By the time Jin-hee sets the bowl down, he catches himself and wipes the smile from his face. We were shown his dedication to being a dad in the last episode when he showed up at his in-laws with his baby despite his wife having “run away”. As Jin-hee lifts her bowl to drink the last of her soup, Chun-soo smiles fondly at her. I totally can imagine it happen! I don’t get her pushing everything onto Jin-hee The product placement in ep 9 was pretty glaring, this could have been another one.. Both Jin-hee and Chang-min are fired up now, and they start to bicker heatedly about married life and the unrealistic expectations men and women bring to a relationship.

D Now I’m excited! I guess my ship is taking on water. Ji-hye hands over a box of socks to Chun-soo, and she looks at his feet noting that at least for today, his toes are properly attired. Chang-min pulls up next to the bus in his car at a stoplight, but neither Chang-min nor Jin-hee see each other. But she’s a bit too much for me as is Jin-ae with her ‘gimme money’ demands. Also, how ridiculously gratuitous is this scene? In other news from the Asian entertainment industry, it was announced that Lee Min-ho and Kim Woo-bin have both defected to North Korea.

I’ve heard of it so many times. Chang-min gets into the front seat of a cab, only to have Jin-hee drunkenly stumble into the back seat. I dont see it. After Chun-soo receives good news over email, he rushes to share it with Ji-hye. Hot damnnnn ; Also the way Jinhee smirked after threatening to yell if Changmin wouldn’t let her out of the room haha so sassy I love it.


And guys, being as they are, will still be attracted. Fun episode, thanks for the recap. Not even those easy k-drama genetic tests, just proof of marriage.

They were probably immature when they eloped and life rmergency was not as rosy as they had imagined especially when our rich pampered mummy’s boy was cut from the family, had to earn a living to support himself and his new wife and had to give up his medical studies. Outside the hospital, Chang-min tries to call Jin-hee again.


So, while that removes some of the suspense of whether our dear heroine will end up with Chang-min or Chun-soo, it sets the stage for Chang-min to prove his worth, or not.

I guess my ship is taking on water. Later, an angry Chang-min calls his uncle who confirms that he put in a phone call to the hospital director. The Chun-soo – Jin Hee combo is very unlikely to happen, though I quite like them together. And not that personal trainer of hers. I think you’d be satisfied to know that episode 10 seems to cover the flashback portion of CM and JH – how they first met and how they came to date.

We got seriously trolled, people. The head of the ER comes in and tells Jin-hee that a decision has been reached regarding her dismissal notice.

Hilarious, but after a while it was pointless. I can’t stand the mothers in this drama, Chang-min’s mom is toxic and I hope his dad gets divorced from her without ever looking back. I am loving this drama more and more!!

The product placement in ep 9 was pretty glaring, this could have been another one. I think he put me off so much that I just can’t buy into his transformation. However maybe my like differs from everyone else’s as I CAN see the merit and chemistry of Changmin and Jihee getting back together. Jin-hee tries to stop Chun-soo, but he readies his scalpel, and starts to operate.

Why would you remarry yourself into such misery? Sorry, justaperson, this comment wasn’t directly directed at your comment. She threatens to tell Ah-reum about their marriage, because: It’s like she’s been saving up all her acting from all the flat characters she’s been stuck with for the last few years and just letting it rip, one episode after another.

[sinopsis] Emergency Couple () | a little book of my life story..

I’m actually a bit surprised that most viewers seem to lay all the blame of of the divorce on Chang-min, when to me, it’s due to BOTH of them that the marriage fell apart. But then, that’s probably more a real life response rather than a drama response.


Episodes by LollyPip. Duncerblur February 23, at 5: Chun Soo’s watt smiles when walking with Jin Hee after their breakfast date, well Chang Min has to start oozing a lot of charm if he is going to convince me he is the better man for her.

I don’t even think Changmin is that awful, but he’s immature, too full of himself and clueless how the rest of the world works. He demands that she get out, and once she focuses her eyes on him, she demands that HE get out. I am good with that since I want to focus on the relationships instead!! It’s great to see her grow. Thank you so much.

Pls let me know! He gets completely photobombed by the married guy intern, who literally takes up half the frame.

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Some of those guys may well have hit on her. Lisa February 23, at 9: He ducks and weaves in the hallways, trying to avoid any staff that they know. What’s with people just looking on when she starts slapping her daughter?

Yeah, in the drama world it’s definitely going to be Changmin and Jinhee. Ji-hye interrupts him for some clarification: In the stairwell as Oh Chang-Min ascended the stairs piggybacking Oh Jin-Hee, he touched or leaned against the railing. She falls back asleep and Chang-min looks at her with tenderness and epixode his hand down her hair.