Enjoy as much as ur yaoi heart can take! Roby85m 14 June at Roby85m 3 August at K list, second page! Hello to u too! I understand that you are busy.

I put the link here! I would love if I have some free time for help you I use to love watching your videos and supporting you, but i hardley watch them anymore because you don’t use Youtube. Well, yup I was going to share it here, coz that project wasnt edited by me, but it was already done better than my style and online too! Yeah u are right! Follow the website so u will be notified when the CDs u like will be shared again! But the project has been taken down for now becz of YT problem before

Roby85m 7 July at Okay, I will do my best. I also asked to friends who work on computer antivirus. Not sure about the number If you mean that you dont find all the porjects of before, it’s coz I need to re up them!!!!

Anonymous 16 December at I knew you would have not problems but before posting I wanted to ask Luch time here, I’ve my doubel shift but I’m leacing my pc opened so series will be uploaded ddlusion why I’m not here try to save time! We got alot of requests about completing it! Anonymous 12 July at Remember I did discuss it with Cold Blood once Plezz check it out.!!


Ahahah happy to know u liked it!

Even if it will be not in the near future! Anonymous 13 May at And wow, finally someone called for that manga too! Roby85m 6 September at It need some time ccd reup cz it had more than 30 tracks in it When you have the time please start on this one!

Maybe one of them will want to work on that! I’m truly happy when u show yourself here once in a while! I wish you could upload it again: Roby85m 22 May at Anonymous 20 May at Producing each drama CD in this format seriously takes a lot of time and effort.

Egy perc: drama cd Elektel Delusion | Elektel Delusion | Pinterest | Fujoshi, Shounen ai and Manga

Li-chan 21 December at I’m basically already doing what you think it should be the right way! But I have to say I agree with the one comment. I remember it wasfor a bet she lost and she had to edit a sexy video as a punishment Enjoy as much as ur yaoi heart can take! Also, it is still a lot of work.


Elektel Delusion cd drama

T,maybe you have another link? I cant download your video,admin your link is brokenT. So you can see the recent projects at the very high beginning of the map! I am sorry for the super late response.

Mik mik 29 May at I truly wish this comment to be in mind of people who can do it! Deludion for lettin me know what u would like to see here!

Roby85m 14 June at Thank you for everything you put up!!! Still havent not even read the manga yet!