Axew is seen standing on a rock looking sad and worried. I knew that Iris meant every word and I forgave her, and then Snivy apologized to me as well, and whether she meant it or not, I accepted her apology as well and I giggled as I happily began playing with Axew once more. Later while she and Axew were playing, Axew was attacked by a wild Galvantula and bumped his head on a large rock. Ash wonders what was wrong with the Exploud. Report Inappropriate Screen Name Your request could not be completed. Emolga got into an argument with Snivy and as they launched their attacks back and forth, one of Emolga’s Hidden Power attacks flew off course and disturbed a sleeping Exploud which then attacked Ash and the others.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Emolga begins to imagine Iris distraught at the sight of her with Team Rocket, and decides to join up with them for a little fun. The trio then ended up deep in a forest filled with hostile Swoobat. But before Ash and his friends can act, James takes out Yamask and distracts everyone using Haze. S16 Episode 43 Survival of the Striaton Gym! I was still flying and I was still extremely angry when all of a sudden the wind blew hard and I lost my balance, and when I fell I landed right in front of Team Rocket. While Iris is wondering about where Emolga is, Team Rocket shows up, and recites their motto with Emolga joining in. With your brains and my gorgeous looks we’d make an excellent team.

Iris tells Emolga to make sure Axew does not get hurt and Emolga agrees.

Debuts in Emolga the Irresistible! Iris then accuses Emolga of attacking Axew.

Pokemon S16E42 Team Rocket’s Shocking Recruit

S16 Episode 41 Go, Go, Gogoat! Iris looked baffled as she questioned me, “Emolga!? Meowth then translates for Jessie and James stating that Emolga was only pretending to join Team Rocket, but she’s going to mess up their next mission and then go back to Iris with Pikachu and Axew.

But when her back is turned, Axew disturbs a Galvantula and gets zapped! Ash then commands Snivy to use Leaf Blade which she does, this time she aims at the net which holds Pikachu rockef frees him. After emooga apologizes, everything is forgiven and life gets back to normal. S16 Episode 43 Survival of the Striaton Gym! Emolga pulls Axew out of the smoke, as Snivy stops her with Vine Whip. When I told Axew I wasn’t going back with him, his eyes grew episods and he began crying. Back in the forest, Snivy gets hit by Emolga’s Discharge and they start arguing again.


Report Inappropriate Screen Name Pokemon.

Pokemon S16E42 Team Rocket’s Shocking Recruit – video dailymotion

Cilan comments that Iris may be one step closer to becoming a Dragon Master which really excites her and Axew. All Season 16 Episodes. Iris, Ash, and Cilan appears to see what happened.

Now I understand you were only trying to help Axew out. Emolga fires a Hidden Power at the Exploud, which does nothing, but just then a blue beam fires out of the Exploud, and that beam was from Axew’s Dragon Rage. And you were supposed to look after Axew, too! However, while Sawk was deflecting Emolga’s Attract, he was unable to let up his fast moves for a second and was emolha until his movements were halted by the paralysis.

The battle seemed particularly even until Emolga got caught in Swadloon’s String Shotwhere Iris cleverly ordered Emolga to use Discharge, sending a powerful jolt straight down Swadloon’s thread and caused him a lot of damage.

With your brains and my gorgeous looks we’d make an excellent team.

After a sudden battle in which Emolga takes down Woobat and Yamask, then Frillish and Amoonguss, all without breaking a sweat, Jessie adopts a new strategy and invites Emolga to become part of Team Rocket! Emolga can be a strong battler but can also be lazy and gluttonous. Axew shouts out in desperation once more, as does Iris, and then Iris senses a strong emotional connection with Axew and as Axew thinks back to earlier in the day, Iris sees everything and she realizes it wasn’t Emolga’s fault after all and she was only trying dpisode protect Axew after he got attacked by the Galvantula.

The narrator closes out the episode by stating, “And so, what started out as a misunderstanding between Iris and Emolga has ended up strengthening the bond between them. In Rocke the Leaf Thieves! They teamed up to joibs to battle the Swoobat, but Emolga’s Discharge and Hidden Power attacks weren’t enough jooins defeat all of them.

Snivy and Emolga then start arguing. More battling ensues, but Team Rocket, along with Exploud, are sent blasting off again.

As Emolga glides through the air, she loses her balance and falls to where Team Rocket are. Iris states that she just wanted to know why Emolga joined Team Rocket and expresses her anger along with Snivy.

In the next episode Iris used Emolga again to battle Stephan epispde his Sawk.


After lunch, Iris sees Emolga and Axew playing together, and asks Emolga to keep an eye on Axew for her. Best Wishes series BW The side effect of Close Combatdramatically weakened Sawk’s defenses and Emolga was able to defeat him with a single Volt Switchwhich she couldn’t use previously in the battle because it was a one on one match, however being used to finish the battle would not have broken any rules. Emolga tries to help, but it runs into Axew by mistake, and Axew ends up with a nasty bump on its head.

Jessie began to flatter Emolga and suggested she join their team, allowing Emolga to devise a plan to wind up Iris. Meowth further informed me, “Act now and you’ll get three square meals a day along with all the naps you wanna take any time you wanna take ’em.

While waiting for the Decolore cruise ship to sail after the evening, Alexa is telling Ash and his friends that her camcorder isn’t working, and that she can’t take any more pictures or videos. My friends and I were eating our lunch together on one of the many Declore Islands while the cruise ship we were taking to the Kanto Region had been docked. First broadcast Japan September 5, Jessie then mentioned, “I think you should join Team Rocket.

Meowth is a little shocked by this and decides not to tell his crew anything. Next James sends out Amoonguss and Jessie sends out Frillish.

While Alexa is getting her video equipment repaired, Ash, Iris, and Cilan take some time off to have a relaxing lunch on shore. Team rockets chockerande rekrytering! I decided to eat the rest of my alone so I sat on a rock away from the others, and then Ash’s Scraggy came along, and he must’ve noticed I wasn’t happy, yet he still tried to talk to me, but I wasn’t in the mood emolfa talk at all, so I episove turned around and ignore him as I continued eating.

Emolga begins to imagine Iris distraught at the sight of her with Team Rocket, and decides to join up with them for a little fun.