In all fifteen years he live? I’m still trying to decide if I want to wait til it’s over to watch, or to watch live. I do too but boy I don’t think I can stomach this! Soo Yeon dismisses her quickly saying she has something to do. Is this going to be that kind of drama? Though he told her not to, Joy came out of the car anyway and you could see Harry was very very furious to see her worry over another guy. I think after one reading, fans of the show should make a decision about whether they want to sit and read through and agree or disagree with what she says, or just stop reading the recaps. But after reading recaps episode 3 yes, reading

Sorry if I started ranting a bit. I could root for all 3 characters. The raping makes no sense at all. I am already into this drama The gist of the story is simple, but all the machinations tend to get pretty convoluted. But now it appears like she keeps doing things because she learns more about how Jung Woo and her Mom lived without her. Misha November 16, at She tried to get rid of them but the rapist knocked her head to the wheel and the car stopped.

You also need epsiode have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Jung-woo grows up as well, and man, I know that growing up is hard to do, but today that just feels like the understatement of the century. He wanted to have a word with Jungwoo. Why can’t I be Whoever wants to be with her and in her live have to do so on her terms and I think she needs to put the past behind her and let both dramaoad go. I don’t really mind the “rape” scene because it’s realistic and I applaud the writer as well as the casts for bravely portraying this sensitive issue in IMY.


Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. But these three are testing my limits by mostly being so damn static in the face of all this rushing convergence of past and present.

When Time Stopped

Oh please do continue with these recaps! Some people will like these shows and others not. I feel like kicking someone.

T forever sobbing; dear drama. I watched this episode raw last night but it was lagging very badly. All the people around Han Drammaload Joon should be rounded up and smushed by a large car. Ylu November 16, at 1: Showing that, how its dealt with, how people will work past it, I think that’s far more commendable then yet another plot point of “gosh, I’m heartbroken cause my crush doesn’t like me.

And God, I would never want any real person to suffer yuo the situations in a melo – so fictional characters, it is. As their chauffeured car drives by a prison, he catches a glimpse of Soo-yeon on the street, hair hanging in her face, head bowed as always. Click here to watch Missing You.

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He gets down on his knees and begs Ajusshi to find her. And HJ seems justified in his jealousy. Is it to see people unluckier than them cause they are unsatisfied with their lives?


Jung Woo stops Soo Yeon and asks if she really hates him that much? I guess I have to accept it’s something I will never understand. But i kind of understand what the writer is trying to do here with the love triangle. Thank you J unni for the recap of episode And Joy ran away.

Missing You Episode 11 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

I do hope for good things for Soo-yeon and Jung-woo, and will even exit with a rain dance to make that flash-forward a dream sequence, a drama-within-a-drama, a loop in a time slip—or whatever else that makes it not true. Oh, and there’s the mom and murderer scene.

Thank you for the recaps. QIII November 15, at 8: Coco November episove, at 7: I’ve written things much more stupid than that, I assure you. But his heart hurts, though he is thankful she is alive and thankful he can still wait for her. I fully disagree here but thanks for writing no matter what. It tells me new perspective of how you see the drama.

Nurse Hye-mi grabs her meanly and warns her to mind dramalad own business.

He checks under the slide, just to be sure. Can’t say much about the veteran cast – their characters are a Plus!