I marathoned Chuno while waiting for Fated episodes cried like mad – almost as much as when we lost Keddongie and now looking forward to watching all of his previous works. I barely remembered JH in it, lol. Awe September 6, at 5: MY is the kind of character i would usually hate but JNR made it work. If I’m wrong though it’ll be really exciting. Reading this made me equally happy and sad.

Their separation made more sense, and you can clearly see how the main lead fell in love with “mi young” character. I am happy to see Sera and Daniel got someone to rely on at the end too January 30, August 7, dramasrok Dong Yi. That seems to have been a worldwide practice in the 17th century. Kang Yoo Mi Supporting Cast. King Yeong-jo is in this series together with his grandson Yisan who later succeeded King Yeong-jo after his demise. First of all the prince the son of dong yi did die of fever and measles but thats dong yi first son who is not discussed in korean history books so then several espoides later dong yi gives birth to geum the prince the second of dong yi who becomes the 21 king of chosun geum aka prince yeoning aka king yeongjo and second of why dong yi got kicked out of the palace for being a crimicals daughter remember dong yi s dad was the leader of the sword organzation who helps low born people workin class people and then on the new espoides we know that dong yi got promoted to royal consort after she became special court lady in espoide 31 or. Before that he was just the son of a concubine and the king illegitimate son after Inwon adopted him, he became a son between Queen and KIng legitimate Son so could inherited the crown.

I could empathize fully with LG and his obstinacy in not confessing to her, and yet his compulsion in still wanting to be near her.

Episode 15

This phrase 20 really got me: Episod was ABSolutely wonderful in it! We have exactly the same reason… I am so moved by this drama that my heart felt like bursting with sorrow and happiness at the same time….


It did so for the 2 young actors for sure. I think also, MY from 3 years ago would have stayed because she is too nice and can’t say no, but I felt with the transformation MY and her decision was based on not because she is nice, but because she is in love with LG.

Yes, but you have to do it everyday. Hence you may think that all will end well. Yk loved everything about this drama, warts and all. D The finale was good, but I have to say I found the penultimate week to be more exciting and fun than this final one.

Kinare September 6, at 4: Not too bad actually – I enjoyed it for what it’s worth.

But it did make it perfect when they finally did it fully consciously. I will miss you dearly.

Their emotions were so real and raw. But, like you useveryone loved the experience of watching it.

Lucia Hong luciahong Editor: Great acting, awesome OST, memorable characters and the OTP spent the last episode being all adorable and lovey-dovey, so no complaints here. Posted May 17, Spectacular scenes, Jang Ok Jung will be crowned Time stopped, two women looked at each other with sharp and tense Can you imagine the weight of her hair? Iris 2 is a big no.

That said, they usually cast good OTPs and make things funny and zippy. Posted May 12, Oh Eun Ho Supporting Cast.

That without them, Gun and MY wouldn’t be able to come together as a strong couple. Elisode the other FTLY-ers, it’s been a pleasure reading your comments.

If I remember the rules of the game correctly, the objective of the game is to grasp the opposite person’s fist when they say ‘rice’ instead of barley.

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MBC epic series “Dong Yi – Jewel in the Crown” reigned TV charts with high viewership ratings again, proving to be no match up against other dramas shown in the Monday and Tuesday prime time slot.


Dong Yi – Trailer 1: I loved that the show had a proper ending for our beautiful love story. I laughed too much over the hand-catching parody. This recap was a lovely way to end a truly enjoyable drama watching experience.

Thanks for making me so happy. I think Geon was really drunk and really saw the as no? If he in military, he will put in the palace and he will near to Dong Yi, It’s will easy to him to protect Dong Yi.

I’m convinced, during filming, they truly truly love each other don’t pop my bubbles, hah! And while I’m a bit disappointed with the ending sorry to be the minorityI have absolutely no regrets—this journey of 20 episodes with y’all have been such a GRAND ride!!! Or was he having a feeling that Dong Yi might be in trouble soon and might need his help eoisode soon.

Thirdly, no they did not keep all the information about the lower classes. Elisode Gapsul Hwanguk a stringent law was made that henceforth no royal concubine should ever be raised to the position of queen.

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First dong yis son geum aka prince yeoning aka king yeongjo did die of deimentia wen yeongjo was 82 years old in after king yeongjo ruled joseon from to yes dtamacrazy is go to wikipedia. First of all my friend we know dong yis death isnt comfirmed but she did die of a rare form condition of nosebleed called epitaxis since u was not supposed tilt ur head wen blood travels through the body and third of all chun soo lived long.

Congrat Dong Yi team.