UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. A bar and liquor store open in Srinagar in defiance of a ban by Kashmiri rebels. Indian Prime Minister Gujral says that progress was made during meetings with Pakistani counterparts at the recent Commonwealth summit. British Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind calls for international observers to monitor the election proceedings. The day is designated as “martyrs’ day” by the APHC. Prime Minister Sharif says that the account with India has been evened.

On February 13, 33 people were reported killed in different incidents of shooting and violence. A five-member EU delegation arrives in Srinagar to obtain first-hand information on the political situation. The eight-member committee is headed by Karan Singh, a former state leader. Working groups will be established to address various bilateral issues. Issues such as economic cooperation, drug trafficking, and disputed areas will be discussed. This is up from 35 explosions and 38 bomb attacks in July and August. Thousands hold rallies and a nation-wide closure of offices and businesses is observed throughout Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to mark solidarity with Kashmir’s freedom fighters. Limited fighting is still occurring in one part of the Kargil region.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah announces that a state human rights commission will soon be formed. Reports and accusations of rape by Indian security forces occur throughout the period covered by this update and will not be further noted unless otherwise noteworthy. There are also reports of private groups in Pakistan supporting the militants. At least 13 rebels are killed in encounters with security personnel. Six people die following a rocket attack on a Srinagar hotel.

Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif says that a normalization of relations with India can only dtif-milat place when the Kashmir issue is resolved. Hindu families flee Poonch district following the recent murder of four Hindus.


The head of the foreign affairs committee of the BJP, the largest party India’s coalition government, says that India may introduce nuclear weapons into its arsenal without any movvie in order to avoid international sanctions.

Militants kill 11 North Indian migrant workers in the state.

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On August 14, a gunman hijacked a bus on the Jammu-Kishtwar road in southern Kashmir, and killed 16 Hindus. Firing across the Line of Control results in the deaths of 4 Indian soldiers. A couple of hundred Hindus protest in Delhi and Jammu following the recent murders of 23 Hindus near Srinagar. Most of these facilities were stif-milwt in due to pressure from the militants who also banned cinemas and beauty parlors.

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Indian intelligence reports assert that some foreigners are actively participating in promoting turmoil C many of these are alleged to be members of the Afghan-dominated Harkat-ul-Ansar. Three people are killed and 10 wounded in a bomb attack against security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

Both countries deployed troops in Siachen in The Kashmiri town stif-mllat Kishtwan is placed under curfew after 3 Hindus are shot dead, apparently by Islamic separatists. They also agree to re-open a hot line telephone link between the two states and to start a bus service between Lahore and New Delhi.

Vajpayee is the first Indian leader to visit Pakistan in the past decade. Former army chief, General retd. Police free the hostages in a raid. The two countries also signal their willingness to 44 the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty within the next year. Working groups will be established to address various bilateral issues. Indian media report that the rebels are lodged erirean four pockets spread over km in Kargil sector.

No further details are provided. India expels some Pakistani embassy officials after a similar act by Pakistan.


Security forces acknowledge that they detained more than 10, in Jammu and Kashmir from until mid and that they released over 7, of those detainees. Violence in Srinagar results in six casualties Ibid.

This year 1, civilians, police and 1, militants were killed in violence in Kashmir. A bomb blast on a train in Punjab province is being blamed on either Sikh or Kashmiri militants.

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At least nsw people are killed when troops fire on mourners during a funeral procession. In what is reported as a botched security operation against militants, Indian security forces kill two people, including a child, when they open fire on a school in Baramulla district.

India continues to propose elections and the separatists continue to reject them throughout the period covered by this update.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Gohar Ayub Khan asserts that the first talks with India since the two countries conducted their nuclear tests will be sti-fmilat if Delhi refuses to discuss Kashmir. Home Minister Advani asserts that militancy is on the ebb and that tourism has increased. The fencing will begin in Pakistan’s Sindh province. British Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind calls for international observers to monitor kovie election proceedings.

Such reports will not be further noted unless otherwise noteworthy. This is the first unconditional offer by an Indian government to Kashmiri militants.