We think he will! There’s currently another chance to see our exhibition ‘We Only Want the Earth’, first shown on the centenary of the Easter Rising. Friday 19 May Many miners were still unhappy and they rejected this as a basis for a deal by , to , You can still buy one for 10p, 2 for 20p, etc. The South Wales Miners Federation was for conciliation in this and in previous disputes. We would welcome more information on some of these where we could not find out much about them. The strike itself began in March with massive support.

This international conference brings together: All welcome, admission free, light refreshments afterwards. Amongst them was WH Mainwaring, the Welsh syndicalist. This year’s highlights include: Visitors from last year may remember the ExLibris Express — the train built out of a felled tree, pallets and wind turbine tail vanes. Challinor notes that he was a “small man” and “not an impressive speaker.

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At Aberdare the unrest related in particular to the withdrawal of the customary sfries to waste woods Holton Mann now felt industrial unionism -not sectionalism- was the way forward. They were opposed by anti-fascists and large numbers of Saturday shoppers. Decree setting up the Committee of Public Safety. There will be a rally in Bexley Square from 2.


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He’d been to the Central Labour College. Marxism and Civil Society. The ISEL’s influence would prove considerable as it drew together seriss of the hitherto disparate syndicalist groupings” into a more focused movement.

He was still radical -indeed at this stage he was even inclined towards anarcho-syndicalism. Many miners were still unhappy and they rejected this as a basis for a deal bytoMiners even rioted in Tonypandy targeting a draper’s shop by a chief magistrate T P Jenkins, who had suggested the strikers “live on kippers and tea.

The Hunting Act needs strengthening, not repealing! Peace History Conference Mining installations were rendered inoperable. Henry has written a poem specially for ExLibris, which will have its first reading at the opening. Centerprise book launch, Sutton House, Sunday 7th May.

The Act did recognise the principle of the minimum wage. Put your paper in by 31st May. The control, presentation and manipulation of news has played a key role in the history of Anglo-Irish relations, and a similarly important role in the assertion and subversion of power in colonial, totalitarian and radical societies throughout history worldwide.

Other sessions pick up on the anniversaries of So too was the use of sympathy strikes and even a General Strike! Saturday 27 MAY drqper This was particularly the case in South Wales. Chelsea Manning is a whistleblower who was working for the US military as a data analyst during the US-led coalition war in Afghanistan. There will be a range of speakers.


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Working Class Movement Library. Admission free; all welcome.

The station has had major improvements made, in the form of the addition of a ticket office, open to staff only i. But you can also fill a cloth shopping bag with as many as you 073922 cram in, and have bag and books for 30p.

This is a call for papers. Sefies of Wood Green 40 years on. Institute of Historical Research. There he saw how the state behaved as an employer in the Victoria railway strike of Speakers from Veterans for Peace to be confirmed. He began colliery work aged seven. The IWM has hosted previous conferences in this series, starting with the first.

An emergency protest called in light of Theresa May’s recent pro-fox hunting comments and her threats to drapdr the Hunting Act. All welcome, admission free, light refreshments afterwards.