In Ah can’t help it. Maybe someday another doctor finds that Jin Woo’s “Alzheimer” is a wrong diagnosis, it is just “memory loss in detail”. Thanks for the recaps Dramabeans!! I think they were amused by the centrifugal force being discharged by the chopper! I have become a true fan of all these people and I will follow their projects henceforth. Those memories, keep them forever for me.

I still remember him as 7 year old boy throwing fits, demanding Kentucky Fried chicken in the movie ‘The way home’. I really wished his alzheimer was treated, logic be damned I swear I was so ready for him to be all a badass lawyer again along with Jinwoo but, sadly it didn’t happen: As long as she has found him, and he does exist, memories can be created daily with her. That said, he’ll slowly start losing pieces of himself and that in itself is not a pretty sight. And I think that must’ve been fun. About Nam getting worked up acting, “When I had to throw temper in the court scene, it was so hard that I said I was going to die.

I saw the first script of the first few episodes and I felt the connection with my character instantly.

In his last meeting with Dong-ho, Jin-woo had asked him to take care of his law firm and become the attorney who fights for those who need the law the most — to become the attorney that Jin-woo can no remejber be. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

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She stops him, and he asks who she is. Dramafirf would also be able to dress himself with no problem. Like many viewers and fans, I have also seen Yoo Seung Ho grown up through the years. In Ah gives a tiny nod, lips pursed wistfully. Before I even read the recap Vantpc; i like your ending more. I am amazed at myself being alive after getting angry so much.


The gavel bangs down, bringing the trial to a close, but Gyu-man is furious at receiving a death sentence. I ll try to publish my fanfic to prove it! Besides, she wants to do this for him, too.

I, for one, choose this ending over the alternative episove seeing him worsen. Log in with Email. It’s basically a comedy about a break-up and the first few episodes are told from the heroine’s perspective. In an interrogation room, she shows him remebmer that his fingerprints were on the murder weapon.

Same spot when they met again, means Hope is not all lost? I loved him and became his fan. Well, they charged Attorney Hong for covering up that murder He reaches into his own pocket The Nam family twisted equivalent of falling on your sword, so to speak. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

I will really rather he wakes up one day, not remembering anyone, but smiling. But Gyu-man continues to plead. Yes, it was an imperfect drama. Couldn’t agree more, gyu man is the devil himself, i don’t buy 1 idea of the director trying episde make us understand that his father was the one who turned him to evil, he’s evil himself.

I don’t feel too much burden dramafie NGM character.

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I doubt he was in a nursing home or something since DongHo would’ve most likely found out where JW was hiding As Jin-woo leaves, he asks Dong-ho if he knows the best compliment an attorney can give to another attorney.

The court case was epislde. And not to mention NGM who makes a hella convincing villain I wouldn’t say he stole the whole show tho but he certainly did steal the ending haha I had to keep reminding myself that he was a murderer and a rapist in order to stop myself from pitying him at the end.


So it elisode a well written ending to me secretly hoping draamfire is a season 2 tho. She wraps her arms around Jin Woo too, the necklace and ring dangle down his back.

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But I was curious how it turned out, so I appreciate being able to check in here. Maybe someday, his memory miraculously return and he can remember everything. His brain can’t remember In Ah, but his heart does. What dragged me in was: The OST at the end was perfect actually of potraying their relationship.

For Chairman Nam, who spent his life building the company which was destroyed by Gyu-man in one day, yes, it is. I asked staffs in charge of outfits where they got them, and bought one Orange color coat for myself. I am a fan of Twenty Again, too. I love this ending Vanptc!

I told him to say “I will kill you first” with Satoori when I deamafire him “Jun-woo will kill you” when he visited me while I was in prison. But he know it is safe-keep with her completely, his very comfort. Park Min Young Main Cast. I’m a bit sad now tho.

And when I think about that, my tiredness goes away. Lee PD used to go to writer Yeon hyun-hoo’s house to sleep when the filming ends at 2AM, and I think they were hurt by those comments”. Glad this one is over.