As she wakes up, she reflexly turns to kiss Savitri but her daughter turns away. HSC results are announced in the newspapers and quite naturally, Savitri and Madhavi pore over the merit list looking for Satish’s name once Govind draws their attention to it! Gradually, Dayal seriously plans to close down his music school but scolds Uma when she wants to quit learning singing altogether. Though Savitri chooses to remain aloof, he persists in telephoning her at frequent intervals. Govind is taken aback to realize that Savitri Sonal is on the verge of completing her schooling from Madhavi but she’s not inclined to excel in academics! Curiously, Sulakshana feels guilty as she enters this hotel for she recalls Savitri as well as Dayal.

Savitri, rather unwittingly, becomes the target of avid gossipmongers who wonder if she’s Kedar’s lovechild or not. An euphoric Sulakshana announces her departure for Nasik to a skeptical Madhavi but she hits back where it hurts her most-she labels Govind as an alcoholic. She asks his friend to confirm this tragic news but he lands up at her doorstep after a while with news about Satish having committed suicide under a speeding train after the results! Hasratein – Episode 25 – Full Episode. Examinations his first step towards becoming a doctor. Madhavi confronts Sulakshana who retaliates by accusing her arranging a match for her with a man 20 years older! Savitri is dazed to receive a letter by Registered Post from Bangalore and it contains Satish’s last poem that holds hope for his return. Hasratein – Episode 14 – Full Episode.

Fortunately, she reciprocates his feelings and she drops her plans of watching Uma perform on stage as she wants to wait for Satish’s phone-call late at night! Dayal is admitted to the ICU, put on Oxygen with strict restrictions put on visitors by doctors treating epizode. However, a major shock awaits Uma! She request Savitri to shadow Govind and unearth the truth.

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Though Savitri chooses to remain aloof, he persists in telephoning her at frequent intervals. Kamal oozes with sarcasm as she confronts Sulakshana who dismisses her notion that she is having an affair with Kedar by saying she was tending to her ill mother during Dayal’s trip to Pune.

That comes as a shock to her as she has virtually grown up in Madhavi and Govind’s care. Furthermore, Varma still regards Vishal as her ‘guardian’ turning a deaf ear to the rumor mills. But her joy is fleeting as Govind has left episove note especially for her stating that Kedar has checked into Room No. Ironically, this confession hurts Manasi, as though, Shyam has been her friend for five years, she hasn’t been able to mesmerize him the way Savitri has.


As he finds Savitri to be adamant still, he offers to call her the next day to learn her final decision on their marriage. While Savitri waits in the foyer, Uma goes to Vishal’s room in the hotel where he’s a regular client.

Shyam’s colleague Mishra Vijay Mishra can’t help but notice the rather obvious attraction generated in him by Savitri who phones up Madhavi in desperation as she’s falling short of cash required for admission and threatens to approach Govind if she fails to part with it as well as a passport size photograph.

Madhavi finds an uncanny similarity between Sulakshana and Savitri as far hasgatein flaunting their sex-appeal is concerned! So much so, Mugdha asks her husband Rakesh Bidua to come down all the way from Bangalore to strengthen her case as well as cause by impressing on Satish just how much she has sacrificed for his education especially his H.

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As Madhavi spots Satish enter her premises, she tells Savitri to take her bath and meets Satish’s mother assuring her she won’t be distressed!

She selects Nasik, for their meeting while Kedar opts for Hyderabad as names to be mentioned to their respective spouses as an aerial. Hasratein – Episode 23 – Full Episode. Savitri follows Govind wearing a saree in addition to spectacles but finds nothing untoward in his behaviour except his attempts to hold her hand and grow intimate with her. These are the flimsy grounds on which they have built a case opposing her alliance with Satish making them a classic case of ‘star crossed’ lovers.

Kamal knocks on door of Room No.

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Govind’s cup of sorrow overflows when Madhavi asks him to stop coming home at odd hours in a drunken state episodr Savitri is living with them forcing him to comment on the tainted blood flowing in her veins without realizing Savitri hears each word. Savitri accompanies her to a ‘Family Planning Centre’ but as Uma develops cold feet, Savitri is fiercely optimistic that Vishal will do what common sense suggests and marry Uma.

Raghu Dada tries to console him for Savitri’s sake, if nothing else, but to no avail and Govind’s suggestion of apprehending both lovers draws instant rejection. A heart-broken Kamal is escorted to her home in Mumbai by Bhagwati where they pack their bags and return to Delhi. She epsiode home to find Madhavi disconsolate as Govind is late as usual.

Dayal clarifies her doubts by telling her that Kedar hadn’t accompanied him to Pune at all as he was with her in Delhi.

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Pandit invites him and he asks Pandit to suggest a suitable match for Savitri. Sulakshana too returns home abruptly much to Dayal’s amusement. However, as Dayal remains unmoved he approaches Govind who panics as he stands to lose a massive amount if Trivedi cancels his export order! Hasratein – Episode 5 – Full Episode.


Consequently, she requests Madhavi to at least get her married so that she can lead her own life on her terms. She’s stunned to find Vishal in bed with another woman, implying he’s a compulsive womanizer and as she staggers down the stairs, her mind is flooded with memories from the past–ranging from her teenage crush to adolescence and her insistence on indulging in a clandestine affair with Vishal despite Kumar’s disapproval.

Vishal drops yet another bombshell by offering Uma a role opposite him in his film as a child artiste on verge of maturing into an adult. There they meet their new neighbours Shanta Sarita Joshi amp; Sushma Sejal Shaha stage actress, mother of a 4 year old son ‘living’ with an alcoholic out of work actor but still episove.

News of Dayal’s heart-attack appears on the front page of tinged with the sensational desertion by Sulakshana for Kedar much to Anita’s annoyance who wonders why journalists should have raked up this issue at this sensitive juncture.

Savitri’s stunned to discover Vishal as her partner amp; tells Madhavi about the raw deal he gave Uma 6 years ago. The high-voltage drama actually begins in real 112 once a snubbed Govind spots Sulakshana check in to the same hotel with Kedar. Yet, when she asks Shyam for an answer, he admits he always felt she was streets superior to him but she laments that today she feels far, far inferior to other girls especially Savitri.

Govind is naturally worried about Savitri spilling the beans of his amorous advances last night and though she confesses she was stunned as she has always regarded him on par with her father, she will keep quiet till he treated Seril with the respect she merits instead of referring to her as a ‘frigid woman’. Madhavi offers to adopt Savitri again but Dayal refuses as he’s living only to safeguard her future.

Hasratein – Episode 15 – Full Episode. A thrilled Kedar steals Rs. He believes in the concept of ‘Live-In’ relationships in sharp contrast to Uma.

Shyam is bewildered by this news as is Manasi who hasratekn the faintest idea as to who she’s getting engaged to but she’s determined to reunite this couple separated by her however unwittingly.