Anna goes to Lucretia for help. On the way to her, trying to guide the Count Drago Fabrizio that this Lucretia is the heads of the conspiracy, and not her husband. Was this review helpful to you? Ludovico Maffei attempts suicide by poisonning himself, overwhelmed by the responsibility of having ruined his daughters lives. He knows that if he give the list to the judge, soon Lucrezia and Ranieri will destroy the list. Along the way they kill one of the farmhands, that Martino finds and rushes to Fabrizio and Elisa’s bedroom to tell what he has seen.

Count Fabrizio Ristori is found guilty and sentenced to be beheaded on 25 September years on the main square, in Rivombrosa. Terrified, she finds refuge in the house of Dr. It’s a story about love, fighting for an ideal, honor and dignity. In the morning, at Rivombrosa arrived Dr. When Lucretia realizes that the boy had disappeared, she sends the servants to catch him, ordering even shoot in his direction. Lucrezia decides to implement a plan to get rid of Elisa and to recovery the list. Although Fabrizio managed to chasethe killers away , Captain Lombardi was seriously injured.

Elisa is disguised in Clelia, so she goes down from the carriage, and approaches the king. Awning with Prince Ranieri decide as soon as possible to recover the list of conspirators. On the next day, Elisa goes to Turin to warn Fabrizio, and elia happens very fast. The only aristocracy, who shows their support for them is Lucrezia van Necker, who actually has her own good at stake too.

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Fabrizio don’t wants to flee the country like a criminal, therefore he wants return to Rivombrosa to retrieve the list and forward it to the king.


When entering the courtyard of the palace, Martino is attacked by people Lucretia, but he manages to survive the ambush.

Because of this, Elisa decides to go back to the village, to live with her mother and sister. The jealous woman, still in love with Fabrizio, has Father Tognino killed. At the Sauson Palace Alvise and his mistress Betta are celebrating yet another party.

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Meanwhile, in prison, Ottavio Ranieri tries to persuade Fabrizio to give it the list. Those documents, in fact, could be very compromising for a number of nobles: Disgusted by the proposal, Elisa firmly refuses. Betta is seriously ill, and she stays at home with her father and her sister. In that moment, the carriage of the marchioness Lucrezia Van Necker, Fabrizio’s former lover, arrives and the count tries to make Elisa jealous by flirting with the marchioness in front of her.

Then takes Betta Maffei to Turin, and joins the conspirators. You must dii a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. In fact, she’s plotting to help her lover steal the documents by misleading the Count Ristori: Lucrezia also offers her assistance insidiously. The wedding arrangements start at the Palace. Therefore, Fabrizio goes to buy Martino free and takes him to work in the stables.

Fabrizio is getting better and Elisa and him can’t deny their feelings anymore. When he discover of the betrayal of Clelia, he decides to kill her. Ana tells Betta that Alvise is sick; then Betta packs his luggage and hurries from Rivombrosa.

When his friend refuses to do so, Fabrizio goes to Turin to ask the king for Elisa’s grace in exchange for the confidential documents. There in the square before the Bussani Palace they play a scene, Angelo “killing” Elisa and take her letters with the fake list. Clelia, Anna’s friend and the King’s cousin, arrives at Rivombrosa and Fabrizio decides to go back to Turin with her, hoping to meet the king there and rivombrossa him on the conspiracy.


Elisa di Rivombrosa is an Italian television series partly inspired by the novel Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded about a love story in 18th century Italy between Fabrizio Ristori, a young Italian Count, and his mother’s maid, Elisa.

Fabrizio is thrown into prison, although it is threaten him with death, refuses to give the list to Ranieri. By showing that she accepts their relationship. The shots can be heard throughout the garden, which arouses suspicion of soldiers. He’s seriously worried about his wife, who can’t be found, and asks the nobles to help him. Once Elisa reaches him, he asks her to hide the documents somewhere safe. When he meets Elisa, he’s amazed by her beauty. Use the HTML below.

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As soon as Fabrizio gets her letter, he decides to come back home. Fortunately, the boy is saved by Angelo who comes and attacks Alvise Radicati. Lucrezia asks Isabella to prick Elisa with a poisoned rose at the funeral of Count Drago.

He tries to seduce her, and Elisa realises she’s seriously falling for him.