celebrations at once. Meanwhile, Duchess threatens to expose Hunter and Ashlynn’s secret relationship, and Dexter’s attempt to tell Raven his feelings has unforeseen results.

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An introduction to Ever After High and its students. Cupid inspires Blondie to make an honest family tree project. For fear of Cedar trhonecoming out their secret, Ashlynn and Hunter let Cedar eat peanuts while talking so that her words come out all garbled. Briar inspires Lizzie to break away from her mother’s strict rules.

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On the other hand, Briar learns that her destiny might not be as perfect as she thinks, and finds the Storybook of Legends under her room floor. When the bake sale runs into some trouble, Raven attempts to help the cooking class with a spell that doesn’t go as expected. On Apple’s birthday, the other students hold a cake-baking contest to celebrate, and Briar is determined to make sure Apple gets everything she wants, even if it means poisoning Raven’s contest submission.


The Story of a Royal”, “Raven’s Tale: The True Hearts Day party arrives, and Duchess is determined to ruin it. Now, with only Maddie, Alistair, Lizzie, Bunny and Kitty left, they must solve the malicious riddle of the Cheshire Cat, and save their friends. Retrieved April 15, Duchess enlists Ashlynn and Hunter to save her beloved lake from pollution. Dexter is too nervous to ask Raven to go to a party with him.

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The girls must survive one day in Wonderland High against wicked Vice-Principal Courtly Jester in order to save Lizzie’s mother from an evil thronecomin. Cupid makes plans to revive a forgotten holiday, True Hearts Day, with Briar’s help.

Dexter and Raven go out to the movie theater while battling first date jitters. Retrieved June 17, Hunter gets his hands on Cupid’s bow and arrows, and causes an outbreak of lovesickness.

Blondie critiques the Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shop. Courtly gives some details about her new start at Ever After High. Cupid is down in the dumps when Dexter works up the nerve to ask Raven out right in front of her. When a dragon attacks, Darling finds her chance to be the hero.

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Raven Queen and Sparrow Hood compete for a slot playing guitar in the school’s talent show. To win a bet with Sparrow, Daring must get a date with Lizzie Hearts.

After greeting her friends and love interest Prince Daring, Apple White meets her new roommate, Raven Queen, hoping the latter will follow her destiny to be the Evil Queen so that Apple can have her happily ever after. However, the mischievous Kitty overhears, and when she threatens to reveal Cerise’s secret, Raven steps in to help.


Headmaster Grimm tells Blondie to use her MirrorCast show to prove the false school legends are true, hoping that this will encourage students to follow their destiny.

The first few shorts were released on May 30, During rehearsal for Legacy Day, Raven Queen has questions about taking the pledge, and leaves.

In addition to the regular webisodes, Ever After High has released several feature-length presentations and compilation episodes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ashlynn’s fashion show is disrupted by her stepsisters. However, Headmaster Grimm bans it.

The first day of school from Raven Queen’s point of view. Daring helps Dexter on what to do and say on his date with Raven, while Throneckming gives Raven dating tips.

Retrieved June 6, The Ever After High doll franchise has spawned a web series whose episodes were released on their website and YouTube.

To her surprise, Apple finds out, and Raven has to pose as her new magic mirror. The narrators try to determine whether Kitty is a Episodd or a Rebel. Humphrey Dumpty helps Duchess Swan with a singing class that Duchess is terrible at. Ashlynn’s shoe store, Glass Slipper Shoe Store, opens everyday at noon sharp, so she invites Briar and Blondie to the store to help.

The students join together to make Farrah Goodfairy, daughter of the Fairy Godmother gets dream come true.